Sunday, March 02, 2008

Getting Closer

just about 5 days to go before polling.

The last election, to be honest, I voted for "party". The only candidate I knew then was Keadilan's Sivarasa. I didn't know the other candidates.

But, it was a feel-good time. So I voted "party".

Although I live in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, I am not voting in this area because I registered using the address in my ID which is in Section 16, PJ (under Bukit Gasing state and PJ Selatan parliamentary seats).

This election, the BN is represented by MCA's Donald Lim (in PJS) and Gerakan's Dr Lim Thuan Seng (Bukit Gasing) while the opposition is represented by PKR's Hee Loy Sian and DAP's Edward Lee Poh Lin respectively.

I know (of) Donald Lim only because I used to work for a newspaper and, so I am familiar with political leaders and members.

Here's the thing, as a PJ resident, I know who Dr Lim is but I do not know Hee and Lee from Adam.
However, as a literate and educated citizen of this country, I searched for Hee and Lee in cyberspace and, of course, found stuff about them.

Like this.

I was not there at the "debate". But I sure can feel the vibes already.

True, I know of Donald Lim and Dr Lim but, frankly I have never met them. I have neither met Hee nor Lee.
So, actually, I do not know any of the candidates at all.

Be that as it may, the situation has not left me uncertain because I have asked myself several crucial questions and to which I found easy answers.

Piece of cake.

Makes it easy for me to decide who I'll be voting for.

I am so ready to "pangkah" the ballot paper.

Hope you are too!


semi-modern said...

My dear Nuraina,

I love how you put. I can read beteen the lines. To explain things in my poor terms and language, I would remind the voters that there is no good MP or candidate in BN. How? The fact however good he or she is, he will toe a line. That's not the BIG deal. The BIG problem we are facing is the Badawi controlled KJ. If BN does well in the elections, Badawi will brag that he is the one who is responsible. KJ, the de facto PM will rule us and lead us to ruin. The big issue is the UMNO elections which will start April from villages till UMNO President in August. So if BN does well, Badawi will even armtwist everyone not to challenge his position. So it will be uncontested. Then he will make Khairy Pemuda UMNO Chief uncontested and a minister to boot. You may say how can that happen. Well, it will happen because you are not dealing with sensitive, responsible people. All you need is to deny BN your vote. Even if an Imam is standing on BN, simply say no and you have saved yourself. Otheriwise, be ready to pay the price.

It is simple: No BN. Did you say and do that? Yes! Bagus

To understand more, pliz read Bakri Musa' captivating article here:

The Tale of the Rattlesnake

warrior2 said...

It is always easy to criticise and when you are not the ruling party you can throw anything at the govt who in making decisions, takes into account all aspects.

Sure the two BN candidates may not be the excellent kind but are the 2 opposition members excellent in the context of thier position of not having anything to do adn contribute all these while?

I have also made up my mind on my choice and it has nothing to do with "a rocket shooting an eye on the moon"

Anonymous said...

Any "knowledgeable" person will know BN will win, hands down, due to their strength at the "akar umbi level" - amongst who the next mouthful of rice to feed the family is crucial. But any "thinking" person knows that in order not to "menghabihkan bogheh" we cannot have too few Opposition members in Parliament. We need some brave voices of "dissent" to rouse the conscience of the government, to offer an alternative viewpoint, to really debate crucial issues. Not just to debate today's problems that need to be sorted out quickly so that we can focus our country's time and resources to other important issues, but also to play a key role in all matters of policy which would otherwise be passed by "YES-men and women" in the cabinet without thorough inspection. Yes, we should learn from history. This is not a time for denial and for optimism. We NEED a stronger Opposition. Less "yes-men" in the cabinet means the selected ones have to do more work, real work. Earn their bread and perks. Less time for hanky panky and self-servicing.

So how about it people? Let's not deny BN their projected win but let's put in more Opposition members into the action as well. Malaysia's assets are not just human resource in the ruling party, they are everywhere, probably better ones are in the Opposition (or not even standing for election!). Let's expand our scope and horizon in our search and effort to have a sound government. "Sound" does not mean the ruling party must have 100% of the seats. Neither does it mean we want the Opposition to have 100% of the seats! Honestly, I cannot visualise our new government comprising solely of the Opposition, not in the next few elections anyway. But let's give them a chance to learn the ropes and work with the government to increase effectiveness, transparency, etc. We need changes yes, but I don't thnk we are ready for a change in government. And I hope that once given the ropes, the Opposition will use them well to zero in and "lasso" all outstanding issues of concern and help the government of the day to manage them better. I really hope they won't get into s situation that once given the ropes, they (Opposition) start hanging themselves!
I am all for a stronger Opposition, and if the candidate wins, use him or her as your mouthpiece and action-buddy.
This is going to be one exciting election.....Selamat mengundi!
p.s- anybody emailed Pak Lah yet via the new government website? I am going to do so right after this!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

I'll sure to tick for BN...kahkahhh...

this was what Mob1900 taught me.

Hi&Lo said...


You are really good with angkuh bukan bererti ia, geleng bukan bererti bukan. :)

More impt to me than anything else is trustworthiness of the candidate. He's going to be my voice as well as yours and everybody else.

Am not going to easily abdicate my ownership of this country to unscrupulous politicians.

If a politician standing on a party ticket has no room for conscience, then we are only giving a blank cheque to the party to play god.

Who says any political party or individual is always right. If we give too much power to one party, there will be no check and balance resulting in absolute power, corrupt absolutely.

zaitgha said...

i am so ready to "pangkah" too he he as that would be one reason for me to go and breath KL air.....

love this short posting of yours.....

cheers and take care....

Anonymous said...

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The wind of change is sweeping across the land.

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Anonymous said...

Pictures tell better

Manifesti BN


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zorro said...

ENA...I hantam Donald Lim during a forum at st.francis xavier church when he said we were so much better off than burma. He was booed off the stage for you info. He is a wimp. edward Lee is deliberate in his speech, and he has championed many causes. visit his site at

Anonymous said...

Hah, Donald Lim who said, under the BN government, we have done so well that we're doing better than Burma. Huh???