Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Umno Elections Maybe Postponed to Next Year

The party supreme council decides this Thursday whether or not to accept the proposal by the respective Umno liaison committees for the postponement.

Party information chief Muhammad Muhd Taib said the committees, through their respective chairmen, agreed on the postponement during separate meetings with party president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi since last Friday.

The party elections, initially scheduled for last year was postponed to this year due to the 12th general election on March 8. The last party elections were held in 2004.

The postponement is still within the 18-month duration that is allowed.

Muhammad said the liaison committees feared that there would be havoc and disaster if the elections were to be held this year.

Read the Bernama story here.

Ok...tell me. What havoc? What disaster?

And let's cut the bull. We all know why.


Roslina said...

Well, we all know that the havoc and disaster is for whom!

joefernandez@fernz said...

The Umno elections were postponed from last year to this year to allow Badawi to field his own people in the March 8 General Elections.

Now, he's postponing it yet again, this time over the loss of four states to the Opposition along with Kelantan and Kuala Lumpur.


Rocky's Bru said...

A postponement would be.a good strategy if Pak Lah has a game plan. And I think he thinks he has one. His advisers - Mat Taib, the 4th floor boys, and paper wolves (as against paper tigers) Kalimullah and Anuar Zaini will make him believe that he has a game plan.

In reality, a postponement is to delay the inevitable.
The PM should tie loose ends and hand over the party to safer hands in August.


donplaypuks said...

duh, can someone explain? 18 months from when?

if last elections were in 2004, then how can the last date be june 2009?

straycat's strut said...

Kak, its nice to have the ability to potpone death, aint it?

What they do not want to admit is the fact that they are already dead. Is it so difficult to just go six feet under and save the rakyat the agony of watching a dead person talking on tv talking about development, tackling crime, fighting corruption, etc? Its just scary.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,
Here,s the list of chaos if UMNO GE held in Sep2008-
a.Ku Li/Rafidah/KhairyJ/Najib-all nominated 4President's post
b.PakLah will ask 4Najib's resignation/Rafidah's resignation
c.Hishamuddin call KhairyJ "biadap" and "lawan tauke"-he also try PM's post
d.Muhiyddin and Ali Rustam also self-nominated 4President's post
e.PakLah will later say it's ok lah 4anyone to go 4his post coz UMNO practices "demonkrasi"
f.For the ist time PakLah will declare that UMNO Wanita/UMNO Puteri will be changed to UMNO Dewi so that all Puteri/Wanita members are same.
Taurus Sitara

galadriel said...

the vultures are circling, dear nuraina.

LOL! They are scared, these Umno fatcats.

Da Real Deal said...

They are LIARS!! It was not mentioned or suggested by the State liaison committees except maybe from those who lost. Others know the reason for our defeat and can't wait for a change for real leadership!!!!!

Old Fart said...

Why? Who is the beneficiary of such a postponement? Why do UMNO members support this?

Only one logical answer I can think of.

There is a fear/believe in UMNO circles that this might be their very last outing as ruling party in Malaysia. Plunder and pillage is better served by Badawi helming it.

Someone, please tell me I am wrong!!

Zawi said...

He is still trying to cling on to the last string to remain in power. He knows his days are numbered so he is hanging on for dear life. The delay wont change matters when their own members are going for the kill themselves.

fenway said...

Honestly I personally don't care what is going inside UMNO.

I just sit back, relax, drink my coffee and enjoy reading the hoo-haas.......

They, after all, dig their own grave with their arrogance and their Ketuanan Melayu.

zealot said...

“The respective state Umno liaison committees have proposed that the party elections scheduled this year be postponed to next year.”

Yeke ni mat dia orang yang propose?

“However, Muhammad said the postponement would be decided by the Umno supreme council at its meeting on Thursday.”

Belum decide lagi la ni mat?

"The duration allowed to postpone the party elections up to 18 months, ends in June 2009.”

Sempat la engkau baca buku kaedah dan cara cara bertaubat mat. Tak paham bahasa arab, tanya uztat mat, jangan tanya khir.

"They said if the party elections were to be held this year, it would create havoc and disaster…”

Waaaa…engkau ni kira ada ‘baca’ punya orang jugak la mat. Martabat brahmin engkau ni mat.

“Muhammad said the prime minister would be going to Sabah to meet with the state Umno liaison committee members there comprising the divisional chiefs, and heads of the Wanita, Youth and Puteri wings.”

Sapa machai yang kena bawak duit mat? RM ke foreign currency lagi mat?

“According to him, the people did not actually hate the government but felt that something was bothering them, and they themselves were shocked with the general election results with many even regretting the outcome.”

Waaaaaa…..caya la mat, engkau ni memang terer dalam bab kenching mengenching and sihir mensihir ni.

"Barisan Nasional must face reality and admit its weaknesses before finding remedies to the state it is in now,"

BN ke mat? Pukul rata Nampak.

Anonymous said...

Postponement could bring more trouble. Rakyat resentment towards Pak Lah is growing, now it may be just a grenade, next year it could be C4, Najib will know about this

Anonymous said...

they can start diggin their own grave til the next amNO elections hehe

Azizul said...

Salam tuan
komen saya, jika pemilihan ditangguhkan :

1. menafikan hak demokrasi ahli UMNO utk memilih pemimpin mereka setiap 3 tahun

2. membolehkan pemimpin yg tidak lagi relevan di peringkat cawangan, Bahagian & Pusat berkuasa dhn masa tambahan

3. menjadikan ahli UMNO leka & kurang fokus tentang permasalahann sebenar contoh terbaik menyebabkan kekalahan teruk pada PRU12