Sunday, March 02, 2008

And For The Record

Azalina Othman Said did not pay off Norazan Abdullah (Parti keadilan Rakyat) to not challenge her for the Pengerang parliamentary seat.

Claims that Norazan was bought for RM1 million are lies and slanderous, she said in Kota Tinggi (March 1).

Azalina won Pengerang uncontested when Norazan pulled out of the race.

Here's the Bernama report.


cucujohor said...

Kak Ena,

I like the part when Azalina called on the young generation to evaluate the success of the BN government and urged them not to support the opposition just because their parents were party members.

Thank you Aza. That's a damn good piece of advice.

I have abandoned Umno, the party of my late father and my late maternal grandfather, two grassroots leaders who represented the good things about the party in the 60s, 70s and 80s without asking anything in return.

Just because my late father founded an Umno branch in Kuala Lumpur while my Atok Jantan's residence was an Umno fort in Johor do not mean that I'm an Umno man. I;ve not inherited their passion for the party.

Like millions others, you know the reasons, Kak Ena. The party has lost its direction and does not appeal to people like me.

I grew up in an Umno surroundings, with people coming over to my late father's place irrespective of time that I grew tired entertaining them, all before I reach the age of 13.

My late grandpa was a real community leader who could speak a smattering of hokkien, tamil and loved by the kampung folk. He even became an Ahli Majlis! Those days when you become an ahli majlis you were respected.

Aza is the worst Sports Minister in history. This is of course subjective.

But if you measure success by the ability of having created an image through the media behind the facade of creating a culture of sports, then she is a gold medal winner.

Never before a Minister spent so much for so little in return!

Under her, what have we won? The stars and starlets hogging the limelight were products of the previous administration.

What has she done since April 2004 except spend, spend, spend and spend?

Nicol david was already a champion before Azalina set foot at the Kementerian Baju dan Seluar, OK.

We were the top nation in the SEA Games in 2001, before Aza's time.

Study the history and you will realise Aza has done nothing for sports.

Zawi said...

Norazan Abdullah is already rich so I don't think he would accept a million riggit, if it was USD, it could be a different matter. The same happened to those in Sabah and Sarawak, they just register as a candidate for fun and if somebody offer them a million then it would be more fun to withdraw. Further more Kak Aza dont have that much money. Her HPTC pet project in London didn't go through. Only a few millions was paid out and nobody really knows what that few millions was spent for. Nobody could detect any work at the site either. So how could Aza find money so buy Norazan? It is just impossible.

warrior2 said...

When achivements are generated in a particular period of a particular minister, people will say 'oh, the previous ministers did everything". When no achievements are recorded, they say "the worst ever sport minister". A minister`s life is a difficult one but then they dont work for glory!

some of us are sore that since young they got fedup with the general massa for coming to their parents and grandparents for help. They dont see the happy faces of those who were helped, the gratitude that they felt etcetc and the feeling of syukur and content that theier parents and grandparaents had for being able to contribute and help the soceity.

Do i have a choice in choosing my govt? in principle yes i do. but not in the forseeable future!

Anonymous said...

One minute please, while I laugh my head off at zawi's comment that 'Kak Aza' is not that rich. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! KAKAKAKAKAKA!!!