Wednesday, March 12, 2008

DAP To Boycott PAS MB Swearing-in

....because it is unhappy over the appointment of Mohamad Nizar as Perak Mentri Besar.
DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang said this was because PAS represents the third and smallest political party in the proposed coalition.

As Nizar's appointment has not received the mandate of the CEC, DAP Perak assemblymen will stay away from the swearing-in ceremony for Perak Mentri Besar scheduled Thursday, he said in a statement.

“The DAP CEC has given approval for the formation of a Perak coalition government headed by DAP or PKR but not by PAS."

Lim said DAP leaders, members and supporters are shocked at the decision to appoint a PAS assemblyman as Perak MB.
“DAP is prepared to accept DAP chairman and assemblyman for Sitiawan Ngeh Koo Ham or PKR Behrang assemblyman Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi as Perak Mentri Besar," he said.

Sigh sigh sigh.

Because the DAP is still playing race politics?
Let me remind the DAP and the rest of the Opposition parties that not all who voted for you guys love you. The angry votes out there were of those who simply rejected the Barisan Nasional.
The Ali's and the Minah's voted for DAP's candidates, most of whom are Chinese. And yes, the Wongs and the Lims voted for PAS candidates.
Malaysians did not care about race or what colour their candidates were -- they voted for a better Malaysia. At least they thought they did.
They wanted to give a chance to the devil that they do not know to better run the country. I mean, the state.

So, now, Mr Lim Kit Siang. What in heaven's name do you think you're doing? What were you thinking?

Give the whole deal a chance, man!


nani said...

Yeah, you can say that again... WHY-LAH?

Anonymous said...

the decision was made by the perak regent.are they ignorant of that?what's important is the people la.get over it already.worry too much

MKH said...

I am a Malaysian Chinese living in London, who unfortunately, could not cast my vote due to the postal rules.

I must express my disappointment with our dear old LKS who is still harbouring the obsolete racial mentality. Let the new MB does his job and then comment. If we the Rakyat can hire him, we will surely fire him when he does not perform in the next election.

Dhahran Sea said...

This old man LKS really made my day (or night). Not even a week basking in the glory of winning Perak he has shown his true color: Chinese chauvinist mind-set; whatever happened to his Malaysian Malaysia? To make matters worse, his other half who became the new CM of Penang, announced that he'll do away with DEB in the state... both father & son really bergeliga otaklah... what a timing, when many Malays who pangkah DAP for the sake of change baru nak get over their guilt? Personally I'm beginning to see this "talk like me, look like me, but its not me" similarities between LKS&Son and AAB&Co. What a pity... WHY-LAH?

Anonymous said...

Daulat Tuanku...

Now i can still believe in Sultan as "benteng terakhir penyelamat ketuanan melayu" Sigh DAP!!

Back to Penang...
They get rid of DEB/DPN!! So called justice for all races!! I wonder now whether Malay or indian contratctor can be part of Free Trade Zone vendor. As of now 100% of vendor in FTZ area are chinesse.

OnTheFence said...

awal-awal perkahwinan, sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit.
anyway, the true colours are now bright and clear.
tolerance can't be built in one day,it has to come sincerely from the heart.

drbubbles said...


Perhaps we understand much better than LKS that we need change in our country more than ever.

Anonymous said...

Sis Ena
Not a good first impression at all. The impression I have is it's going to be a spent force in no time. I'm not impressed ... the MSM is going to have a field day ... TAKE THAT.

Zawi said...

I used to address him as Mr. Lim Kit Siang but as of now Lim Kit Siang will do.
My reservations about DAP is now confirmed. The Karpals are just some window dressing. It's a racist party. Period.

LeeZ said...

yer lah... not ALL of DAP votes came fron the Chinese.... PAS supporters also voted for DAP and PKR.

I am malay but do not belong to any party, but I support BA/BR for that matter!!! Be it PAS, PKR or DAP!!!

Tak faham laa....

Anonymous said...

Yes, most vote for "change"! Irrespective of race.
I guess, if you look at the Perak election result, I believe the majority may share their preference.
Its not one name or one race suggested by DAP. But two!.
So I guess its not about race.
Remember "Change". The decision lies in the hand of rakyat...
The vote signified who should be the head. In this case the elected candidate among the three is the least preferred.
The decision maker own an explaination to the rakyat on his choice of preference. Remember, the outcome is in the hand of Rakyat!

lalin said...

Kak Ena,

Please congratulate Adel for me. Well done to him for getting 5A1, 4A2, 2B and 1C for his SPM. We are SO VERY proud of him!

Nora aka Anon Fm Miri said...

Kak, tis wat I commented at rocky blog..

Bro Rocky,

LKS is an old Stupid... stupid.... stupid fool. He better become tat ex work minister. Dia dah kena "BN-expired old age syndrome" and better shut-up.

Kong pun boyong!


Anonymous said...

At the end of the day it is about race, isn't it? So sad. Tipah tertipu!

Anonymous said...

Yes! I voted AGAINST BN not FOR the Opposition.

Anonymous said...

What you said is true, give all the chance to be part of the goverment. We want a better Malaysia for all regardless of race or religion.

Like Nani say WHY LAH???

Sven said...

Simply arrogance... We want the BN out for the same reason.

Anonymous said...

Of course with DAP it has always been about race. A leopard cannot change its spots.

I will always vote for BN because in a nutshell they are the most balanced ruling party for all races. Sure, there a few bad apples but you do not throw the entire basket because of these few. The problem with DAP is that they want the most for one race only and has no racial sensitivity.

I'd rather deal with the devil I know than the devil (or angel if you want to call it) that I do not know.

Now we see all these people rearing their ugly heads.

I like the feeling of waking up in the morning of my future being certain. It is not now.

A Hindraf leader as deputy MB is S'gor? A racist for MB in Perak and Penang? What have we done?

Anonymous said...

Mr Lim,

I shall address you as Mr not YB until you earn it back. Even a Chinese like me thinks you and your CEC are out of your mind. If you want to do a Bodowie, go ahead and rest assure you will be voted out in the next election. In 2008 election if it's between MCA and PAS, I will vote for PAS. That's how much the people hated BN. So don't make the people hate DAP. Also, pls do not forget to apologise to the Regent.

Old Fart said...

Nuraina, I just posted this on Zorro's:

Kit has still not got around to feeling like DAP is now government.

Kit has to realise that the DAP's role for now and for the remaining 5 years is to address the senses and sensivities of all those Malays who voted for DAP, the red Rocket.

Can you imagine, Malays who for a life time been told that their enemy comes in the shape of the red Rocket, putting an "X" against the Rocket? It must have been the hardest thing to do for many of them, if not most. And yet they did it.

If Kit lacks imagination let me do that for him.

Just look at the ordinary Malay who had for a life time been supporting UMNO and looked upon UMNO as his personal saviour.

Ever since 2004 he has been finding himself in a state of confusion, and he was unable to voice it lest he be called a traitor to the race. Yet the arrogance, the lies and the failures of his leaders were not lost to him. The unsympathetic attitude towards the non-Malays, he too noted. He did know thta this was not part of the Malay culture.

Leading up to 8 March, he was reduced to embarrassment for his race if the behaviour of UMNO and its leaders was what UMNO represented.

He is angry now too. So angry that he will give the devil a hearing. But he knows in his heart that its a river fraught with uncertainty, more so, one that may put his race and religious leanings on an unknown plateau. But he has to cross it.

He wakes up in the morning for his morning prayer, having had such a restless night. He pleads for his Allah to just consume him completely so that he need not feel the guilt of casting his vote for that kafir Rocket. He even sheds a tear for he knows what he has to do.

He tries, but breakfast is just so hard to swallow. He feels the hollow in his gut and the shortness of breath. Takes his shower, puts on his best and like the condemned who steps out for the last time from his cell to be hung, he steps out of his house. Even asking to be forgiven for his actions.

The way to the polling station is just a stoid blank. All that he knows is that he may have been UMNO or a PAS supporter all his life. They are of his kind. The Rocket represents gambling, alcohol, pork, chauvunism. That is what he has been told and that is all that he has believed. And yet there is something from deep within tells him he must.

Now he goes through the gates of the polling station. Enquires and determines the classroom he has to cast his vote in. He prepares to get his wallet out to retreive his MyKad. His hands shiver. He is unable to apply pressure on his MyKad to gab and pull it out of the wallet.

He takes a deep breath and utters a prayer. Manages to pull out the MyKad. He puts the wallet in his back pocket. Looks up to the classroom. Another deep breath. Wills himself to walk. He is not thinking anymore. His head is spinning. What he has set himself to do goes against everything he has known about himself and his place in this God given land.

He cannot think anymore. He can feel a wetness in his eyes. He knows why he is grieving. He just does not know if he indeed is the personification of Judas or Brutus. Judas, maybe not. He has not received his 30 pieces of silver. No one offered. But Brutus?

He is begining to feel his leg shiver. Then go jelly. He does not feel the concrete under his feet. He has to go up the stairs to his polling station. He grabs hold of the hand rail. For the first time he needs support and for the first time he recognises and acknowledges his trepidation.

Takes another deep breath, and summons all his strength to walk up the two flights of steps briskly. Approches the entrance to the classroom. Does not look at or acknowledge the policeman sitting at the door.

There is just one person queing ahead of him. Blanks out all thoughts. But then again coming right up to here he has not really considered the consequences of his actions. He now sees himself accused the traitor of the community. He see himself before Allah upon his death. He is lost for words to account for his actions. He needs time to reconsider. He has not looked at all the issues and the factors. But it is now his turn. It is too late.

He can feel his throat becoming dry. There is shortness of breath. There is anxiety. Hands over his I/C and that BN issued card that sets out his Electoral Roll details. He does not hear the SPR official call out his 4 digit Pollign Station number. He does not hear his name. Here on he is on auto pilot. Nothing registers. Takes the ballot paper that is handed to him. Halts and takes a look at it. He just canot read anything. He just looks at the symbols. The "dacing", and below that the Rocket and what looks like a strange Chinese name.

He just cannot feel anything now. He walks towards the polling booth. He is almost blinded. He is in a state of confusion. Its contradicting and conflicting emotions. One last time he does not feel the concrete below him. His legs are like jelly and it is like as if there is a force that is providing him motion. It is not him anymore. He has turned into his booth. He sees the black leaded pencil. Stares at it. The final stabbing. Hesitantly he picks up the pencil and takkes a look at it.

He puts the ballot paper flat on teh school desk. Its a primary school The desk top is even lower. He stoops and takes one last look at the ballot paper. He sees the dacing.

There is adrenaline. His blood is pumping. He feels the energy. The energy of betrayal. Not his. UMNOs! His eyes are burning with anger. He knows it is not him but it is UMNO that has destroyed all traces of what he knows to be a Malay. It is not about ketuanan. It is not about being bullying. It is not about being inhospitable. It is not about being arrogant. It is not about being deceitful. It is not about being corrupt. It is not about being liars. It is not about being cheaters.

His blood boils. He is an angry man. For himself. His country. His race. His religion. His family. His community. He feels cheated. By UMNO.

Takes one last look. His hands go straight to the bottom of the ballot. The empty square next to the rocket is his target. He presses hard on the pencil so that he makes a deep imression. Top left to bottom right he draws the first line. Then from the bottom left to the top right he draws the next. It is to DAP.

Puts down the pencil. The deed is done. He does not want to look. He folds the ballot paper through misty eyes. First one. Then another fold.

There is a certain sense of peace. The rush of adrenaline has quietened. The warm to hot sensation is quickly being replaced by an uncanny coldness.

Takes a step back. Looks straight ahead at the transparent ballot box. Gives it a sceptic snigger. Walks straight up. Drops it and watches it as it reaches the pile of ballots already in there. Somehow he knows that he is not all alone. Those other ballots are those from his friends and neighbours. No, they did not speak about who they were going to vote for. They had not colluded. It has all come together. No. They had also not gone to any DAP ceramahs either.

Takes a deep breath and with a sigh of relief that the deed is done, he moves out unsure, confused, lost. But he only has one thing to console him. It needed to be done.

He goes home. Quiet. Recoiled and in deep thought about what he has done. He does not talk or acknowledge anyone. He can't afford to look at another in his or her eye. But then the other is also lost in the same dilemma. Yet unable to share. This is a burden he has to carry himself.

The night of the results, he waits anxiously. He worries and is sad to see the walls of Jericho crumbling. Then its the Parlimentary and State Constituency that he voted in. There is a buzz in his ears. He just does not register. Tehre is not a celebration. His wife, teenaged children, they are shocked. They look fearfully depressed. They seem anxious. Almost coming to tears. He looks at them starring at them questioningly. They can see that he did not register. They all are looking at him like as if they have seen a ghost.

Then the young one comes up to him, hesitating, quivering and almost in tears. Takes hold of the wooden arm of the rattan sofa. "Pak. Pak. DAP menang, UMNO kalah.


He does not speak a word. He gets up. He goes to the bedroom. closes the door. Pulls out his prayer rug. goes down to the floor. Tears in his eyes. Is it a prayer of thanksgiving. Is it a prayer of despair. Is it a prayer of anxiety.

I don't know.

I am not Malay. I am Bangsa Malaysia. But tears are welling up in my eyes as I write this.

Lim Kit Siang. I do hope you read this!

warrior2 said...

As far as I am aware, the rule of the game is that the party which has the most seat should be the Menteri Besar or CM dependng on the State.

DAP is not happy because although they have the most seat (18 if I am not mistaken), they have not been selected. People say that the Perak Consti provided for a malay MB but the discreation is with the Sultan.

Now, if DAP is still not considered, the next party which has the most seat should be selected and that happens to be PKR.

You have got your rational all wrong. Now you understand?



i think you should get out of your blinkered mode.

Perak DAP had accepted the Rgenet's decision.
Lim Kit siang had not and did not.
To stage a boycott. It has just made a statement.

if they have any issues, i think they should work out a compromise.

now, do you understand?

Baiyuensheng said...

Dear All, I think You failed to understand the sentiment of hte minorities. I want you just to imagine if you are in our shoe.

The recent fiasco in the appointment of MB in Selangor (also the deputy MB post) and Perak is an eye-opener, well at least to me. I have never known that the state constitution disallow non-muslim to hold the position of MB. My question is then what is the point of non-muslim going in droves to vote? I mean look at the situation now means that no matter how much the non-muslim participated in the electoral system, they will just merely administrator. Its a farce. The power of setting policy and country directions still lies in the hands of the Malays. Its quite a disappointment, the least and I cant help but to feel hopeless of being a Malaysian, being non-muslim at that. What is it being a non-muslim Malaysian in Malaysia, I asked? I have an identity crisis. We are not only marginalised in the economic sector but also powerless to implement the policies in the way the country is going to run - no matter what. The government harp on the issue that they never marginalised the minority and asked us to look at the prosperity enjoy by the minority. They are wrong. The minority work hard under an environment and in which they have to create in the first place to support and for the Malay populace. The minority is scrapping on the side from whatever fallen from this 'environment' by any means (good or bad). Just imagine if all were to participate equally and fair, you will see the minority will help to propel the country to a new height faster and stronger. The Malay insistence to be left behind doesn't give them the rights to hold us back.

Is there a way out from this 'suppressed' system? The answer is 'YES'. Amend the consitution.



puvanan said...

Well said Nuraina.

We voted not to secure Malays, Chinese or Indians. We cross out the ballot papers for a change that belongs to all anak anak bangsa Malaysia - one single race. Hope, this would be the fullstop for race politics.

Anonymous said...

to warrior2 : 0i think the party with the most seat in Perak is UMNO 28 seats.

DAP 18, PKR 7, PAS 6 - kalau tak mau kerjsama, jalan lain-lain... maknanya tiada kerajaan akan ditubuh... kalau menolak maknanya tiada kerjasama.. so bubar semula kah?

Bubar semula aja la... DAP and Kit Siang ni dah out of date.. racist too... buang aja la depa ni... bila kit siang nak pencen? Dr Mahathir dan samy pon dah takda...

two-face said...

Lim Kit Siang not only being rude and insulted the Paduka Seri Sultan and the Regent but DERHAKA. By that it also directed to the Malays! The royal institution is protected in the constitution and enshrined in the Rukun Negara.

After all the shouting on the keris waving UMNO, Lim Kit Siang has MENDERHAKA to the very institution that the people want to protect and cherish.

Wang Fei Hung said...

I am Chinese and for the first time, I casted my vote for LKS thinking it is for CHANGE but obviously my vote is wasted.
It is time for dinosaurs like LKS to retire and let the new generation take over before he continues to inflict more damage to the CHANGE we want. He and his kind like the MIC president have exceeded their shelf-life and their "best-before" expiry date!

warrior2 said...

Nuraina A Samad - you forgot that I was commenting on your article where you find it so annoying that LKS is not happy with the selection and that you didnt understand why he could be so adamant about his position. We are not talking about the Perak DAP who ofcourse agreed to any decision of the Sultan.

I hope you have finally understood!

ANON 12.07 - this is a coalition govt of DAP,PKR and PAS, the so called opposition parties which won the most number of seats and therefore can form the govt if they can agree. Eventhough BN won 28 seats, it dosent come into the equation unless one of the parties i.e DAP, PKR or PAS decided to form a coalition with BN. If this happen then the coalition of BN and THAT PARTY will have majority and can form the state govt.

I hope you also understand now

Anonymous said...

Just a matter of Fair Game. Could you accept a soccer team has the least accumulated points chosen as the champion? Waste of time and money to organize the game and to participate.



here's the thing.

DAP can protest all it wants, and yes, it has the right to do that because it has the bigger number of seats. DAP was, after all agreeable to PKR's candidate. But the thing is, couldnt they have worked out something behind closed doors?

Why direct a boycott?

sesat said...

Dear Nuraina,

Congratulations to Adel on the excellent results. You must be thrilled and proud of his academic success.

I wish him continued success in his scholarly pursuits.

Anonymous said...

Hang Kit Siang cuba menderhaka ??? and then quickly apologises to the Regent... Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Did you realised, it was the politicians who like to play the racial cards i.e no Malay Muslim MB, Kris wielding, etc, whereas, the people actually sees each other beyond the skin colour and other differences

Anonymous said...

a chinese is still a chinese, an indian is still an indian, a malay is still a malay.................
dont talk about racial unity or bangsa malaysia.................
not even at the end of the world!

Anonymous said...

DAP has been in the opposition all along. The only thing that LKS knows is to oppose, oppose and oppose.

As a sign of protest against LKS and the DAP, I refuse to attend DAP's "thank you" dinner this week-end. I registered my displeasure with the ADUN from DAP and urged her to bring it to the attention of the DAP leadership.

Anonymous said...

Reading your post and your reader's comments, one cannot help but be overwhelmed by the hypocrisy and irony. Nothing short of racist remarks when it comes down to it. Is it too much for DAP to expect that someone from their party should be elected as MB when they have won more seats in the state than PKR or PAS?

A case of the pot calling the kettle black. Disgraceful.