Tuesday, March 25, 2008

PM To seek Audience with King....

PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said he would seek an audience with the Yang DiPertuan Agong, who is also the Sultan of Terengganu.

"The matter needs to be resolved as soon as possible," he said in Kuala Lumpur.

Meanwhile, it was the first day at work for Kijal assemblyman Ahmad Said today. He begins his tenure as Terengganu Menteri Besar.

He was at the MB's office in Wisma Darul Iman in Kuala Terengganu at 8am today.

According to NST online, his supporters had gathered outside and there was a heavy police presence but there were no untoward incidents.

In one of his first statements as MB, he said he intended to continue the good work of his predecessor Idris Jusoh.

Here's the NST online report.


Dhahran Sea said...

AAB&CO is so desperate for control of Terengganu (wonder why not for Perlis?)... very fishy... especially now that RM1 Billion might be going somewhere else? Its a classic Islam Ada Hari... it seems to me that AAB is "hard working" for "someone" else, rather than having someone else working hard for him?

Frank said...


I don't see how the Palace will rescind its decision. The official letter of appointment has been made.

The swearing-in ceremony is only that.. a ceremony to confirm an already established fact.

The crisis could have been averted. The fault lies squarely with UMNO leadership and those advisers of Pak Lah. WHY?

The first blunder is for UMNO to treat the Post-election result as BUSINESS AS USUAL... which include adopting the same frame of mind as pre-March 8. Taking the Sultans for granted and not bringing into account the tremors caused by the voters.

The consequence of that is, the UMNO leadership simply chose their man thinking that the Palace will automatically endorsed it.

Such attitude did not take into account that the Palace may have concerns of the former MB and secondly for not reading the State constitution diligently.

If the UMNO leadership had walked away from its political arrogance of the past AFTER MARCH 8, the following could have taken place to pre-empt this PR disaster for UMNO viz a viz the Palace:

a) It is always correct to talk to the Palace BEFORE announcing the proposed candidate for MB and to hear out the concerns of the Palace. I believe UMNO leadership is aware of the rumblings of the Palace on Idris Jusoh, but chose to go head-on stubbornly with their candidate.

b) Once it is known that the Palace disagreed, UMNO should step back and review, firstly the concerns of the Palace and then to look at the constitutional framework of the State and the Federal and to see various sources on the legality of UMNO's own actin and that of the Palace. They call it SQUARING THE DOTS.

c) The result would have been different if that had been done:

- avoid confrontation with the Palace
- don't look like a fool on the legality and constitutional position of the Sultan.

The crisis, as KU Li said, it is a government crisis NOT a constitutional crisis.

I tend to hold the view that the State constitution is clear: The discretion lies with the SULTAN and only that counts ie who HE thinks has the confidence of the majority. The views of UMNO is irrelevanat as far as the Constitution is concerned.

UMNO can only fight it out when the State Assembly to either vote the confidence or lack of it at the newly appointed MM.

In other words the UMNO's recourse is through the State Assembly if UMNO disagee with the Palace, NOT by BYCOTTING THE CEREMONY, MAKING AGGRESSIVE REMARKS, BIADAB.

What makes it worse is that the Sultan is also the current Agung.

I think Pak Lah should have some heads roll in UMNO for the bad advice... two names come forth: the Sec Gen of UMNO, the Attorny-General and the political advisers in Putrajaya. Somebody's head must roll for Pak Lah to save his integrity in this matter.

sikapitan said...

Pak Lah made a mistake going on the offensive in the open. If disagree, use diplomacy. It's a bit too late isn't it?

But Pak Lah must also enquire why the Palace wants Mad Said. That guy's reputation is tainted with his previous actions even recorded in YOUTUBE!!!

pua kang kang said...

Now who is the penderhaka? Finally we see the true colours of Umno. They dont give a "fart" (pun intended)about Malays or their icon of religion and culture. At the end of the day its about protecting their interest and that they will do, no matter what one call it, biadap atau dipanggil hadap because they are hopelessly hardup...

Malay Women in Malaysia said...

Yes, there is more than meets the eye in this Terengganu issue.

Our King and Terengganu's Regency Advisory Council knew things that we don't know. I have faith that they are doing the right thing though.

Malay Women in Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Why didn't Ol' Sleepy Head think to do it sooner? He probably just realised that he telah menderhaka terhadap raja, and that he sudah terlupa one of the tenets of rukun negara (ta'at kpd raja).

To quote Ku Li: "The prime minister's actions suggest stunning ineptness in managing fundamental relationships and straightforward functions of government."

OnTheFence said...

i just hope Ahmad will keep what's good in Idris plan for Trg, e.g. the Imtiaz school of excellence, creative industry, cleanliness campaign and also the preservation of the coral reefs at redang.

warrior2 said...

Unlike Perlis where ISA had the majority support from the elected assemblymen compared to Sahidan, in Trengganu, it is the opposite. In Trengganu, Jusoh had the support of almost everybody and Ahmad none. THATS THE DIFFERENCE.
Lets get our facts correct.

I would like to think that AHMAD is not dumb. He persisted with his position knowing very well that his position is weak. I would term that act of his as being a pawn to you know who.

Mat Rempit Hubris,Carthage said...

Jalan Sudin,

Hey the link is to the Star-lah, not Nst.So did you accidentally typed the Nst but actually meant the Star? Or you actually meant the NST but accidentally link ke Star?

I ask becos i want to know if there is actually an Nst report on this.Ataupun Nst tak report. The Star punya report dah banyak kali dah baca.Nak tahu pulak slant Nst.



mat rempit hubris,

you are right! it is The Star link.

i'm not sure what was what..but yes NST did have the story.

thanks for pointing out the error.