Sunday, March 09, 2008

TDM : Pak Lah Should Take Full Responsibiliy

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi should accept full responsibillity for the BN's defeat and losses in the general election, said former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
Just as Abdullah had, in the 2004 general election, accepted 100 per cent the BN's huge victory credited to him.

Dr Mahathir said (in such a situation) the Japanese would have committed harakiri.

I think Malays are not up to this yet. I think he should consider stepping down," he said.

Asked whether he would step down if he were in Abdullah's shoes, Dr Mahathir said he would because it was the wishes of the people.

Dr Mahathir said Abdullah had destroyed
"He has destroyed BN, and he should be responsible for this massive defeat," he told a news conference held
at his residence at The Mines in Seri Kembangan late this morning.
Present, besides reporters from the mainstream and foreign media, were bloggers from the new media.

Dr Mahathir said it was shocking that the BN lost in five states and the Federal Territory, indicating that all the Malays, Chinese and Indians rejected the coalition.

To a question of whether he thought Abdullah would step down anytime soon, he said he doubted that seeing that Abdullah remained detached from the real situation and from the fact that the people do not support his leadership.

This was because those who should have told him the truth were not doing so.

Dr Mahathir said that it should also be noted that the vote against the BN could not be literally translated as support for the opposition per se.

"There was no other alternative for the people but to vote for the opposition."

To another question, Dr Mahathir said it was up to Umno to decide on Abdullah' successor should he step down.

He also noted the "amazing victory" of Umno deputy president Najib Razak who obtained an increased majority in Pekan.

"His majority increased while Abdullah's decreased quite significantly," he remarked.

On whether the simple majority obtained by the BNwould affect investors' confidence, Dr Mahathir said it would as such a government was a weak government, especially in a multi-racial country and this could cause instability.

Dr Mahathir remarked that he himself had not expected BN's huge losses.


SBJ said...


Yes Pak Lah should step down not only as PM but also UMNO president and go back to Kepala Batas to take care of the people there. I will miss ZAM

donplaypuks said...

Long Live People Power!!

There is a strong belief that the RAHMAN prophecy will be completed soon. In any event, AAB will either have to 'do the honourable' thing or be elbowed out by UMNO, not later than next week-end.

The British call this the 'Man Overboard' strategy or when the wife of the Deputy PM will be seen busy shopping for new curtains and carpets for the PM's official residence. Someone has to take the blame, and who else should it be, but the Great Leader.

Regardless of what Western leaders would do under these circumstances, the top leadership of the BARISAN government, the veterans, the Iron Lady etc., has to go. Corruption (at all levels in Govt., croneyism, crime, inflation, cost of living rise, oil price, toll charges and racial polarisation are at their worst.

The are the real issues that the citizens are concerned about; NOT whether we hold the world record for the longest ketupat or mega roti chanai.

There is also that ridiculous claim that per capita income grew by 40% in 4 years, placing growth in M'sia the highest in the world!!

I predict more good news will come with the findings of the Royal Commission (where many bigwigs were seen to be 'economical with the truth')on the judiciary debacle.

Right or not, the public perception is that economic statistics have been 'massaged' close to the elections.

The Indians may have lost the battle in the now vacant Ministerial and Deputy Ministers' posts, but they have won the war. The message to the (recent) incumbents is clear - reform or vacate.

Now, for a better, united truly multi-racial and tolerant Malaysia, the country we all love!!


donplaypuks said...
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Hi&Lo said...

TDM is taking a cheap shot at Pak Lah. He should display statesmanship by restoring the institutions he had dismantled during his reign as his first duty. Only then, he can tell the country what to do.

Anonymous said...

I am somehow glad that Zainudin Maidin, Samy Vellu and Kayveas are finally out...if only they stoop a could have been different...

IBU said...

Dear Kak Ena,

Someone is still daydreaming in steam bath & spa. The high voltage surge is simply dismissed as sauna bubbles.

Reminds me of the parable of the boiled frog.

Old Fart said...

"On whether the simple majority obtained by the BNwould affect investors' confidence, Dr Mahathir said it would as such a government was a weak government, especially in a multi-racial country and this could cause instability."

I beg to differ Tun!

You see this nation of multi-cultural, racial and religious groups as if you are in a stadium looking down at hhe tracks and each of those lanes as representing each of our races. Running in parallel and never to meet, yet bounded by the boundaries.

Tun, I see rolls of colourful thread wound together to form a rope that went to the polls on Saturday. Bright, colourful with each extolling the virtues of the other and most importantly giving strength that is far greater than the strength of each one of them.

Tun, your and the BN's assumptions about the make up of this nation is faulty. The underpinning energies that were released on Saturday that caused the Tsunamic implosion of the BN has unfortunately failed to reveal itself to all you guys!

You guys are just not equipped to lead this rope that is emerging. If you don't mind. Leave us be and get out of our way. Stop prescribing solutions when you cannot even recognise the symptoms!

kbguy said...

Dunno weather this guy can take it or not with such a huge preasure put on him. He has been relax all the while..

pamina said...

the coalition is destroyed yesterday and i dont know who's going to mend this. first step, abdullah badawi, is to step down.

Anonymous said...

..still... Dr. Mahathir understands us (citizens of Malaysia) most ;)

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah should step down; his son in law should be out of UMNO and never come show his face again. God wiling, weath sharing would be much more equitble. I will then vote for Barisan again