Thursday, March 06, 2008

And The EC Chief said...

it's (also) a constitutional concern, said Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman, so the Election Commission decided that it's not a good idea to use indelible ink on polling day.


I'm wondering. Was the EC ever serious at all in enforcing that plan to use the indelible ink?
Was it announced just to please certain quarters?
Did they purchase the supply of indelible ink, at all?
Hmmm, my suspicions are very sneaky...

And you know why..

The constitutional interest which legal experts had advised on, should have been considered before a decision to announce the use of indelible ink was made.

Did they ever discuss the matter?

Doesn't it make you wonder?

And now everyone is angry. Well when I heard about the decision yesterday, I was not angry. I think I felt nothing. Perhaps so resigned was I that I was devoid of any emotion.
But when I heard the EC chief's statement, I know I laughed. Now I want to cry....

Aaah....but do they care?

Here's the story.

KUALA LUMPUR, March 6 (Bernama) -- The decision to cancel the use of indelible ink during the voting process in Saturday's election was not done solely on the advice of the police but was also based on the constitution, said Election Commission (EC) chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman.

Abdul Rashid said the police only gave their views in terms of the security aspects, but the overriding factor in making the decision was constitutional considerations.

"If we were to proceed (with the use of the ink), it could be deemed we are violating the rights of voters as we would be forcing them to undergo the ink marking," he said when interviewed on a special election talkshow aired by private television station TV3 Wednesday night.

He added that he very much wanted to have it used during this election but the legal experts warned against it on the grounds of voters' right.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan, who also appeared on the show, said police investigations showed there were certain quarters who planned to misuse the ink to create chaos.

The EC announced that it was withdrawing usage of the indelible ink Tuesday.


Zawi said...

It was not for nothing that they extended their services. Together with IGP and AG, they make a formidable team to stave off any opposition to this government.

Najah said...

I'm wondering what certain quarters have been plotting to use the ink to create chaos. If this is true, then the EC may be doing us all a favour. After all, the conspiracy theorist in me would imagine that the 'certain quarters' would have at their dispense a large pool of resources to work with in procuring the ink and getting the 'right' specifications in order to 'create chaos' with the election process...

I would imagine that if it was an opposition-related party, the story would be splashed across all the MSMs. But there's no story. Just a cancellation. I wonder...

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,
The most democratic country in the world,India with a hundred thousand kilometres of porous border ,a billion population and highly advanced computer tecnology to boot,still use this simple ink in their election.
It bother me that a silly excuse given by this Rashid and Musa fellow being swallowed by the general population hook,line and sinker.
They mean to tell us that no thought was given to this simple reason before they embark into it? These two jokers must be the simpletons who finally find their level of competence.Not much actually...just sejengkal!!


Anonymous said...

Asmk Nuraina,
I just wonder how many Malaysians really believe (deep in their hearts) at the explanation and so-called reasons given by the EC-Chairman, IGP and that AG-Patail. I was stunned too, reading the "breaking news" @ malaysiakini on that Tuesday afternoon. And he said that "The EC is extremely disappointed over the decision...." Huh!
I wonder what's the next surprise? By the way, suggest you highlight in your blog that malaysiakini is FREE from 4th-10th March for non-subcribers.

kbguy said...

Dk Husam already said, things not yet happen, and they already make assumption. If Indonesia and India can do it, why not Malaysia ? Who would be so stupid to let other people mark on their fingers. We have tv3, RTM etc.. to inform the rakyat to be aware. Why the sudden change ? Even our present ID have being cloned. Why didn't they stop implementing the ID ?

rational thinker said...

EC = BN.

BN = EC.

EC = Corrupted.

BN = Corrupted.

Anonymous said...

Since when did this imbecile Ra-shit bin Bullshit had given an iota of consideration to the rights of voters?

Let us all wear YELLOW T-shirts to the polling station come this Saturday 8th March. Let us revive the waves of yellow as our brothers and sisters had done in November 2007.

sbj said...

I started voting since 40 years ago and never once i gave my vote to opposition, GE12 i have no choice but to give my vote to BA because i really fed up with the way THE WAY rASHIT running the show. my wife and kids also planning to go for BA.
Ampang and Bukit Antarabnagsa you are sure of our votes.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what or how to feel anymore..

sembang-sembang said...

In his statement, he said the government has spent more than 2 million to buy the inks that will not be used because now only they realise that it will have legal consequences.
This government servants are always busy meeting until they forget what is the subject matter.
We should asked all of them to take a salary cut to pay back the 2 million plus ringgit to the Rakyat.
Perbelanjaan berhemat?
What kind of government that we are having?