Sunday, March 30, 2008

No No-Confidence Motion Against Ahmad Said...

This was an assurance by Ajil assemblyman Rosol Wahid today.

He said when the state assembly convenes, the Terengganu BN assemblymen will not move a no-confidence motion against Ahmad who was sworn in this morning as the new Menteri Besar.

Rosol said the crisis over Ahmad’s appointment did not do any good for the people of Terengganu and that it was best the state moved on.

“It is not in anybody’s interest to be revisiting it (crisis),” he told reporters after witnessing the handing over of duties between former MB Idris Jusoh and Ahmad at Wisma Darul Aman in Kuala Terengganu today.

Rosol, who is also Terengganu Umno liaision secretary, said all the 22 BN assemblymen who had earlier supported Idris now fully back Ahmad in administering the state.

Earlier, Ahmad, 51, took his oath of office before the Regent of Terengganu, Tengku Muhammad Ismail Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin, at the Balairong Seri (Throne Room) of Istana Maziah.
After taking his oath, Ahmad signed the letter of appointment.

Ahmad, clad in black traditional Malay attire, was composed throughout the ceremony.

The ceremony was also witnessed by the President of the Regency Advisory Council, Tengku Sri Panglima Raja Tengku Baderulzaman, and the two members of the council, Tengku Sri Laksamana Raja Tengku Sulaiman Sultan Ismail and former Federal Court judge Datuk Abdul Kadir Sulaiman.

All the Terengganu state assemblymen attended the ceremony, including Idris who is Jertih assemblyman, PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang who is Rhu Rendang assemblyman.

Before leaving after the function, Ahmad shook hands with Idris and hugged his predecessor.

(source: NST online here.)

Sometimes you wonder what all that that rigmarole, hullaballoo and drama were all about, were all for....


Rocky's Bru said...

More than sometimes I wonder what will happen to the prestigious Monsoon Cup. Is the Palace against or for it?

Anonymous said...

Nevertheless, the rakyat will retain their No-Confidence on the 22 assemblymen.

artchan said...

I don't know whether the Sultan can exercise his power "to buang negeri". If any of the 22 sonofab*tch tries to be funny..just ship them out. Banish them forever.

It will be good for Trengganu..the state will have 22 idiots less.

Zawi said...

What took them so long to come to their senses? It was all the wrong strategy. Abdullah and Idris shouldn't have taken the Sultan cum Agong head on after what happened in Perlis. A more accomodating stance could have been taken to prevent such an unbecoming stand off. Now thw wang ehsan may not reach the shores of Trengganu anymore until Ahmad Said toe the line.

zaitgha said...

when unconstitutional became constitutional in a matter of hour, of course no no-confidence motion. wonder when these buggers gonna resign he he....

pleasant week ahead mam and take care

Old Fart said...

Today's The Sun reports "But after the UMNO-Supreme Council endorsed the appointment of Ahmad last Thursday, the 22 agreed to toe the party line"

I am thinking, did the voters who voted them in did so so that they will only do the bidding of the UMNO Supreme Council?

Is there an understanding amongst UMNO and BN candidates that upon winning they only conduct themselves according to the wishes of UMNO Supreme Council? Totally submit themselves to teh UMNO Supreme Council like as if they are some kind of Council of Ulamaks in the Iranian political context?

So, really what we have is the UMNO Supreme Council acting like they are the keepers of the gates to heaven. You want to intercede with them, you become a UMNO or BN component party member, get selected to stand for candidacy in a General Election, and if you win you now are given the privilege to serve the UMNO Supreme Council and you completely submit to them as well.

It is service to the UMNO Supreme Council that a BN candidate fights in an election to get teh opportunity to do.

Well, I should congratulate them all for that then. They are really not people's representative are they. I hope this point is stored to be retreived and used in the next general elections. Let them answer then how it is that when they go to the voters they tell them that they are wakil rakyat!

sh said...

Time to get on with governing the state for the Rakyat interest. Too much politicking means no work is done.