Friday, March 21, 2008

Dr M Backs Ku Li's Call For EGM

The Former Prime Minister said today he supports the call by party veteran Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah for an emergency general meeting to be held to discuss Umno's weaknesses that led to its disastrous performance in the general election.

He said this at a Press conference after he launched "Managment Astray - Resuscitating Ailing Organisations", a book by the late Tan Sri Basir Ismail at Carcosa Seri negara in KL.

"I support his letter," Dr M said.

Ku Li had sent letters to Umno division leaders nationwide.

However, asked if he was backing Ku Li's move to challenge Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for the Umno presidency, Dr M said that should be decided at the EGM.

He said it would not be easy for Ku Li to get the minimum number of nominations.

"You need about 60 brave divisions," Dr M said. He doubts that Ku Li would get that number because Umno leaders live in a "climate of fear".

"When I came out and asked the president to step down for the poor general election results, not one Umno leader came out to support me. Privately and behind his back, they want him to step down," he remarked.

Dr M also suggested that the EGM discuss issues such as amending the Umno Constitution, the setting up a Presidential Advisory Council, comprising of advisers who are independent individuals.

He also agreed that the EGM could also discuss limiting the term of the Umno presidency.

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fenway said...

I am curious what is the real objective of Tun M for this call?

Can we not go back to 1987 & 1988 when Ku Li played the main role in the deregistration of UMNO and Tun M became widely known as the first PM who meddled in the judicial independence in this country? Remember our ex-Lord President, Tun Salleh Abas.

Kita semua mudah lupa kah?

With due respect, can't these 2 old gentlemen retire gracefully?

chin said...

Suddenly Tun M finds out that the UMNO constitution that he moulded is not fair. Who set the 60 division limit in order to qualify to contest? Who created the climate of fear vis a vis the president of UMNO among UMNO members? Who set up the machinery to to slam with a seldge hammer any sign of an opposition within the party? I can go on ad nauseam. It is none other than the Tun himself. As I said, you reap what you sow. Long live the TUN... that you may see more of the results from your doings.

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Anonymous said...

No body is perfect and is bound to make a mistake especially if they have a power.I,m sure at his age right now Tun M would like to rest but for the sake of nation's dignity he still stand up and voice his views. That is a real man and a real leader.Despite some of a negative things that he had done,there were lots of positive aspect towards our nation. Example KLIA, KLCC and control of price/ inflation ( by not acepting IMF). I was and still proud to have him as one of my ex PM. Even when I was at oversea for a few years last time, people out there had respect him on him and our country as well. I was proud to be a Malaysian at that moment. He had put our country on the world map and resist Zionist, America and Singapore influence.

zewt said...

to me... it appears that Dr M is trying very hard to ensure that Anwar dont make it... don u think?



you maybe right. Tun Dr M has made it clear that he does not think Anwar should be PM.

fenway said...

Zewt, that's what I thought too. Clearly, everyone has their own objective and purpose.

To Anon@1.05pm....of course we accredited Tun M for what he did to this country and its development. Especially his radical approach during the Asian Financial crisis in late 90s.

But irregardless, certain historical events could not be forgotten nor forgiven when they created such an impact to the country in every way. Read Zaid Ibrahim latest statement on the judicial crisis in 1988.

It just made Tun M less credible and less respected. I wonder what is his next move....his motives are too suspicious already.