Monday, March 10, 2008

Take Heed of Election Results: Mukhriz

In StarOnline:

PENANG: Voters in the recent general election have sent a clear message to the country's leaders, Umno Youth exco member Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir said at a press conference in Seberang Jaya here on Monday.

The Jerlun MP said the leadership should take heed of the election results, but he stopped short of calling for party president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to step down.

On Sunday, Mukhriz told foreign wire agency AFP that "I hope he (Abdullah) takes heed of that message and does the right thing."

Are you alone in this, Mukhriz?
You're one brave boy!


Anonymous said...

Mukhriz is definitely not alone! Its just that the Malays are too polite to air their displeasures...this has to stop especially when we are in such a crisis. Hence I would like to personnaly send my message...Pak Lah please gracefully make way for someone within the leadership to carry on with the struggle to redeem the lost.

KJ is apparently UMNO's liability and he is the major reason for the big lost. He was too arrogant, he sold the Malay soul, he sidelined senior leaders who for whatever reason seem to have no guts to criticise his wrongdoings! The damage is too much and is too costly. The Malays are now divided. Our special rights has eroded and in the next 10 many will there be Malays we recognise today? all means lead the youngsters to request our present PM to step down. Your father was a loner too when he faced Tunku but he did it ... I believe you too can do it. Please do it now.

Anonymous said...

Kak Ton please covey my message to Mukhriz (maybe through his sister Marina) Thanks

Anonymous said...

Yes, Datuk Mukhriz. Please lead us in asking Pak lah to resign. Many Malays will be back supporting UMNO if Pak Lah were to resign. Many Malays still sayangkan UMNO. They were forced to vote for DAP, PAS, Keadilan when UMNO was turned into KJ's domain.

Anonymous said...

To the Malay mindset, going out gracefully is not on. In fact there's no equivalent for the word "grace" in Malay. "Undeserved blessing" is taken to the letter: you don't deserve to be blessed with my position. "Biar putih tulang...." rather than dapat sakit akibat "keputihan" pada mata.

Many believe that it is the office or the uniform and not the person inside, hence the reluctance to relinquish borrowed power. They base this on seeing how in the golf clubs, the 'no-longer-in-power' are ignored when previously they had so many hangers-on.

Mukhriz may get lots of heat from the current hangers-on even though sometime in the future he may be lauded for his (actually not-so) brave comment to AP.

God is for ALL races so race-based politics is not something that He wants. We wre able to tahan for slightly over 50 years now. Dare we Malaysians tempt Him further...?

Fikir Sendiri

Anonymous said...

way to GOOOOO mukhriz. true blue his father's son, that one.

"Mukhriz is definitely not alone! Its just that the Malays are too polite to air their displeasures...this has to stop especially when we are in such a crisis."

or AFRAID of him? or the invicible hands perhaps?

many people asked me about this, what I can say, this is based on what is happening in Selangor, other state I just don't know, people are fed up with the government. or PM himself. I think he realises it too. And the last election, is a tremendously costly one. Forget about Kelantan, which is a stronghold. But Kedah, Penang and Selangor, the richest state in Malaysia? And KL, they can Thank God for sparing Putrajaya, but really, what's that to compared to the rest of the capital city of Malaysia. It showed Malaysian still hang the poor man on a loose string by giving him Putrajaya, as if mocking the BN govt.

I have to be anonymous on this Kak Aina, I don't have my shininbg armour to save me if just incase some SBs come knocking on my door....

fenway said...

Khairy must be sharpening his keris by now. LOL.

Hi&Lo said...

I beg to differ. Mukhriz had done it before. He was so gungho at one UMNO assembly hitting out at the top leadership, only to back down after a lashing from the Pemuda.

Couldn't recall the specific but it had something to do with TDM's allegation of money politics resulting in the latter's failure to get elected as Kubang Pasu delegate.

In reply to Anon8.42pm, even the late Tun Dr Ismail did not see the special rights of the Malays as perpectual. Not sure Constitution says special rights or privileges.

When you are adequately self-assured, special rights become irrelevant.

pamina said...


i stand with mukriz and tun. pak lah and khairy need to go. we dun welcome them anymore.

pamina said...

i think malays are sopan and berlapik enough. obviously some will take advantage of that, like pak lah and khairy.

nobody is alike except for their hunger for more power.

Anonymous said...

Umno, MIC and MCA are like three drunk men hanging on to each other. All three have fallen into the nearest ditch together.

Umno has made the Malays irrelevant under its caste system where the Umnoputras are like the Brahmins. The Chinese don't want AliBabaism and the Indians don't want leaders who are willing to take crumbs from Umno in order to betray them.

The Opposition parties are publicly pledged to ending racial parties and the racial politics of divide and rule. That's what the Indians and Chinese want to hear. The Malays too realise that the Umnoputras are making use of them as an excuse to enrich themselves at their expense.

Anonymous said...


From radio while driving what I heard is vice verse?
which is which?Confusing.
Sokongan penoh...blah...blah...
Well I suppose bad habits dies hard isn't it.
Is there a word name ethics in media journalism?
I suppose in the name of public interest is the usual defence isn't it?
Standard answer.

Mind set?

hmmmm...dificult to change I suppose.Any lesson learn?

Pleasedlah MEDIA stop manipulating.
'you can fool people sometimes but you cannot fool the people all the time'

I think we need a new ministery call 'KEMENTERIAN KOREKSI'

Anonymous said...


…Are you alone in this, Mukhriz?
…You're one brave boy!


NOT after the fact.

Give us a break.


Ayah said...

in am Malay culture, you don't push someone into a corner... you do it the right way.... the way Mahathir finally relented...

but, I personally feel, Pak Lah knows what is right...

Anonymous said...

Anwar Ibrahim capitalised on Hindraf's makkal sakthi (people power) street demonstrations and did very well for the Opposition. Makkal sakthi was the galvanising factor which captured the imagination of all Malaysians. Everybody jumped on the bandwagon after that and added all sorts of issues.

What does the results of the 8 March 2008 General Elections tell us?

The Chinese are concerned about the state of the economy and rising prices, education and equal rights. They are fed-up to the teeth with AliBabaism and see Umno as more Islamic than PAS itself in the wake of a spate of "body snatching" incidents of late, adverse Syariah Court rulings and kris waving incidents. This calls for an end to racial parties and the racial politics of divide and rule.

The Indians are concerned about Hindu temples, Tamil schools, the Tamil language, equal rights, rising prices and jobs in that order. They don't want leaders who accept crumbs for themselves from Umno and betray them. They also see Umno as more Islamic than PAS itself in the wake of a spate of "body snatching" incidents of late, adverse Syariah Court rulings and kris waving incidents. Now, they learn that Samy Vellu has never spoken up in the Cabinet on their aspirations, needs and demands. This was revealed by Mahathir himself on the eve of polling day. Again, this calls for an end to racial parties and the racial politics of divide and rule.

Both communities see a Malay civil service, Malay police and Malay judiciary under Umno. The Malay judiciary bends over backwards to accomodate Syariah law, lest they go to hell when they die, at the expense of the non-Muslims.

The Malays are concerned about remaining relevant in the era of globalisation. However, Umno's caste approach to politics where the Umnoputras stalk the land as latter-day Brahmins has seen a handful playing the race card and getting rich at the expense of the Malay masses. They are concerned about rising prices and want a more even spread of opportunities and don't see any benefits for themselves from the so-called special privileges. The Islamic fundamentalists among the Malays see the existence of racial parties and the racial politics of divide and rule as being against the very tenets of the religion itself.

The 8 Mar 2008 General Election saw a convergence in many areas of the interests of ordinary Indians, Chinese and Malays for the first time in 50 years.

Umno must blame itself for what happened to MIC and MCA at the polls. Umno cannot survive without these two parties in tow. Hence, the death of MIC and MCA will eventually mean the death of Umno. The party, unrepentant as ever, may be planning to make up its losses and buy time by expanding to Sarawak where it is not represented. Earlier, Umno pulled the same trick in Sabah.

Zawi said...

There is no point to ask Pak Lah to resign now. Ask yourself who will take over should he resign? Another BIG buaya lies waiting to fill up the void. Of all the top five leaders in UMNO only Muhyideen can be considered as the cleanest. Thats from my limited perception. Will there be a way for him to rise to the top? Let Pak Lah do his work as PM since he must have learnt his lesson now.
Another pressure coming in now is the decline of market capitalization of BSKL. Unless he manage to reverse the current trend of market rundown on BSKL, he wont last another month in office.
What Mukhriz should do now is to align himself to another top leader whose credibility is still intact. The one designated by his father isn't worthy of becoming the nation's next PM.

AWANG KING said...


warrior2 said...

You people forgot that the son cant go against the father. Like someone said before me, Mukhriz once tried to defend his father knowing very well that his position contradicts the stand of the movement of his.

IF he cant dissociate himself from his nyanyuk father, he is lost! Mahathir himself didnt do THE RIGHT thing when the BN lost quite heavily during his time.

The advice that mukhriz should have given was not to Pak Lah but to HIS FATHER i.e."SHUT THE HELL UP"!

Anonymous said...

I think the Malays should stop bickering and unite. 3 parties are one too many for us to do any good. UMNO needs to be relevant. Other parties have academicians and professionals at their helm. UMNO needs to appeal to young Malay professionals. I think there is only so much Pak Lah can do. You cannot undo the wrongdoings in UMNO that have perpertrated the last 20 years (I shall not name names). He conducted a fair election and paid for the price. Pity the grassroot Malays. To leave their fate to some bunch of opportunists. Anwar Ibrahim will definitely go down in history as pengkhianat bangsa Melayu. Whoever leads UMNO or PKR, please do not sacrifice the people for your own personal agenda.

Anonymous said...

On a parallel note.
MICs Samy velu was asked by the people to leave long before this election but he did not, stating that his presence was vital and all that.
Today MIC has lost two thirds of its parliment and state seats.
If he had stepped down just before the elections after picking the MIC representatives for the elections, MIC might have done better.
Somehow not just he but even the BN leadership did not see the INdian anger towards the injustices and fairplay towards them.
The resulting backlash in voting pattern towards the opposition was their message of Makkal Sakthi.
Insaf Khan.

frankie said...

Poor and disadvantage Malays has always been overlooked by UMNO. How do you explain after 50 years of merdeka and more than 30 years of NEP, there is still many hardcores Malay out there despite the many policies and many government agencies being set up to tackle this problem. Is the Malay too blind to see such happennings. The non Malays has no problem with UMNO or the government going all out to help these poor and disadvantage Malays but we do have a problem when seeing only the privelage and the elites benefit most from the bumi policies. It is like robbing everyone including opportunities from the poor Malays to enrich the already filty rich Malays. Since the non Malays are prevented to point this out, the solution can only comes from the Malays themselves. The sooner this is done, the better it is for the country.

I think I better shut up now. I apologise if I have tresspassed the boundary.

Anonymous said...

The media may be talking about "full ground support for the PM.." etc but numbers dont lie.

As we know, when the actual votes were counted, BN received only 51% of the votes casted. Take away Sabah & Sarawak, they got only 49%!

Less than half of the Malaysian voters support the ruling coalition. Call it what you may.. " we are only short of 8 seats to two third majority" etc, PM Abdullah, the reality is the time is over. Did you realize that Malaysia is faced with global competition and in need of strong, good governance to progress? And for many Malaysians, it is the bread and butter issues that are keeping them awake at night? When these are at stake, there are less tolerance for incompetence, croynism, corruption, crime, etc.

If you would just step aside gracefully and ask that the coalition party be renewed with more able and credible leaders, then maybe there is hope yet.

Anonymous said...

The country will continue to rot so long as KJ is around in the administration.

Pak Lah is not sincere when he say KJ does not influence him. Ask any high ranking government servant (as well as Ministers) and the business circle having dealing with the government, they will tell you how disgusted are they against KJ.

KJ is the main reason why the country rots, because Pak Lah is INCOMEPETENCE and KJ takes the whole advantage of the situation.

Therefore Pak Lah must do the honorable thing to step down so that KJ cannot be around anymore

Anonymous said...

Indian votes play the Kingmaker role in Peninsular Malaysia, not Chinese or Malay votes although there is a lot of talk about Chinese and Malay dissatisfaction. The Indians have been conveniently forgotten by the instant pundits-plagued media, again. The Chinese and Malay Opposition are just jumping on the bandwagon of Indian dissatisfaction and adding their own petty issues which detract from the core issue in the just concluded General Elections: Indian dissatisfaction with the BN. There is nothing the Chinese and Malay Opposition can do on their own without the support of Indian voters. Just as easily the Opposition won five states in Peninsular Malaysia, they can lose them again at the next General Elections if the Indians defect to the BN. That’s why Samy Vellu has pledged to stay on as MIC president and continue to soldier on. He knows. He knew. Even know, he’s plotting the destruction of the Opposition day and night.

It is not the Indians alone that are dissatisfied with the BN Government. Others are dissatisfied too. The difference is that the votes of the Others cannot make even an iota of difference at the polls against the might of the BN without the votes of the Indians. An Indian vote in a marginal constituency is worth its weight in gold compared with a non-Indian vote in an ethnic-majority constituency.

If the BN wants to win back the sizeable Indian votes in the 64 Parliamentary seats (BN obtained the Indian votes in only three Parliamentary seats), it must not touch the following in a negative way: Hindu temples; Tamil schools; and Tamil language.

It must not allow the Civil Courts to compromise the Federal Constitution by bending over backwards to accommodate Syariah Court rulings in an adverse manner against non-Muslims.

No snatching of non-Muslim corpses by claiming that they had secretly converted to Islam by reciting something in front of some people on their deathbed.

No bringing in foreign workers, legal and illegal, at the expense of Malaysians. Depressing local wages by using foreigners is also unacceptable.

The BN Government must rein in the Malay Police who are brutally engaged in a long running war with Indian youths. So many Indian youths have been beaten blue and black in police custody, and even killed, for no other reason other than their race. Has even one extra-judicial killing been investigated and the guilty punished?

The BN Government must make efforts to Malaysianise the Malay Police, the Malay Civil Service, the Malay Judiciary and the Malay Teaching Service. What will become of the Lingam tapes? There must be substance in the follow-up, not just form and cosmetics.

The BN Government must ensure that equal rights, as guaranteed by the Federal Constitution, are respected and honoured. Don’t drag in the question of special privileges (for the Umnoputras certainly) to deny equal rights to all.

The System must be for all, not just for some people. Contradictions, deviations, discrepancies and hijacking of the system must be eliminated. Government created opportunities must be made available to all, without fear or favour, and not just for some people only. There must be no discrimination or quota systems. The NEP, instituted in the name of the Bumiputera masses and the poor and socio-engineering, must go because it has been abused and abused enough time and time again to enrich the Umnoputras at the expense of all.

The Malaysian Prime Minister must behave as a Prime Minister for all races and not just for the Malays. He should never tell Indians to go and see some stooge of an Indian community leader when they have grievances to discuss with him. One day Badawi says he has big ears and the next day he refuses to meet with Hindraf leaders.

The Malaysian Prime Minister must stop saying things like: Melayu mesti buat ini, Melayu mesti buat it, Melayu mesti buat ini and itu, Agenda Melayu, ketuanan Melayu, perjuangan Melayu yang belum selesai, Melayu Baru, Islam Hadhari, incorporation of Islamic values, the Social Contract etc. These are things that should be raised by Malay community leaders and not the Malaysian Prime Minister.

The BN, Umno in particular, must stop bribing Indian community leaders with some crumbs to betray the community.

The BN must not insist on the MIC being the sole representative of the Indian community in the Barisan Nasional.

Finally, the Opposition can only ignore the Indian community at their own peril. Don’t take the community for granted and become complacent and rest on your laurels. Anwar Ibrahim is no magician. This man has never impressed me. He’s a shallow intellectual and political chameleon – Chandra Muzzafar is right - who jumped on the Hindraf phenomenon (makkal sakthi or people power) and did very well for the Opposition. He must be laughing himself to death at the utter stupidity of the BN leaders in handling the Hindraf issue just as he was laughing himself to death when he effortlessly went from ABIM leader to Deputy Prime Minster although he made a mess of every Ministry he headed and would have made a mess of the economy too in 1998 had not Mahathir stepped in and sacked him. Let the Indians have their rightful place in the sun or witness Malaysian politics going into a long period of uncertainty, swinging from one extreme to another, and finally degenerating into chaos, instability and economic ruin.

The Bumiputera community was the excuse for the NEP in 1970 in the wake of the searing Sino-Malay race riots of 13 May 1969. Today, the Bumiputeras have nothing more than the proverbial shirt on their back and have turned to Islam in solace. They were used and thoroughly used again and again since 1970 as an excuse to enrich a privileged few, most of whom have since gone bankrupt and bankrupted quite a number of state institutions too.

The Opposition, in power in five states, should not make the same mistake with the Indian community which has put them where they are now. True, Others supported too. But their votes would have meant nothing at all against the might of the BN without the golden Indian votes, the deciding factor. Just look at the way the votes went in the just-concluded 12th General Election. However, the BN has been wise enough not to publicly blame Indian voters for their electoral debacle.

Anonymous said...

cant you all see the truth? its what happened inside umno that brought umno down into the earth. You guys enjoy too much stabbing each other from behind rather than thinking about helping the rakyat...its time for you guys to enjoy the feeling of being losers!

Anonymous said...

If there is anything that should be said to anyone right now is "Shut the Hell Up" to Tun M.

Anonymous said...

I am not a political analyst and not sponsored by any party to comment. I don't belong to any party but I belong to this country. I have a vested interest that this country should continue to prosper and that any defective parts should be chopped off if they are a threat to the wellbeing of the nation. I have observed and learnt a lot by observing where we were and how far we have come as a nation. The GE12 is over and done, the people have spoken and strong messages have been aired and discussed. Can those who have been entrusted to run this country and be in Parlaiment on our behalf take heed and do the right thing? And the rest of us "arm-chair" politicians, stop badmouthing your own leaders, shame on us, the rest of the world must be guffawing their belly out! Why not instead think about how we can contribute so the elected representatives can get on with the job? You have good ideas, channel them through your MPs and wakils. Do not pass around second hand information without knowing head or tail of where it is coming from. There is much danger in that. Making baseless statenmets withit justifying why it is so is also irresponsible.

If any, now is the time when we Malaysians need to prove our solidarity by supporting our wakils. We would hope that they are about helping all Malaysians and not a select few and that the economic divide should be eradicated across all races. No more special treatment. The playing field is now about flat so no one should trip if they work hard enough.

Anonymous said...

Like father like son.....turncoat till the end......this is not the Tunku's era Mukhriz…tell that to your father….....another Mahathir this country certainly doesn’t needs a completely fresh new government that doesn’t do cronyism or corruption which is now permanently embedded in UMNO's constitution.....can’t one of VK Lingam's judges dissolve UMNO and put it to sleep for everyone's good.......

Azmi said...

GE12 has confirmed for us that our people are angry and not happy. Let's not pick on Pak Lah,lah,he is not a dictator. It is a collective responsibility of those in power.
Maybe he has bad advisors, who knows. But they ALL should take heed. And do the necessary. If the government of the day doesn't or wouldn't, then remember that the stronger than ever Opposition will do so. And if it means a change for the better, our people will lend their support. They also belong to this country and have all of our best interests at heart. Let's wish the new Cabinet the very best of luck ( they will need it) and the strength to work through the challenges ahead, for all of our sakes.
Btw, it is by coincidence that an old copy of "Off The Edge" landed on my lap. There is an interesting interview with Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim (Dec 2006 issue). Food and fodder for thought, given the current scenario....

Anonymous said...

Imagine what will happen in the next general election if the prime minister is still pak lah? what more if he appoint his son in law to the cabinet? PKR-PAS-DAP will be laughing their heart out.

a malaysian in riyadh said...

We the discerning voters were let down when a few not-so-untainted people were nominated. Let's hope the new Cabinet line up is not another huge let down.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina... YB Mukhriz is definitely not alone yes! Within UMNO definitely there are many..not so silent, Please read

Anonymous said...

Whatever, whoever, never mind. But please check the inflation. Don't let it runaway. Lower the rising cost of living. Create employment for the thousands of school leavers every year. Hunger is bad for all. The rising crime rate is also contingent on the government delivering on the above. And stop creating unnecessary tension among Malaysians in the mass media. The general election is over! When investments feel threatened they will pull out and Malaysia will crumple. Cant we see the world has changed and is changing fast - Black Obama may even be the US President. We must be like the Thais, Filipinos and Singaporeans using multi-racialism as a leverage and advantage to maximise our economic growth for all. Put our house (Malaysia) in order first if we are getting anywhere. Further disarray and sabotage won't help. Use the head not the heart!

Anonymous said...

Please check this link from SPR

Choose KEDAH, Parlimen and see the result for Jerlun:
Bilangan Pemilih: 37, 297

Bilangan Pengundi: 37,242

Peratus Pengundian: 99.85 (WOW! only 55 people in Jerlun did not cast their vote)

Majority: 2205.

Anonymous said...

Election dah selesai. Mari lah kami semua berkelak ketawa.

We all learn to laugh at ourselves and then together build a better Malaysia in the face of the tough globalisation.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Read Dr Farrukh Saleem's article. The writer is an eminent Islamabad-based freelance columnist.