Monday, March 24, 2008

Palace Should Accept Idris Jusoh..

And withdraw the appointment of Kijal assemblyman Ahmad Said, as required by law, said Zaid Ibrahim who is Minister in the PM's Department.

That, he pointed out, was expected by the Constitution.

The palace appointment of Ahmad is not valid in the first place because he is someone without a majority, he said.

Zaid appealed to the palace to accept Idris, dismissing Ahmad's claims of support as hollow.

Barisan Nasional assemblymen have declared their backing for Idris, and BN chairman and Umno president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi endorsed Idris.

According to NST online, Zaid, the minister in charge of legal affairs, said the impasse over the appointment of Ahmad against the objections of a majority of the state's assemblymen should not have arisen.

"It's important for everyone, including the monarch, to respect the law, and in this case the law is quite clear," he said.

"The discretion of the monarch in appointing the menteri besar is not an absolute personal discretion.

"It has to be exercised in a way that the constitution expects," he said, which is to appoint the person whose command of a majority in the state assembly was "very clear".

"It is only in cases of a deadlock, where multiple parties are involved, that the ruler has the discretion to appoint the person he thinks has the support of the majority."

Meanwhile, Attorney-General Gani Patail was quoted by NST Online to have said that according to Article 145(2) of the Federal Constitution, he was duty-bound to advise the Yang di-Pertuan Agong on legal matters.

And the 23 assemblyman who are against Ahmad's appointment as MB have threatened to resigned if he is sworn-in.

State Umno liaison secretary Rosol Wahid told a Press conference last night that they all stood solidly behind Idris.

Read Bernama here.


Anonymous said...

hi, Cik Ena.

maybe Palace wants to corner UMNO assemblymen enough that they resign and have to call for State re-election? maybe Sultan-Agong not happy with reports of pengundi hantu and FRUs in the last GE and wants a re-run ...?


Anonymous said...

enuf been said... why suddenly all the interest who become the mb in the 2nd poorest fishing state in malaysia?

another source of black gold there ke?

and when the sultan/king knows idris is a useless mb for t'ganu, the sultan/king should stick to his decision.

Anonymous said...





Malay Women in Malaysia said...

Look at what UMNO has become nowadays. A far cry from the UMNO that our past generations had known in the 50s and 60s.

What will happen to the Malays now?

'Gajah sama gajah berperang, tikus non-Malays berjoget on the sidelines'

Malay Women in Malaysia

donplaypuks said...

The Malaysian Constitution has been amended nearly 250 times (mostly by the 'good' Doctor)in 50 years as compared to 24 times by the USA in 200 years!

So, the Constitution is not that sacred a document the BN pretends it believes in.

When it suits BN, they also demonstrate after pompously lying that 'it is against our culture'. However, there are no police permits, no arrests, spraying of chemically laced water or tear gas. Double standards and plain hypocrisy? You bet!!

The fact is the Sultan, the Head of State and guardian of Islam (who is also the Agong in this case) is not happy with Jusoh.

I suspect that this has something to do with the fact that Petronas 5% royalty was withdrawn by the good Dr even though it is there in black and white. Jusoh may also be suspected of enriching himself or showing disrespect to the Sultan.We don't know what the Sultan knows.

So, why is BN hell-bent on foisting Jusoh on the Sultan, what is their agenda? There must be hundreds of other capable candidates BN can substitute. Why did they push the Sultan this far?

In Selangor & Perak, the opposition parties have managed to work out acceptable compromises with the Sultans, and moved on.In Johor, the Sultan managed to get BN to retain the MB who was slated to move to a Federal seat.

Rip Van Winkle has to answer yet again for poor PR and showing poor political acumen when dealing with the Royalty.

donplaypuks said...

Malay Women in Malaysia said...

'Gajah sama gajah berperang, tikus non-Malays berjoget on the sidelines'

This comment borders on racism and xenophobia.

Believe me most non-Malays (like me)do not celebrate if there is infighting in UMNO.

The results of GE 2008 shows that more than 50% of the voting populace (if you exclude postal vote rigging) no longer wants communal/race based Political Parties to represent them.

If we think Malaysia and Malaysians, then the Malays will have nothing to worry about for an Eternity to come. If then necessary, the non-Malays will defend Malay rights with their own blood!!

Da Real Deal said...

The Sultan has the backing of the people. This Sultan is humble and respects his subjects. BN should remember what happened when Dr Mahathir insisted on Wan Mokhtar who was behaving like he was the ruler of the state that time. This same Sultan requested for anyone else but Wan Mokhtar. Dr Mahathir degil. We lost Terengganu. It will happen again. Mizan is a humble servant of God who is loved by his subjects. They will follow his lead. This is not a threat. This is a promise.

Zanie said...

The law of the state has clearly stated that the Sultan possesses absolute power in appointing the MB, with the condition that it should come from the winning party after the election. Now the sultan has appointed someone from BN that won the election; Ahmad Said, anything wrong with that? The law doesn't stress that in appointing the MB, all exco members must endorse to it. With the exco being imprisoned by Idris to ensure full support, do you think this is fair for the sultan and the rakyat of terengganu? I am a terengganu common people, I want justice and I stand by the sultan.

Daulat Tuanku! Daulat Tuanku! Daulat tuanku!

Anonymous said...

yo, malay women in malaysia...

'Gajah sama gajah berperang, tikus non-Malays berjoget on the sidelines'

ouch!... that one is below the belt & uncalled for.

have read couple of your postings (esp the one where you whacked that chinaman like a crazy maniac during the perak fiasco ) and it was heavily-laced with racial slurs.

to be a closet racist is one thing but to announced to the whole world & to be proud of... mmm that bit hard to stomach.

the changes of the socio/political landscapes is very real & here to stay, either one hop in or stop bitching about it when got left behind.

~non-malay true perakian.

Anonymous said...

WHY IDRIS JUSOH ?? want another monsoon cup fiasco ? please lahhh

cakap mesti bikin siap siap said...

What so special about Idris Jusof?

Tuanku must know something that we Rakyat don't know?

Why PM insist only Idris Jusoh?

Anonymous said...


You report what you hear or what you you feel?

Mat Rempit Hubris,Carthage said...

Jln Sudin!

If i am not mistaken it is not just as simple as 'the Agung must appoint somebody who commands majority support'.

If the federal consitution is anything to go by, and if this provision has not been amended, the agong must appoint someone WHO IN HIS OPINION COMMANDS THE MAJORITY OF SUPPORT.


Now, the powers of the Sultan in the State is more than the Agung in the federal goverment.Remember what happen in Perak? The Sultan appointed an MB from a party witth the smallest seats.Of course you can say that it was endorse by DAP and PKR, but they had to, rather than they wanted to.Why?

Bcos, the Sultan had every LEGAL right.

BUT if the disagree with the Sultan, what the ADUNS in the State can do is pass a vote of no confidence to the new MB.It just requires a simple majority. And then the Sultan and the MB can dissolve the State Legislature and call for state elections.Ofcourse in Perak they dont want to this...bcos there's every chance that the DAP,PKR and PAS alliance might lose their majority.

So in Terenganu, if they disagree with the Agung's choice then vote him out. And trash it out lah in the by elections.BUT it is doubtful the BN wants to seems ulike the Umno ADUNS, the Umno Bahagian's are with the Sultan.So in a State elections whereby you have a divided Umno going against PAS, the Sultan and many Umno members themselves,there will be every possibility that BN will lose.

And the opposition can simply have a kempen slogan 'UMNO MENDERHAKA KPD TUANKU".Not a nice prospect for Bn, i tell u.

ANYWAY the PM has NO LEGAL POWER TO APPOINT AN MB.THIS IS AN UNEQUIVOCAL LEGAL REALITY. NO LAW STATES THAT THE PM is the one who APPOINTs AN MB.All this while it was by convention only bcos, the athourity of the PM was not question.


Not in State affairs.

So legally what Idris Jusoh has is the majority support.The Pm's support from a legal point of view is inconsequential.

BUT legally what the Sultan has are the constitutional words ' in his Majesty's opinion commands the respect of the Majority'.

joefernandez@fernz said...

All this show of support for Idris is just bullshit.

Let the Sultan pick the MB.

Those not satisfied can introduce a no confidence motion in the State Assembly. If the motion is carried, the MB has a choice whether to step down or call for fresh elections provided the ruler consents.

Umno recently held a demonstration in Perak in support of the Sultan when it suited their convenience. Why don't they hold another one in Terengganu? Pro or Con?

Anonymous said...

There must be ample reasons for the Sultan/Agong to decline Idris for the MB. Muhyiddin has recommended for Idris to seek forgiveness from the Sultan. Is Idris so kepala batu and below his dignity to kiss the Sultan's hand for forgiveness!! I think this is the real issue...Idris has a balooning-ego; he refused to give proper respect for the throne!! He should listen to Raja Nazrin...jangan cemarkan adat kebesaran istana yang bertunjangkan sejarah kesultanan Melayu!!

warrior2 said...

I still maintain this is a straight forward case and I am being consistent with the legal provision in that the Sultan cant appoint someone who dosent command the support of the majority.

Now, the question is, if he is not happy with Jusoh, for whatever reasons, he can appoint someone else WHO MUST ALSO HAS support of the majority. If this can be work out within the Trennganu UMNO, all is well. AHMAD dosent have the support.

By appointing him, the Sultan made things complicated. One possiblity is a state election once again. NOW, ...hmmm.. see where I am heading to?

Anonymous said...

Well, yes no one is above the law and Pak Lah who hides behind a persona of being Mr. Nice Guy (Mr.Ignorant is more like it) should perhaps take a good look at himself in the mirror first before making such a strong statement against the Sultan-Agong's decision.

Anyhow, I'm not surprised if you are under Khairy's hefty payroll!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you trying to say that the Sultan as the royalty has not right at all concerning whom His Highness would prefer for his state? Talking about the Constitution, since when has the government really respect the spirit of the Constitution? Say, what about freedom of religion?

Anonymous said...

True as I had suspected, malay women in malaysia plays the racist thing again. Shameless!

Anonymous said...

Malay women answer is such racist!! Really show the character!! What this got to do with non-malay to deserve such remark?? Blaming on others for OWN FAULT!! Think!! Why thus the Sultan dislike Idris Jusoh, can't BN just appoint another fella? Such a simple solution, WHY WHY WHY MUST insist. Chinese also know how to give face to another person & respect. This UMNO is such BIADAP, even Malaysia Sultan & Agong also CANNOT GIVE FACE!!!! Really TIDAK BERMORAL!!! BIADAP!!! If non-malay, we can say we tidak belajar...but for malay to show this attitude to Tuanku is KURANG AJAR!!!

Anonymous said...

I do hope those Umno goon's resign and make way for a Snap Election!

Anonymous said...

`Malay women in malaysia` is a blog i ignore for its overt and covert racism.

Anyway, Badawi has dug himself into a hole over T`ganu where the latest is:

`The 21 Terengganu assemblymen, headed by Datuk Rosol Wahid, have agreed not to boycott the swearing in ceremony, meaning more trouble for the besieged prime minister.`

I see a pattern of sorts developing. Those UMNO divisions that lost, are gunning him. Latest is Muar.

Mat Rempit Hubris,Carthage said...


This was from Malaysia Today.It's Ku Li opinion on the Terengannu crisis.Dont just beleive Zaid ibrahim just becos u feel an affinity to hom.He is not Pak Lah's man sso his opinion will be slanted

Press Statement by Tengku Razaleigh on the Terengganu MB crisis

Posted by Raja Petra
Monday, 24 March 2008

On the crisis over the appointment of the Chief Minister of Terengganu

The situation in Terengganu is a crisis of government, not of the Constitution. The Sultan acted within his powers in appointing the person who, in his judgment, is likely to command the confidence of the majority of the members of the State Assembly. Ahmad Said's appointment is effective and he is now the Chief Minister of Terengganu. It is up to the properly convened State Assembly to test him with a vote of confidence in due course. Petitions, threats, coercion and declarations of support for the Prime Minister and his candidate have no bearing on the legality of the Sultan of Terengganu's appointment of his own Chief Minister. Perhaps we have forgotten what it is like to conduct ourselves with good manners and due respect for the Constitution and the sovereignty of the Ruler.

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's statement yesterday that "the appointment of anyone but Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh as Terengganu Menteri Besar is unconstitutional" is wrong. As in the recent crisis in Perlis, the Prime Minister’s actions suggest stunning ineptness in managing fundamental relationships and straightforward functions of government.

This storm in Terengganu is just the latest in a series of crises brought on by an apparent failure to understand how State powers work relative to Federal ones. This is alarming because the Barisan government now has five Opposition-controlled states to contend with out of the nine in Peninsular Malaysia. The mis-handling of chief ministerial appointments in Perlis, and now in Terengganu, mean that our leadership in two other states is now in jeopardy.

After fifty years of independence, I am sure we should be capable of resolving our issues in a efficient and respectful manner.

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah

Anonymous said...

Malay women in Malaysia aka Saidul A Shaari. Why do you subscribe to the evils of racism? It is often the corrupted/evil-minded/despots and warmongers who uphold the evil virtues of racism!(Think: Ku Klux Klan/apartheid S.Africa/Israel and our colonial masters). I wonder if you are one.

And Saidul, why then do you hide behind the veil? Are you ashamed of being male? Stop your gay(ish) racial slurs!

Dhahran Sea said...

WELL MONEY DOES MATTER, AIN'T IT!? The huge Wang Ehsan from Petronas (reportedly to be RM 1B this year) is making all the difference between Terengganu and Perlis MB fiasco? I sense its a win or die situation here and the stake is BIG - lots of people linked to AAB's SIL & Patrick Badawi (including Idris) CANNOT AFFORD NOT TO CONTROL the state, even at the detriment of the Rakyat (ever wonder how the RM200M Monsoon Cup could ever benefit the mak & pak cik's in Terengganu?). And Zaid is now really singing Pak Lah's blues... he's one real cock for sure...talking about credibility?



To your question: "You report what you hear or what you you feel?"

It depends. But for this particular posting, I was quoting Zaid Ibrahim who was quoted by NST online.

So these are not my views but that of Zaid's.

Thank you.



yes.. i do see your point of view.

thank you for elaborating.



you said "Anyhow, I'm not surprised if you are under Khairy's hefty payroll!!!"

I'm wondering -- was that directed to me?

Hope not.


mat rempit hubris,

oh dear...what gave you the idea that i believe zaid ...and "because I feel an affinity for him"?

I was just quoting him as reported in NST online.

I hardly offered my remarks.

thank you..

Anonymous said...

Ahoy..Malay Women...
Who do you call tikus? Who asked the gajahs to fight in the first place? Konon'pantang anak melayu derhaka kepada raja/sultan! Now siapa yang derhaka...memalukan bangsa sendiri? Your column during MB problem in Perak ..bukan main dahsyat with different tune?You say...whats going to happen to the Malays? Is that what you care about? Boy...and I thought you were a Malaysian! Gone with the Wind were racial supporters,mr.Malay women. Today the new Malaysian blood seeks a non race based leadership.I voted for a Malay, mind you, because I see him as a Malaysian.You better start changing your mind set...after all BR is waiting !!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks You My Dear,for the explaination.

No harm done.You a definate gem and Bapak am sure is proud of you.

All the best my dear.

Wassalam.Thank You again.

Anonymous said...

Malay Women in Malaysia said...
Look at what UMNO has become nowadays. A far cry from the UMNO that our past generations had known in the 50s and 60s.

What will happen to the Malays now?

'Gajah sama gajah berperang, tikus non-Malays berjoget on the sidelines'
The recent elections has shown that the reaal GAJAH is the Common People of all races so please stop flattering yourselves please.

Mat Rempit Hubris,Carthage said...

Jalan Sudin,


It must have been your title that gave me the impression you were slanting towards Zaid.Actually after rereading it it still gives me that impression.I guess i will have to take extra english classes to have a more subtle understanding of the language.

Again, my appologies.

Anonymous said...

Patrick Lim + Idris Jusoh + Abdullah + Terengganu Oil $$$ = Perfect $$$$

Think Ena...think hard. Why why why Idris Jusoh?? Why Terengganu?? Patrick Lim = New Sultan of Terengganu??

Baron Strawberrymunchen said...

Kak Nuraina,

Please read this:

You reported Zaid Ibrahim's view.

Above is Tengku Razaleigh's view.

According to him, it is not so much a constitutional issue as a governmental one, and that there is nothing wrong with Ahmad Said's appointment after all.

Anonymous said...

It's really a pity. After celebrating 50 years of independence, we only look at our skin/religion/race. Anyway, on this topic, i still don't get it, the UMNO only submitted one name, no alternative, when the palace requested other names, they still insisted on Idris Jusoh. Something fishy if you ask me. Anyway, i don't see anything wrong with the elected guy from the palace, why can't umno compromise this time. It's not like it's the end of the world. And if really all the assemblymen disagree, where are their faces, only their signatures can be seen in the press conference. Anyway, i think the palace especially the Sultan is more concerned of the Rakyat dalam Negeri than any political party. And i don't think that the Sultan will simply pick anyone.

Malay Women in Malaysia, i think you're enjoying the attention from the comments that the individuals are showering you, calling you racist and all. If one day you were to die, and the Higher One ask why you were a racist, what would you say? Remember, our lives on earth is short, political party don't last long, our race is not forever... even when we die, we die alone.

how then would you like to die? a racist?

by the way, when elephant fight with elephant, there is no dancing, the tikus with other non-fighting elephant will kill the fighting elephant. It's the law of the jungle...

Anonymous said...

How strange, it seems nobody question the need for Malaysia to have so many sultans. I suppose they too have their fair share in sucking the country's wealth. Or are we 'conditioned' to believe that Sultans are non-questionable and that is unthinkable to even consider not sustaining them and their families? Why the sudden display of interest in politics after having been in deep slumber quietly enjoying the fruits and labour of the country virtually for free? The pain in watching what was 'meant' to be theirs falling into UMNO pockets (after having their powers revoked more than a decade ago) must be excruciating...

Rocky's Bru said...

Zaid said the law in Tganu's case is clear.

Ku Li issued a statement a few hours ago criticising the "inept" handling of the case by the Abdullah Administration (which includes Zaid).

Muhyiddin seems to be the most clear-headed; he has asked that the PM go and seek the Terengganu Sultan's audience.

Which is what Ku Li is suggesting, in a less direct manner.

You think ku Li and Muhyiddin are talking to each other?

Da Real Deal said...


Would you accept a rude servant who acts like she is the Mistress of the Manor?

shahbandarmelaka said...

In the election process practised in Malaysia , the rakyat only choose the MPs or ADUNs. MPs for Dewan rakyat and ADUNs for State Assemblies. The rakyat do not involve in the process of selecting the Prime Minister and Menteri Besar /Ketua Menteri.

The power to appoint Prime Minister is rest solely on DYMM AGONG; Menteri Besar by the Sultans and Ketua Menteri by the Yang DiPertua -Yang Di-pertua

The rakyat have to accept whatever decisions made by The Majesties.

The Agong has all the power to appointment PM amongst the MPs, even from the minority-winning party as long as The Majesty thinks the chosen MP would get majority support in the Dewan Rakyat.

Similarly, same process is applied for appointments of State MB and KM.

Even The Majesties has made a "wrong judgement" ( i.e. candidates for PM or MBs are not accepted by majority, still it is not wrong .It is still constitutional and legal.

Everybody has to accept and respect the decision.

However, the respective Dewan rakyat or State Assembly can reverse the decisions, first by passing vote of no confidence and select new candidates and put it to vote.Then submit the selected candidate to the Majesties for endorsement.

This is Malaysia , we practise democracy and we have constitution, however we have The Agong and Majlis Raja Raja to look after our constitution. We are difference. The drafter of our constitution had everything thought out, especially on the Rights of the Kings and Malays so don’t question them and try to amend the constitution again.

We should revolve around it to find solution but not amend when not suiting us. This is the beauty of our constitution.

To those MPs and ADUNs I have this to say, your swearing (angkat sumpah) is to defence the constitution and not to amend it. Next time we must pass the law to make it compulsory for candidates to have the certificate showing they understand the constitution!

To Pak Lah you should be grateful to The King ! You have been appointed to the Post not because you earned it but because of the courtesy of the King. The King can choose somebody else ! So jangan lupa daratan.

Frank said...


The Sultan's appointment of Ahmad Said is legally correct and it is within the Palace's constitutional right as per the State Constitution.

The AG's reading of the Constitution was incorrect and Pak Lah saying it was "unconstitutional" had made the PM poorly advised and makes him politically weaker. And that is sad.

No, the Palace is not constitutionally or legally bound to appoint Idris Jusoh.

Evidently, according to all constitutional experts, when the Palace appointed Ahmad Said as MB, it is a done deal.

This link gives a very clear position on the State constitituin on the powers of the Sultan:

Anonymous said...

Badawi must be real jantan...

Agong dipanggil binatang?

BMalaya said...

Guys, just ignore that Saaidul Shaari. His blog doesn't have anything to do with Malay women despite the name, and the fact that it is heavily laden with ads and trying to get you to visit his blog by being controversial shows what his real intent is - money!

No use wasting your energy getting angry over one delta ten tango like that guy.

joefernandez@fernz said...

Malay Women in Malaysia should have her coconut examined.

There is no such thing as Malay unity. Do you think that all the Malays are going to unite under one umbrella so that a handful of so-called leaders can not only squat on them but defecate on them too?

There are major political fault lines within the Malay community.

Anonymous said...

Well, since that Idris Jusoh seeks forgiveness from Sultan, we should know what is his sin? He must done something wrong that triggers the King involvement.

Since Tun Mahathir time theres so much serious issues like Semangat 46, Anwar issues and economic crisis but strange this time the Kings get involve. The question now is the mistake much more huge than the issues during Mahathir time? Is the issues so huge, then what is it? cmon tell us.....