Friday, March 28, 2008

Borrowed Time

Never has the leadership of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi been so openly under siege in the last few weeks.

It does look like our embattled Prime Minister does not have much going for him following the BN's worst election performance.

The dispute over the appointment of the Terengganu Menteri Besar leading to his face-off with the Terengganu Sultan, was yet another episode that had only served to further magnify Abdullah's ineptness at handling what many described as a simple & straightforward problem.

Until today, no one outside the political circles in Putrajaya and Terengganu know exactly why Abdullah was insistent on having Idris Jusoh re-appointed as Menteri Besar.

The rest of the world can only guess. But guessing with many stories -- some fact, some fiction -- as background.

In the last 48 hours, the burning question was whether Abdullah had offered to step down during the Umno supreme council meeting.

It seemed "everyone" was interested in the outcome of yesterday's Umno supreme council meeting.

Abdullah did not make that offer.

"Perhaps in December, the date the council fixed for party elections?", someone asked me in an SMS.

At this point, anything is possible.

What is certain is that Abdullah is on borrowed time. Of course, anything can happen from now until December.

A miracle of God may help strengthen his position or popularise his image. Who knows.

Perhaps he may decide to sack those people around him who've been masquerading as advisers.

Too little too late?

Abdullah can only hope to not continue digging his own grave with further display of his weak leadership, and and making inept decisions.

If that persists, then more and more people will press him to step down.

And they will come from within Umno's ranks.


Anonymous said...

My 3 wishes:

1. I'd like to see the 22 assemblymen resign as they threatened they would.

2. I'd like to hear what the AG has to say about the "unconstitutional action" by the Sultan, since Pak Lah NOW says that the Sultan acted constitutionally.

3. I'd like to really know what went on behind closed doors last night.

Too much to ask?

Anonymous said...

Are there any insiders who can update us on what happened at Ku Li's place yesterday while Pak Lah tried to explain why his pants were wet to his goons?

Wonder what Ku Li is planning...

Looks like this unfolding drama will take quite a while before it ends.

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah, you said appointment of Ahmad Said is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

So now u made UMNO to make U-turn.

Macam mana you want to clear your ealier statement itu.?

Pity you have to dig yourself into this situation. How are you going to face the Rakyat?

PRAY,IT WORKS. joe's blog said...

"Have you ever seen the rain coming down?" Like mercy it drops from heaven. Don't count Bodohwi out yet. He may still rule over us, not bcoz of his abilities but for God's blessing in disguise. Of course when God steps in good will always come out of all evil that man may design.

Anonymous said...

There is a time for everything necessary while one is here on earth.
To each his own actually.
For instance, a time to sleep or a time to wake up then there is a time to work and then play.
Same goes for a time to be a leader or PM then a time to step back and be a follower or critic.
So there, there is indeed a time for everything important enough for everyone accordingly.
Its what life is and what can be called a life-TIME.

A.John said...

The silence from DPM is quite defening on all this issues, maybe he is well aware that AAB is on self destruct mode! As for the 22 goons from Trengganu, they do not have much choice but to resign & seek the people's mandate again.

Anonymous said...

Egg on his face, lies from his lips, found out to have weak cards and yet the man can act like it's business as usual. Those overseas trips on the corporate jet at taxpayers expense must really mean a lot to him. Enough to suffer one humiliation after another.

Anonymous said...

Read what Tun Mahathir has to say about the Terengganu MB's saga. Its in the front page of The Sun today.

Rocky's Bru said...

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's insistence on staying on in power is a big, big mistake. Umno is not the only one to suffer as.a consequence, the other component parties will be brought down the rubbish chute as well.

I hear Bernard Dompok will make his move to defect, now that the PM is staying put. Bernard has a huge following in Sabah and among the Christians in this country. His resignation will have a major impact.

The question is, doesn't Abdullah see it. Didn't he see it all coming? Is he that detached and insulated?

Who are his advisers, other than Kali and the Fourth Floor boys? Are Fox advising him? Is the A-G advising him?

Who advised Pak Lah to make Umno agree to something "un-Constitutional" (the appointment of Ahmad Said as MB)?

Anonymous said...

Role of rulers
in picking
mentris besar

by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

A CONCERNED Malaysian has expressed
his worry over the role being played by
sultans in the appointment of the mentri
Besar. His Royal Highnesses have clearly
refused to take the advice of the chief
minister i.e. the prime minister. Instead,
they have chosen on their own a member of
the state legislature to head the government.
We hear a lot of opinions on the
propriety of the action by the sultan. Some
say he has the right to do this while others
point out that as a constitutional ruler, he
could not do this.

***More in today's front page of The Sun.

Anonymous said...

God save Abdullah Badawi. He is the best friend of democracy. Give him another 3-4 years and he will destroy UMNO completely...even without trying or waking up! Hidup Adullah!

rudy said...

As long as we don't have the truth about what really transpired between AAB and the King, we can only speculate and that can only be worse for AAB. This can spin out of control which will only add fuel to the fire that is already going out of control for AAB. The sad truth is I think he doesn't really know how to douse this fire.

Anonymous said...

Be real. It is like almost the whole nation wants him out!


1. Where is Najib, why so elegant silence?

2. What happen to the Pemuda Krisman?

ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

One source said that the Agong gave an ultimatum to Pak Lah. If Pak Lah insisted in pursuing Idris Jusoh as MB of Terengganu, then the Agong would step down, so that he could return to Terengganu to be with his rakyat, to prevent Idris Jusoh+ you know who from "looting" the state.

Blind Faith said...

"Until today, no one outside the political circles in Putrajaya and Terengganu know exactly why Abdullah was insistent on having Idris Jusoh re-appointed as Menteri Besar."


Read RPK's take on this, in the article "Monsoon (Cup) Winds of Change":

Same Same said...

I am surprised that the sun publish Mahathir's comments and on the front page. Is Vincent Tan up to something?? Or is trying to sell Sun to the MSM ??

How can we read any advice from Mahathir when his opinion is already bias. He always has an agenda. He hates his No:2 (all of them) and now he is at it again even when he is out of office. Evil man.

Although AAB is on borrowed time, so was Mahathir.I think UMNO must "make time" for AAB. If he resign another "tainted" man will take over.

Same same

Anonymous said...

Abdullah has given us Democracy. No violence even when he lost.

If Mahathir, he will give us LALANG, and all of us die.

Frank said...


Here's the bet, and a big one:

Abdullah will ride the storm until December or so.

Forget about Ku Li or Najib taking over the PM position.

Do keep the following in mind:

My prediction:

(1) Ku Li will NOT be the PM. HIs karma is not with him on this one. He will forever be only an elder statesman. His destiny is not to be the PM

2) Najib will NOT be the PM. Similarly destiny has judged him cruelly as similar to Ghaffar Baba. Each step of the way, destiny was never on his side. D M wanted him, but it was to be. He became deputy but the murder case, the patrol vessel scandal, his baggage with the nonMalays, are obstacles put on his tracks. And his name is MOHD Najib, and that goes against him.

3) Muhyddin looked like a pair of safe hands and sober head. But Muhyddin did little with his Agric portfolio. He just sat there and played safe. He wouldn't be.

4) Hishamuddin is out of the question. He will be one of those that hogged the limelight but left on the wayside.

5)Then who would be the next PM?

Just like what happend to Hussein Onn, and Mahathir, they were pulled out of nowhere.

The next PM, if the old Malay folks who had been correct in their prediction over the last 40 years, is the Second Finance Minister, Nor Yakcop.Destiny is on his side.

Anwar would not be the PM, after Pak Lah, that is for sure, even if the BN govt falls before December.

Go to the bookies and be rich on this prediction and give part of your earnings to charity.

The Secret Law of RAHMAN still rules.

The question is that after RAHMAN is fulfilled what happens: It could be the end of the BN Govt and a start of a NEW govt.

Anonymous said...

The events that happen after the election (2 refuse deputy minister positions, selection of MB of Perlis & Terengganu, postponement of UMNO GE..), I am just wondering if AAB ever consult with anybody (except his closest advisors, maybe) before making any decision. Looks like announce first, discuss later..

plus, he has a few parrots with him..

kittykat46 said...

Pak Lah is certainly PM strictly on borrowed time. The sooner his succession is sorted out, the better. Malaysia needs to get down to the serious work of governing again.

I do notice a big difference in attitudes towards needed reforms, between ordinary people and those in UMNO.
Many people in UMNO see it in terms of leadership and personalities, which is why the clamour for Pak Lah to step down. They think just changing the face of leadership will fix things, and they can go back into their comfort zone.

Most people outside see much broader issues - the economy, cost of living, corruption, crime, the police force, governance, judiciary etc. Dumping Pak Lah may be a start, but many things need to change.
In fact if Pak Lah can deliver the changes, it doesn't bother me if he stays on. But he definitely doesn't look like the right person who can muster the energy and intellect to force through the reforms.

Yusuf/Martin said...

We live in interesting times.......

Sophie said...

yeah, the noose is definitely tightening.

yeappie said...

Anyone care to send "Nangka Masak" to Rais Yatim?

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah must sack:


1) ?
2) ?
3) ?
4) ?

In Bernama

1) ?

Fourth Flour

1) ?
2) ?
3) ?
4) ?
5) ?

I think everybody know who they are.

Anonymous said...





joefernandez@fernz said...

Dead man walking ...

Man living on borrowed time ...

Don't be too eager to get rid of Badawi. I believe that he's the best of the worst options right now unless it's possible for Wan Azizah to be PM. By worst options, I am referring to Anwar, Najib and others in Umno. We don’t want a situation where everybody defects to Keadilan and Umno collapses. Then, we will have the bad old days back again with Umno re-emerging as Keadilan. It’s bad enough that Anwar is in Keadilan. The thinking among many pro-reformers is that Umno must be kept out of Keadilan. I believe that Anwar is out for revenge and wants to destroy Umno. In order to do this, he’s willing to open Keadilan’s doors to Umno. It’s better for Umno to re-invent itself rather than be swallowed up by Keadilan.

Let’s think the unthinkable.

I say let's keep Badawi until Azizah can take over after the next polls. The BN Government should be kept for this term. This "Korean" woman may be what we need at this juncture of the nation's history. She's unblemished unlike the others, including her husband. Anyway, Malay men are failing everywhere while the women are succeeding. So, it's time for a woman to take over. Grandmothers make formidable politicians because they will always think of the generation of grandchildren.

Don't underestimate Azizah. She knows Anwar well and can decide for herself whether he or she will be a better choice for the nation. She doesn't look like the sort that will let the nation down.

Also, little Azizah (Nurul) is being groomed Gandhi dynasty style to take over some day. The Malays would go along with that, having always trusted in established families. That's why they have this fixation with the Najib family but I think this bugger should be thrown out. Mahathir has contributed a son but he doesn't impress. Mahathir refused to part with some of his Machiavellian Kaka genes.

After her polls win, Nurul did say: "Why should I give up my seat (for anyone)? I won." Actually, a little bit of political dynasty is not a bad thing, if that's what the people want, provided others have a fighting chance as well in between.

Khairy is an impressive gasbag for one so young. It’s a pity that corruption charges continue to dog him. Khairy should repent and emulate Obama if he wants to be taken seriously thirty years from now.

Too much politicking is not good for the economy.

The main challenges facing the Federal Government are managing race relations, managing the economy and managing the environment.

The Government and all of us should focus on that.

Anonymous said...

The PM currently has third grade "firefighters" supporting him all along.....and the reality is the small fire is slowly but surely growing into a bigger fire......what he really needs urgently now is to solicit support from experienced strategists that can immediately "add value to his future rule" which looked rather tenuous at the moment...there are capable, experienced and strategic minded Malaysians around.....Pak Lah has only to tap onto these capable resources....

Starbug said...

Before the 12th GE - U Must Not Object
After the 12th GE - U Must Now Object

SH said...

Pak Lah is currently supported by a team of ineffective firefighters .....unable to put out small fire that is slowly but surely growing into a much biiger fire. What he needs urgently now are experienced strategic minded Malaysians "who add values to his rule" which currently is lookig more and more tenuous with each passing day...he has to find these people quick.. if not he may not survive...the turnaround will come to Pak Lah when he is at his darkest moments....

Anonymous said...











warrior2 said...

Let me try to answer your curiousity. By Convention, the chairman/leader of the BN state should be the MB or CM. That should be the principle which must be upheld and I believe that is the principle that PM was trying to uphold. If not, when a MB lead the BN to victory, the sultan can then appoint any ahmoi, letcumi and minah he likes. That would be disasterous as a matter of principle. I too can relate to that principle. If somehow, the sultan dosent like the incumbent MB, he should go for the second in command ofcourse after also doing some consultation with the party leadership.

Hey from now on, every sultan will appoint whoever he likes! OMG

Anonymous said...

The burning question is ... after Abdullah Badawi, who will be the PM? Okay, for argument's sake, let's say he does resign. What next? Who's in the line-up ... deputy PM? With the murder case fresh in everyone's mind, not to mention what else, BN might as well start packing now lah. Unless there is huge public confidence (not just UMNO) in the next in line, what's the point in asking him to resign? Would you ask your captain to be the first to jump off a sinking ship?

Anonymous said...

Let it be open to the top echelon leaders with charisma, integrity, capability, wisdom and sincerity. I'd propose Ku Li...or Shahrir Samad...or else lets see who else...or temporarily TDM while we look for a more qualified candidate:-)


mekyam said...

Ena, why Abdullah was insistent on having Idris Jusoh re-appointed as Menteri Besar is not too hard to figure.

Just connect the dots from the millions of Wang Ehsan siphoned off via insanely inflated projects cooked up by KJ & Patrick Lim in Terengganu. Idris Jusoh was the point man in Terengganu. Now that his position has been neutralized, guess Wan Farid Salleh and brother, their two other running dogs for Terengganu will have to cover that flank.

I won't be surprised that even as we speculate, hasty measures are being taken to cover all tracks while AAB still has PM power. This would explain a few seemingly mind-boggling actions like: why AAB is willing to take all the humiliation he's currently taking, why he wanted to postpone the UMNO GE as well as why he resurrected the likes of Mat Mat Taib and keep on such morons as Ku Nan.

They are stalling tactics. AAB and gang has to be absolute morons not to recognize that there is no way he can hold on to power. I suspect there is method to what look like madness. Those yahoos are put in key positions to make plan B possible. Unless Ku Li's EGM planned for May happened or AI managed to bridge the 2/3 majority to take over the gov, AAB and gang now have till December. That is probably all they need to do the necessary in Plan B.

I'm sure everybody cannot but notice how all dots related to AAB lead to OZ? Take Mat Mat Taib for instance, he's an old hat at smuggling currency into OZ. Rest assured the one time he tripped wasn't the first or only trip.

Anonymous said...

Ha,Ha, 'yeappie' that's funny!
Ask Rais Yatim to eat his nangka masak now. Ha,ha,ha!

Anonymous said...

Have you read the latest news?
Anti-corruption watchdog Gerak suggests that past income tax returns of public office bearers be made public. Why now? Why did you not do this 4 years ago? 8 years ago? This is prime example why BN lost big. To us simple layman, what difference does it make. Heard of creative accounting? Sounds more like a thin veil of BN crazy power struggle.

Anonymous said...

Frank, if you want just an N, sure there are plenty around to fill the shoes of PM. Nazrin, Raja Perak. Nazri Aziz, not. What about Nurul Izzah, why not. Indonesia had their Megawati, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Pakistan, NZ, UK, Germany, ... long list of female heads of states. Nuraina, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Borrowed time it is...and very tragic indeed. What a way to end. Hope he'll come to his senses and leave with some dignity still left in him.

As for his replacement, I find Ku Li's statements very sincere and straightforward. What has his age got to do with it, in fact, the older the wiser...

Anonymous said...


Someone posted a petition for Tun to get rid of the humongous cancer. Jom! Let's help put our country back in order now!

Tunku in exile said...

For the good of all Malaysian the problem isn't Pak Lah but the problem is with UMNO. UMNO is on borrowed time, yes they are over staying for far too long. MIC, MCA and Gerakan are already politically 6ft underground and UMNO life support will come to an end once the 13GE results are announced.

UMNO is a racist party just like MCA and MIC. A racist party only champion their race to a point that they gain a little ahead of the other races but a non-racist party will champion all Malaysian so that Malaysian is a little ahead of the other countries. It can't be build on 4 years but certainly 50 years is more than enough. Malaysian must walk in this direction for the next 50 years, I pray that we do.

Pak Lah is a great leader if we compare him with TDM, he is credited for creating a great political climate for our country where ever Malaysian see some hope from now. We get to know what open tender is all about, never mind if this only conform to the opposition states. The political climate of the present must give credit to Pak Lah and must continue to the point where all Malaysian regardless of race and religion will be able to contribute without fear or favour so that Malaysia can be a great country once again.

Old Fart said...

Rocky Asks,
"Who are his advisers, other than Kali and the Fourth Floor boys?"

I recall an incident I was involved in. A business partner took a position opposed to the remaining partners and he was supposed to have been the CEO!. On that final day before we met for the last time, he was visited by the most senior of the partners to advise. He seemed to agree and accept what he needed to do. As the senior partner left him to walk towards the destination of our meeting, that guy's wife goes in to see him. He joined the meeting about half-an-hour later. He went back to his original recalcitrant and senseless position. He was out.

Question. How influential is Badawi's brand new wife in him maintaining his present position?

You have to understand that she has not really had her fill of "first" lady experience. (Sorry to RPK...I know he always tries to educate us about who the real first lady is. But I am sure he will forgive me here).

Hey, surely she is looking forward to meeting the Queen, The American President and his first lady, And Madonna even. Surely she wants to be able to shake the hands of the Pope too.

Question, therefore,. What is Jeanne's role in the mess that he is creating now still hanging around?

There was really no need for him to try and display his Premiership powers when dealing with the Perlis and Terengganu situations. He did under very uncertain circumstances. Most of us would not commit our positions in such uncertainty. Yet he did. Why such insanity?

To all women and to Nuraina especially, this is not woman bashing. Believe me I love women to death. I think they are the greatest gift to man. I just am connecting two disconnected situations with certain similarities.

zewt said...

i don really understand why ppl want him to step down ... now...

we have no guarantee that the right person will take over. i am sure many would agree that if najib takes over... we are doomer than doom.

Bummer said...

Hi Nuraina,

Patutnya Pak Lah dah undur selepas keputusan buruk Pru12.

Lepas ni lagi teruklah. Baik boleh berundur secara terhormat, Pak Lah akan dijatuh dan digulingkan oleh rakyat Umno sendiri.

Susah, Pak Lah. Masa yang dipinjam pun amat terhad. Bila dah tergamak buat Raja dan Sultan macam orang suruhan, bila dah pandai pentingkan kawan macam Patrick dan Kali lebih dari rakyat dan Umno, maka terimalah padahnya!!

Tahniah, nuraina. Setengah juta tidak mudah.

Anonymous said...

I am hoping that Sharir or Ku Li be nominated to the post of Tok Ketua Negara and hence change the RAHMAN theory for better omen:

RAH(MAS)- to mean zaman emas which Malaysia was then known in the early centuries (Golden Chersonese); or

RAHMAT - to mean blessings from the Almighty, with divine help.

Lets go for any one of these... :-)

Salam from Zaib

talking tongues said...

Though Cynical, but I like what Stevie said in his youtiup :

If Badawi is serious about reform, he should really make full use of this "borrowed time" and reverse how the history has judged him thus far.


Mr. Smith said...

Even if he wants to step down, do you think Khairy, Kali, Kamal or Patrick will ever allow him to?

Do you realize how much they have to loose should their boss goes down under?

The stakes are damn high and Abdullah will have to be forcefully dragged down by the hair. Yes, an implosion is imminent.

The PM is surrounded by destroyers.

Anonymous said...

please read....

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter whether Abdullah or any of the present crop of UMNO leaders is to lead the party because unless they are willing to discard race as an issue and treat everyone in Malaysia as equal and be fully and sincerely committed to fight corruption in all levels of government, they are all living on borrowed time.
When Malaysians see what the governments of the 5 oppsition held states will achieve in 4 to 5 years to benefit all Malaysians, BN will be swept aside in the next election.
However, I hope BN will seriously reinvent itself to be truely multiracial in all it does which also means no more ketuanan Melayu, to give a real choice to the people in the next election and all future elections. For the country to move ahead there must be a govenment and an oppostion that is almost of equal strength in parliament so that whoever forms the government will not be able to abuse its power.
For the past 50 years Malaysians did not have a choice in choosing who should be in the government. I hope from now on we will have the coalition of BN on one side and the coalition of PKR-DAP-PAS on the other, always monitoring and checking each other for the good of all of us.

Anonymous said...

Whether or not he is living on 'borrowed time' don't be in a hurry to dump him...yet. No one knows who will take over. Better the lesser evil than a greater one. At least he has been defanged. Can anyone tell me who in UMNO or for that matter in PKR, DAP or even PAS that can take over the reins of government? Let us not be emotional as too much is at stake. The euphoria over the elections must never cloud our judgment. Be patient and play your cards well or you will replace one evil with another that is even more destructive. We are now at the crossroads so let us not make a bad choice.

sh said...

A more apt title is UMNO and the BN component parties are all living on borrowed time as all of them promote racist policies.......a divide and rule racist strategy to pull wool over the Malaysian voter eyes while they actively practised 'Korupsi, Kronismo and Nepotismo".

The last general election showed that 51% of Malaysians have woken up from the 50 years slumber......the balance 49% will definitely wake up come the next 13th General Election

UMNO and the BN component parties may not even exist after the next 13th General election if they stick to the same racist strategy of divide and rule.

tunku in exile said...

Pak Lah have my support to say on and those who want Malaysia to progress should continue to give Pak Lah the support to his last day, hopefully the 13GE.

Why would we want Pak Lah to step down only to see Najib coming up? I don't care if Najib is great like TDM but why should we want UMNO back to rule with strong arms? UMNO is a racist party, Mat Keris will hold his Keris up again on the opening of their annual general assembly and we don't want to see things which make many people sick.

UMNO have no respect to our sultans, our Malays and also all the other races be it Dayaks or Kandazan or Orang Asli. A racist party like UMNO can't even protect their own Malays, see how much our Malays in Malaysia are behind that of Singapore? See how the Malays struggle in schools and without an oppotunity to learn better English? See how the Malays lost their identity to the Arabs under UMNO rule? UMNO is the Malays biggest enemy so as the biggest enemy of the Indians, the Chinese, the Kandazans, the Ibans and everyone else in Malaysia.

UMNO need the Malays to servive but the Malays do not need UMNO if Malays are to move forward. On the same frequency the Chinese do not need MCA and the Indians do not need MIC, MCA and MIC are as good as death. Next we must wait for UMNO to be like MIC and MCA, once UMNO is gone we can look forward to open tender, we want criminals to brought to the law, political leaders coming to serve the population not to seek business contracts otherwise we will vote them out again. We the people can put them in and put them out too, we do not want to see another Zakaria or another Samy or another Najib in our political landscape.

Pak Lah please stay on even though is borrowed time, you have my support so that you can help Malaysia see better days ahead. Pak Lah is greater than TDM the racist. We will always remember Pak Lah, he is the PM who remarried his sister-in-law where as TDM is the PM who spend Malaysia off with Perwaja. We have given 50 best year to UMNO but UMNO had given us 50 worst years. If we want Pak Lah to go down we want UMNO to sink with him. I pray that God had planned for Malaysia this way, I prayed that the power is with us Malaysian and we know whom to vote in and whom to vote out.