Monday, March 17, 2008

Ku Li's Letter To Umno Members...

Umno veteran Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah who is MP for Gua Musang has sent letters to Umno division and branch chiefs nationwide asking them to hold emergency general meetings to identify weaknesses in the party that had resulted in Umno's very poor performance in the recent general election.

He suggested that they hold their EGMs on May 11, the anniversary of Umno’s formation in 1946.

Tengku Razaleigh, 71, the country’s longest serving MP, would call for the Gua Musang division EGM on Thursday.

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Also, if you feel strongly that Abdullah Ahmad Badawi should step down as Prime Minister, you can sign the petition initiated by Mukhriz Mahathir here.

The Star here.


malayamuda said...

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, Musa Hitam, Rais Yatim and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi are all spineless. They have no respect for self honour.

They challenged the President of UMNO , lost the election in 1987, went to court, got UMNO deregistered, formed Semangat 46, joined up with PAS, DAP and PBS, helped PAS win the 1990 elections in Kelantan, flirted with Joseph Pairin Kitingan of PBS, got him to lose his Chief Ministership, forced UMNO to then get into Sabah due to betrayal by PBS at the eleventh hour of 1990 GE, achieved nothing in 7 years, came wagging their tails back at Mahathir.

Mahathir gave each of them a Dog Biscuit and they stayed quiet till he retired.

Now do we want to support a person who caused so much trouble to become our President.

They call these kind of people oppurtunistic pathogens ! Is the country ready for a 71 year old leader with old visions and racist agendas to taker over the helm ?

If it's Ku Li, I'll vote for Pak Lah

Anonymous said...

Strong possibility that The UMNO General Assembly scheduled for July will be postponed by Pak Lah to 2009, to allow a cooling-off period ( actually to avoid Ku Li/Najib going for the President's post!!) Any call for special or extraordinary GM will be against party's interest!!

Malay Women in Malaysia said...

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is in hot soup now!

You know something, someone should run an online poll or something. Find out what is the main thing that had caused most damage to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's reputation as Prime Minister. I'm curious and so are millions of other Malaysians.

Malay Women in Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Yes, very true indeed, these names Ku Li, Musa Hitam, Rais and Dollah Badawi are nothing more than FALSE Leaders of the Malays.

The Malays are fond of bringing about the rise of FALSE Leaders.

And FALSE leaders tend to have asslickers and cronies surrounding them and simpletons and uneducated Mak Chiks, Pak Chiks, Youths and Mat Rempits who are nothing more than behaving and making themselevs serfs and slave fot he Feudal lords.

And this have been going on since the start of the Melaka Sultanate.
In many ways EITHER the Hadramuti Arabs have not quite done a good job in converting these Hindu-Buddhist-pagans Malays or they are just not deceiving of being good converts.

al Tahrimi

Anonymous said...

Wow, things are beginning to move within UMNO. Now Razaleigh is calling for branches to hold EGMs. Recently there are banners calling for Badawi to resign. Also there are banners supporting Badawi. Did anyone notice that Badawi has not make any public appearances since the election? Also there are no 'congratulatory' messages from other heads of states(especially from nearby countries and within the Commonwealth). After all, he did win the elections, right?
This Sunday, March 23rd is an interesting date... Formula 1. Organizing chairman is Mukhriz and by tradition, the Prime Minister always attend the event to give away the prizes. Will Badawi attend? Will he shake Mukhriz hand?Will there be any banners calling for him to resign? For those going to the race this Sunday, don't just look at the cars and the pretty girls. Keep a look out for any banners. Take some photos and share them in the internet. Lets see what happens on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Pity Pak Lah. This chap still does not understand. He still keep talking about what he wants to do...the economy, security,,,,It's the PERCEPTION old mate!! You can plan a whole new world..but if the peoples' perception says that you are weak, no ideas, you wont succeed..that's that. Politics is the art of perception, real or imagined!! You can deny that Khairy has no influence over you. But people's perception is otherwise. So, what you should do is not trying make justifications, denials and so-called ammendments...but correct these perceptions!! Get rid of Khiary for that people will believe you that Khairy is only your son-in-law!! Get rid of your that we will believe that you have the brain to lead this country out of this mess!! Get rid of Patrick Lim,..the we will believe that you are serious about clean governance and transparency.Get rid of the dead-woods in your cabinet, then we will believe in you wanting change!! Otherwise, the old and the same PERCEPTION prevails!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry too old for the post.
How could we forget the BMF epic.

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Da Real Deal said...

The UMNO General Assembly must be convened by August or they will be deregistered again.

May 11 will be too late to take any action because by that time there would be a by-election and Anwar will get his seat from Khalid's Bandar Tun Razak. Right after that, Anwar will announce the defection en bloc of BN MPs enough to command a simple majority in Parliament and form a new Govt breaking BN's 50 year world record.

May 11th will be too late to save the Party, and those in chorus supporting the PM blindly will have to wear kevlar laced baju Melayu into the Dewan Merdeka.

mantao said...

Petition to support Dato' Mukhriz.

Say No! to Pak Lah!!

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Anonymous said...

Urgent Notice:

The infamous InventQjaya on the news :

Can anyone make an online petition to ask for an in-depth investigation to Dr Mahathir ..

Anonymous said...

In this time of trouble , we need to support Pak Lah,

Please ignore Ku Li , who is old and racist ...

Ku Li is the greatest opportunist that UNMO have ever produced

BaitiBadarudin said...

Jangan Pandang Belakang; face the dawn of New Politics!

zealot said...

UMNO is no longer relevent. Full of lies.

warrior2 said...

I propose that we have a petition for Mukhriz to step down as a wakil rakyat.

He has no telurs.

He follows what his father says.

He is a nobody actually in PUTRA UMNO and he hasnt dont anyhting to get any credit as a worthy politician that we need to listen to. He got nominated with the President approval,he won with the BN`s machinery helping him and not on his own name and merit and capability and now heants the president to step down?

And he did this after going on tv saying he support the president? If he has telurs, he should have said what he wrote the first time he was interviewed.