Thursday, March 13, 2008

But The Ceremony Is Postponed..

That's the decision of the Regent of Perak seeing that the Opposition -- DAP, PKR and PAS - have not reached a strong consensus in forming a coalition government.

Here's the story. Read-lah.


nchanted_CAT said...

What have we got ourselves into? Arent they talking to each other? It is so embarrassing to witness how these politicians make the people's victory their launching pads for their own personal gains. Now, EVERYONE wants to be Menteri Besar, including in states won by BN. Let me see - give a man too much power, it goes to his head?

Anonymous said...

haiyaa..when the matter with DAP is resolved, PKR pulak buat hal..can't they all stoop a little..

Roslina said...

What a load of rubbish! This just goes to show that Uncle Lim is not sincere in forming the coalition. Perhaps it is true that it is a "loose coalition" as AAB says. We need level headed people to make decisions not someone who still lives in the dark ages!

Anonymous said...

It just sad, as always said and proven once in power big block headed.Is this human nature btw, sure have forgotten we the people power got them where they are and way better buck up or Ge 13 is just round within the blink of our eyes.

Proud Malaysian said...

Roslina, I think Uncle Lim was sincere. But you must also note the politicking of the other parties, jostling for power and to put forth their influence as well, like PAS. Remember the info how Raja Petra Kamaruddin wrote about PAS's Hassan Ali tried to secretly negotiate with BN's Khir Toyo to form a government outside of the PKR-DAP alliance? So you see, you should consider the full dynamics that is at play rather than just attacking one party or person's action. Politics is a deeper game than it appears at first blush or on the surface of it.

kengtung said...

The oppositions suddenly get more than they expected; so much power, so much at stake! :-P better than BN la...All politicians same type one la, just too hungry for more power! They better buck up fast else, this whole GE 12 is a joke! We voted for oppositions hoping they will govern better, but now, looks like they won't even going to last till next GE...

Denzuko1 said...

May be losing Perak would be a good thing to these people, at least the pain of losing it will make them remember why they are here at all.

warrior2 said...

Why is it so difficult for people to understand that, AS A PRINCIPLE, the party in this coalition govt of the opposition parties which won the most number of seats MUST be the MB? If somehow, IT BETTER BE A GOOD REASON (and in the case of Perak, there isnt one), the No 1 cant be the MB, it should then go to No 2 in the list of seats won which happens to be PKR.

Of course PKR isnt happy because they are being bypassed. Their candidate is a malay moslem too.

This is a prnciple issue which must be contested and fight for. If there isnt any protest now, in the future, whoever wins the most number of seats cant guarantee that it will get to be the head of state.

I hope everyone sees the logic/rational.

Anonymous said...

And, why is it so difficult for some people to understand that the state legislation calls for Perak MB to be a Bumi??

Just leave it at that already.

At the end of the day, what our forefathers said were right - DAP is a sheep in wolf's clothing.

I say, give DAP enough rope and it will hang itself.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. LKS = sincere??
Where have you been? He is a rascist MCP.

joefernandez@fernz said...

In a coalition, it's not a must that the party with the largest number of seats must have the MB's post. In this case, the Regent made the right decision. The PAS MB cannot afford to ignore the other two parties. A DAP MB might be tempted to ignore PAS.

Anonymous said...

The very least LKS should have done is to give his most sincere congratulations to the Regent of Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, on the recent birth of a baby Prince!

Quintin said...

No one in their right minds can claim to be able to predict an election outcome so detailed and precise that the "horse flesh" trading could have been negotiated and then settled in time for a swearing in after the election results were declared.

Give them a little time. Apart from the Chameleon Anwar Ibrahim, the rest are really people with extensive experience in opposition having been fossilised in that position for one reason or the other for decades.

Now they have power and are comming to terms with it, we must heed to Abraham Lincoln's phrase of caution on that subject: "To test a man's real character, you give him power".

Kit Siang sadly is displaying all of the traits of deception, the two faced character and racist chauvanistic contempt for Malays that Lee Kuan Yew demonstrated years ago and continues to this day.

After all Lee too wanted 'fairness and equality' for all away from the NEP and the bumiputera system. He got the opportunity and so too did those Malays and Indians who believed him. Today manyn seocnd class years later their views are different except for the hand outs in exchange for their rights.

As for Lim and Anwar, if a leopard can change its spots its a rare and precious creature bearing the signs of anything you will lend an interpretation to. It remains a leopard though at the end of the day.

As for the Indian community, don't waste or squander off that opportunity you won so hard at such great expense to be able to swing seats. You have now earned that right and must demonstrate some degree of political maturity and reach out to those progressive elements in UMNO to reinforce and preserve those rights. Let bygone be bygones but do not take sides. It is after all the coutry of the majority and they too deserve a second chance inspite of their leaders having squandered it for them. They remain the majority not the Chinese.

Much of the fault for your problems as Indians lie in the in fighting, the poverty and mismanagement of your own lives. Its time to be as mercenary as the Chinese,as Intelligent as an Indian and as diplomatic and tolerant as a Malay.

Do not run ahead of yourselves. Pak Lah was the best thing to happen to Malaysia with his indolent and incompetent behaviour. Count your blessings and go for the Mahathir factor. Because as fas as the country is concerned the opportunities remain abundant and only fools believe that Hindraf was a flash in the pan.

All Malaysians must accept responsibility for their plight. As an observer, I don't recall seeing Martians land and grab ballot boxes during all the previous elections. They were Malaysian who voted. As to the corruption issues, they were Chinese businessmen, Australian and Americans, British and Indians who paid those bribes for their opportunity to dip their noses into the trough.

If there is as good government that ensues you should take as much credit for the facts as you should also if a bad one takes root. Together with the privilege of dmocracy comes a matching responsibility.

Cheers all you Queers.