Thursday, March 06, 2008

Have You Asked Yourself...

...what you REALLY want?

I'm not going to be original here. I mean, with just a little over 24 hours to go before voting centres open on Saturday, how original can I get?

I'll borrow from the Barisan Nasional who asked us over TV whether we want a better future for our children, a better life for our family, peace and security and a better Malaysia.
If your answer is yes, yes, yes and yes, then vote for the BN.

And from the Opposition (not on TV) they urge us to take that first step to make a change in this country, for a new dawn. Deny the BN a two-third majority. So vote for a strong opposition, they say. We'll also be voting against corruption and abuse.

Well, whoever you'll be rooting for, vote wisely and vote with your conscience.

Meanwhile, BN chief Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is confident that the coalition will "win big" Saturday (March 8), including in Kelantan and Penang.

(The rest of the Bernama story here.)

Others are not so optimistic (about Kelantan). Read this.


Abdullah said...

Better future under BN????

Are you serious my dear Nuraina or in jest? Don't make me puke.

peace and security under BN

Let's t not dishonour the dead, the raped, the kidnapped, the C4-ed, the stalked because of BN and its ineptitude. I hurts that BN can afford to use suvh words. I'm speechless.

Development under BN?

May be we tell that to the dead. It has taken us 50 years of slow move under BN to make Malaysia fail. No wonder BN candidates are bragging that we are better than Mynmar/Burma. Do we deserve that? Malaysia is the most unequal nation in development and income in East Asia. I can go on to list here one thousand reason but I beleive people have decided to make BN accountable.

Dear Malaysians, Malaysia needs you today more than even before. BN is the disease of the nation. Lets treat ourselves by choosing an alternative.

J.T. said...

All the best for March 8th.

Whatever the outcome is, hopefully it will be a new beginning towards fixing "broken wheels".


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Anonymous said...

Well, you only need to watch this 2 minute video for you to decide if you didn't before.

Old Fart said...

The Sun headlines Badawi asking voters to choose: Stronger Voice in Parliament OR Bigger Representation in Cabinet.

Let me deal with the second option. Bigger representation. Can I be cheeky here?

With 91% control over seats in Parliament we know the kind of representation in the cabinet that we see for MIC, MCA, Gerakan and the Sabah and Sarawak based parties. MIC, for Indians, MCA for Chinese, Gerakan, for who knows who and so on.

Ah, how to achieve "BIGGER" representation in cabinet than what is already is? BIGGER is not status quo right?

So Badawi has just promised to the voters the proportions for Chinese:Indian:Malay is going to improve for the Indians and Chinese at the detriment of UMNO. UMNO is going to be making some major sacrifice. Now all that we need is the UMNO warlords too to say that as well?

How else can Badawi achieve that "bigger" representation?

Old Fart said...

Aiya, shows you how bad my maths really is. Bigger could also mean a bigger cabinet right? So From 33 can go up to 66. That way there will be two instead of 1 Indian member in the cabinet. Or if you want to make it 3 Indians then we can have a cabinet of 99!!!

sesat said...

Happy voting Nuraina.

toyolbuster said...

The fact that this BIG EAR LIAR (gets bigger each time he lies) keeps mentioning Penang alongside Kelantan, is already an admission that BN is going to lose Penang. But what this LIAR doesn't know is that BN is losing Perlis Kedah and Trenggannu as well.



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