Monday, March 24, 2008

Idris Jusoh Is MB....

Because he commands the majortiy support of the elected assemblyman.

The appointment of the MB is clearly spelt out in the state constitution and is in accordance to the principles of democracy.

This view was held by Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Attorney-General Gani Patail.

Abdullah said the appointment by Kijal assemblyman Ahmad Said was unconstitutional.

Read the Bernama reports here and here.

And read the views of a consitutional law expert, Shad Faruqi here.

They're right on Perlis but not on Terengganu?

What happens next?

Never seen anything like this before. That's for sure.

And the crisis deepens.


Anonymous said...

Harapan saya ialah kesemua wakil rakyat BN meletak jawatan. jangan cakap saja tapi tak ada telur. Cakap biar serupa bikin.

warrior2 said...

This is a straight forward issue. No need to take a panadol.

Having said that, I would like to stress that this whole debacles in Perlis, Perak and Trangganu is a matter of principle (in accordance with State consti) and avoidance of precedent.

In Perlis, there should not have been an issue of a different calun for MB in the first place when the incumbent named MB should have been appointed. ISA and those who supported ISA, should be shot! It was actually a mutiny against the Captain. Tha palace, like org mengantuk disorongkan bantal probably, gladly endorsed ISA. No issue of consti here.

In Perak, the DAP should have been the MB, full stop. Since voters have elected to choose more DAPs in the state aseembly, they should have gone for the DAP MB. I understood that the Sultan has the power to appoint a non malay. The DAP no telurs if that is correct? Precedent was allowed to take place here, dangerous for the future.

In Trengganu, the UMNO president must stand his ground and insist that Jusoh be the MB. That designated MB must be hanged for mutiny. Dangerous precedent too. Consti issue. I am glad, he was chased out of the east coast states umno meeting by the PM. The PM was telling him "I dont recognise" you as the MB".

Nora aka Anon Fm Miri said...


Seem like another Flip-Flop. Hehehehehe....


Old Fart said...

Ahmad Said is MB as of this moment. As long as he holds the power to dissolve the state assembly he holds the trump card. It does not matter that he may not be able to function at all as at the very first opportunity a motion of no confidence would be leveled at him.

Fair enough, MSM still allocates huge headlines with Badawi's proclamations of constitutionality. But then again MSM also carried in huge headlines Badawi's blatant lies that Parliament will not be dissolved. Those kinds of things you don't joke about. We got to really examine what constitutes funny on the part of Badawi.

If Ahmad Said still does not give in and so does the Sultan of Terengganu, I believe we can expect a dissolution of the State Assembly and a State level elections to be held in the next several months. In such an event, hopefully, with no phantoms this time. I wonder if the Sultan's position has anything to do with him not accepting the fairness or the cleanliness of the entire election process in Terengganu especially. After all it was in this state that a number of buses were stopped by PAS members and supporters.

Anonymous said...

I believe that His Majesty The Sultan have a reason of choosing someone else. PM should make an appointment to see HM and sort things out. Is it due to the unhappiness of HM with the current MB for the alleged corruption and misuse of power and state development funds? The people will not like to see such situation where the PM, MB and elected DUN going against HM. This is biadap and derhaka!

Anonymous said...

Am not a person of legal standing that understand well of what going on.Malay proverb has an interesting proverb ie.'Kadok naik Junjung' to explain the situation.

When UMNO new Sec Gen announced that ADUN Kijal can be stripped as an UMNO member,thus forfeiting his post as stated in 'Watikah' from the Sultanate of Trengganu ,Tengku Adnan has risen his mertabat to quite a sigificant level within such short span of time.It most be meteoric to say the least.

Here we have a TENGKU KARPET who conveniently titled himself (believing that he is from the royal house of long gone Melaka Sultanate)has risen to the level of an ability to insult the Trengganu Sultan by waving a new found magicalbroom to sweep everything under a carpet.

Little did he realise that this little ADUN can call for dissolution of Trengganu Assembly.If this ADUN played his card well ,there is going to be a new state election and I doubt very much Trengganu people would allow their Sultan to be humillated again by UMNO and not esp by a new 'Sultan' Tengku Adnan.

Gone would be the conduit for PakLah,Mr Khairy,Mr Patrick Badawi to continue siphoning the people's money for their own personal gain.Pak Lah in his usual loftiness saw Idris and his supporters as his trusted allies,but the truth is 'penyu masih menangis'.
To PakLah I say please pack your bag and go out of Terengganu.

SirTopa said...

Why is Ahmad Said being punished by being sacked from UMNO? Shouldn't UMNO be taking up the case against the Sultan and see why he has rejected Idris Jusoh. He must have a reason. And UMNO has the gall to say Ahamd Said should have rejected the appointment. What?! Wouldn't that be an insult to the Sultan?



i don't quite agree with you. but i won't debate with you because i know where your argument is coming from.

i respect your views.

to each his own.


Anonymous said...




Da Real Deal said...

I hope the current MB call for another election before the first sitting of the Dewan. He can do so with 90 days from the dissolution. PAS would sweep the state like when they did after Mahathir refused the Sultan's request to change Wan Mokhtar.

warrior2 said...

Nuraina, you must clarify what you said when you said you dont quite agree with me. To all points or certain points? I am also curious.

I have no issue with dissention. After all, I dissented with many in blogs and on many points too.

MarinaM said...

I don't see why the PM doesn't just sit down with the Sultan and sort this out. It could be that the new MB should be neither Idris Jusoh nor Ahmad Said but someone else acceptable to all.

Anonymous said...

Dear NAS,
The news I got fr Trg is that The Sultan had a team sent to estimate the cost of Taman Hadhari .It was found that the cost is much less than the price mentioned.

The monsoon cup is another issue that people were upset about.The yearly expenditure of more than RM200 million spent is really a sheer waste of money after considering that no new facility been built after the the first phase.

The third issue is that ,Out of 22 ADUN ,they cant even nominate another candidate other than Idris.Why is PL so adamant about Idris being MB becoming the burning issue in Trg.Is there a system created by Idris whereby Khairy and Patrick interest is welltaken care of ,that no one else capable of doing except him.
To the people of Trg the event when PL left his officil car with Idris to join Patrick entourage while on official visit to Trg suddenly become all consuming image.

Considering the wastage so far people look at Idris and PakLah a team cooking up another PONZI scheme to siphon the money from Trg.

All in all, now that Idris dare to challenge the Sultan or His Authority ,it might as well crowned himself the King with title Maharaja Idris Hadhari Mahawangsa.....


Anonymous said...

Didn't Idris Jusoh say amidst great fanfare (in the MSM, mind you) that whoever was selected as MB, he would abide by the decision?

He was probably very confident of being appointed, hence the statement.

Sekarang, lain cakap pulak...

plaincitizen said...

If there is no honor for His Majesty in appointment of MB, then why should it be practice?

Boycotting His Majesty? That's a good practice from the "Government". What's next? BN appoint who fits to be DYMM Agong of Malaysia and State Sultan?



first and foremost, none of the issues are straightforward. nor cut and dry. this is politics, and malaysian politics, to boot.


shahbandarmelaka said...

Pihak istana buat report polis terhadap Pak Lah dan 23 Adun UMNO Trengganu Menderhaka Pada DYMM SULTAN,TRENGGANU HARI JAM 4 PTG,24 March, di Balai Polis Daerah Kuala Trengganu?
this what I received through my email:PERLANTIKAN MUKTAMAD: Adun BN Boleh Kemukakan UNDI TAK PERCAYA! - DR AZIZ BARI
Posted on Monday, March 24 @ 02:54:49 MYT by greenboc

Oleh Tamizi Mohd Jam

APA yang perlu dilakukan oleh semua pihak di Terengganu sekarang ialah akur dan menghormati keputusan MPPR yang melantik Dato Ahmad Said sebagai Menteri Besar yang baru.

Menurut, Profesor Dr. Abdul Aziz Bari (foto) yang mengulas tentang kemelut politik di Terengganu yang kian panas dan membingungkan, "betul atau salah sudah tidak penting lagi kerana tidak ada apa yang boleh dilakukan."

"Keputusan MPPR adalah berdasarkan kuasa budibicara dan ini ada elemen yang subjektif. Ia tidak boleh dipersoalkan.

"Lagipun Sultan tidak boleh dibawa ke mahkamah: Mahkamah Khas Raja-Raja cuma menangani tindakan peribadi. Perlantikan Menteri Besar adalah tugas rasmi".

Dr. Abdul Aziz berkata sebab itulah pihak-pihak yang tidak puas hati perlu diam dan jangan membuat hal-hal yang sia-sia.

"Menganjurkan tunjuk perasaan membantah tidak akan mendatangkan apa-apa. Mereka perlu menunggu dewan bersidang dan mengusulkan undi tidak percaya kepada Ahmad untuk menjatuhkannya", kata Pensyarah Undang-Undang UIAM itu lagi.

Beliau menambah komen dan kutukan Perdana Menteri juga tidak berguna kerana beliau tidak ada kena mengena dalam soal perlantikan di peringkat negeri.

Dr. Abdul Aziz menambah sekiranya Ahmad berjaya dijatuhkan melalui undi tidak percaya maka MPPR perlu melantik ADUN lain yang dirasakan mempunyai sokongan majoriti.

"Atau pun terus membubarkan dewan supaya pilihan raya boleh diadakan agar rakyat dapat membuat keputusan!"

Pakar Perlembagaan dari UIAM itu berkata dalam Perlembagaan Negeri – dan juga Persekutuan – ada peruntukan di mana ketua negeri boleh "memprorog atau membubarkan dewan.

"Peruntukan ini dinyatakan tanpa ada permintaan dari kerajaan yang ada. Saya fikir ini boleh digunakan oleh Sultan atau MPPR dalam keadaan seperti yang wujud di Terengganu sekarang".

Dr. Abdul Aziz menyatakan bahawa senario di Terengganu tidak pernah berlaku. Beliau menyalahkan ahli-ahli politik yang cuba menipu dan mengelat dalam pilihan raya.

"Ini menyebabkan timbul keraguan sama ada orang yang dikatakan disokong itu benar-benar menang dengan cara yang sah".

Sebelum ini timbul dakwaan yang pihak istana tidak senang dengan tragedi di Batu Burok dan kekecohan di Marang pada hari mengundi.

"Sebab itu saya fikir adalah wajar jika pilihan raya diadakan semula supaya satu proses yang bersih dapat diadakan dan keputusan itu nanti akan menjernihkan keadaan yang berlaku di Terengganu" tegas Dr. Abdul Aziz lagi.

Anonymous said...

now that the Terengganu MB has been confirmed, i am wondering whether BPR will take further action against `a former senior terengganu state exco' who was involved in corruption during the previous government's term ....

Mahautama said...

tak tahu mana nak poskan posting ini..just to say great to see you in person at the Sime Darby CC..walaupun tiada kaitan dengan Deris.

Mahautama said...

Balik..balik ..Deris..tak ada nama lain ke in Trengganu yang ada kelas dan prinsip. Deris dah " lusuh" ..dan buang saja. Btw, great to meet you in person at the Sime Darby CC.