Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The PM Explains EC's Decision on Indelible Ink

KOTA BAHARU, March 5 (Bernama) -- Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi says that the move by the Election Commission (EC) to call off its earlier decision to use indelible ink on the nails or fingers of voters on Saturday is to avoid registered voters from being victimised.

The Prime Minister said it was felt that such a decision by the EC was necessary to prevent certain parties from thwarting the electoral process by preventing voters to exercise their democratic right to vote.

"There is a possibility of certain actions by certain quarters that could give rise to chaos and there is a likelihood that those who want to vote could not do so as their fingers were already stained with ink.

"As such, this sort of victimisation should not be allowed," he told reporters after meeting leaders of the Kelantan Umno Liaison Body Tuesday night.

Among those who attended were the head of the body, Datuk Seri Annuar Musa, and his deputy, Datuk Dr Awang Adek Hussin, as well as a number of Kelantan BN candidates for the general election.

The Prime Minister said he had also read a report prepared by various authorities in connection with the possibility of some groups wanting to thwart or sabotage the general election, especially in Kelantan, by bringing in the indelible ink.

Abdullah, who is also the Internal Security, said that in facing that possibility, it was therefore appropriate for the EC to protect its integrity.

"What is more important is that the rights of the people who had registered to vote must be upheld.

"That must be the guarantee from the EC to all citizens and voters on March 8," he said.

Abdullah denied that the EC's move was as a result of instructions from him or Barisan Nasional (BN).

"This was not our (BN's) work. This was a decision by the EC," he said.

Abdullah said the EC should now invite representatives from all political parties and explain to them in detail why it called off the use of indelible ink in the general election.

"I have informed Datuk Radzi (BN Secretary-General Datuk Seri Radzi Sheikh Ahmad) to get detailed explanations from the EC," he said.

In Putrajaya today, EC Chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman announced the cancellation of its earlier decision to use indelible ink on voters in the general election following advice from the legal point of view and public safety.

Abdul Rashid said investigations following a report to the police had confirmed that irresponsible groups had bought the ink from abroad to persuade and bribe those who were not so sure about the use of the ink by smearing ink on their fingers even before they voted.

"The EC is extremely disappointed over the decision. But we need to make a firm and final decision to ensure our obligation and responsibility towards a smooth election process as well as public safety," he said.


Ibrahim said...

Dear Nur,

Do you believe in what he says and they say? Even the dead will not. In fact, you should have ignored it as it highlights his intellectual poverty and leadership crisis which thrives on institutional manipulation, character assasination of opposition leaders and outright lies. Vote wisely. Our turnout and our votes for BR will decide. O God, give what's good for you know it. Amin.

Anonymous said...

Ada udang disebalik batu?

It has advantages and disadvantages.

What is the original intention of the indelible ink? Think.

caravanserai said...

BN leaders don’t think through
So many presidents in the coalition
Yet when they find they may lose
Suddenly one finds everything is national security

What lies do BN plead?
They want the power
Absolutely in their hands
You think the sleeping beauty will let go?
Only his dream I suppose

So many committees
So many millions spend
The glow of money
Nobody is playing fool
This is something fishy
Drawing out into line

The ground has spoken
The people really want a change
50 years of many ills and deceptions
I for one will need a new shirt and pant
Maybe a new broom to sweep away
Those unwanted debris piling in the corners

BN has collected 10 seats
Like Obama in his bids
The final push on March 8
BN will get the red ink

The sleeping beauty flopping again
I can’t wait for the change to begin
Malaysia doesn’t need these clowns
I have enough
Changes must begin
With our votes; it’s the beginning

muststopthis said...

Let me get this right. The EC had planned to mark the fingers of those who would have already cast their vote. And we are to believe that those who did not would allow their fingers to be painted with some chemical by some unknown people???
Comeone! even a child would tell you not to follow strangers!
What ballocks!

BN is scared shitless! They are desperate, and how desperate remains to be seen on polling day. Look at my link above to see the swell of ground support...for people who are not even running in the elections! These brave Anak anak Bangsa Malaysi has helped campaigned for the parties that vie to take down the crooked government!

Anonymous said...

EC telling us that voters in Malaysia are ignorant and stupid unlike the tribal people in Pakistan and other 3rd world countries where idelible ink are used.

Clearly, that SHIT fellow is not qualified and must be held accountable. EC and the Govt had overlooked the need to amend the law for the use of indelible ink.

EC keeps changing the rules at the last minute. First relating to stamp duty for declaration in nomination form. Then the extension of registration for PACA. Now the cancellation of the use of idelible ink.

Anonymous said...


please, he is telling us you all are stupid coz such stupid excuses will be accepted. which party can wantonly abuse the electoral process? ask any tom dick and harry and they will tell its the incumbent party. it happens in all psuedo democratic countries and that includes malaysia.
i tell you the real reason. BN needs all the phantom voters coz they can feel the groundswell of discontent. BN needs that to capture Kelantan without which they dont even stand a chance. Without Kelantan in the pocket coupled with the impending losses by its partners namely MCA, Gerakan and MIC, Badawi will be kicked out by UMNO. And there goes the ambition of his SIL to become the youngest PM of Malaysia. I dread that day if his ambition ever comes true. God Save Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Siapa yang makan cili, dialah yang rasa pedas. Certain parties, my foot! If BN were not guilty, why do they need to explain on behalf of the EC? This comes to show that EC and BN are in cahoots! Disgusting!!! Jijik sekali!!!

wanshana said...

I'm really confused...Really I am...

Why so long-winded?

Anonymous said...

Sleepyhead was afraid that those that have voted (& had their fingers stained)already, are prevented from voting again!! Mmmmm does he think that Malaysians are DUMB!!

Anonymous said...

Ya Allah...why so stupid one? At the 11th hour too... this is like an admission that the EC does not think through it's procedures.... Why even think of it before checking out all the so called legal implications and "risks" before shouting to the world that we are adopting that step? What this implies to me is that the EC is not even confident of the electoral listing. Are they expecting to turn away potential voters just because their finger has been inked( if they are stooopid enough to have that happen in the first place) even though the electoral rolls still show they have not been given the ballot paper? We should use IT and check the central register/listing can't we not on that day, it is just a click of the button? Or can we not rely on that too?

I am not surprised that people are getting unhappier by the day. What will they think of next? Still 2 full days to go and therefore scope for more confusion? Maybe change polling stations last minute?

Malu lah...thought EC should be smarter than this. Sigh...

Anonymous said...

k...I am a blur sotong on this inky thingy.

All I know is how much tax-payers had been wasted to import this ink. And okay...I did curse when I read this news.

But other than reading how the ink is going to last at least 2 weeks on voters' fingers, how else is it going to eliminate phantom voters?

I thought phantom voters also appear mysteriously in the form of already prepared and filled ballot boxes and sent to the counting votes centres?

Too much drama going on in this election lah.

Mr. Smith said...

This is one big bull. The police report on the alleged import of ink from Thailand was made last month. Why was no investigations done and why this late announcement? Sinister motives?

straycat's strut said...

I bet the four people who bought the paint would never be revealed.

And the AG had just found out that it is against the constitution?

Why not just say that that denying the right of the phantom voters to vote is against the constitution? I would understand that better.


kimster said...

wahh... pink elephants everywhere!!!