Sunday, March 02, 2008

Let My Record Speak For Itself : Shahrizat

Barisan Nasional candidate for the Lembah Pantai parliamentary seat Shahrizat Abdul Jalil has asked voters in the constituency to choose the person who will work for them and the government.

She told Bernama in an interview that it was about choosing the candidate who had the backing of the government to collectively work for the well-being of voters.

Shahrizat called on voters to ensure the practicality of their choice, adding that the BN had been tried and tested for the last 50 years.

She said her record speaks for itself.

Shahrizat is defending the seat for the fourth time. She is in a three-cornered fight this time. One of her challengers is female and young -- 27 year-old Nurul Izzah Anwar, eldest child of former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim who is Parti Keadilan Rakyat advisor. The other is independent candidate Periasamy Nagarathnam, a former MIC member.

In her debut in Lembah Pantai in 1995, she faced Semangat 46 candidate Tun Salleh Abas (former Lord President) and won. In 1999, she beat Keadilan's Zainur Zakaria, a lawyer and in 2004 she beat Dr Sanusi Osman (Keadilan).

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You know what. I am glad I am not voting in this constituency.
The contest in Lembah Pantai is really between Shahrizat and Nurul Izzah.

Therefore, I'd have a problem marking an "X" on the ballot paper because I honestly like them both..
(Oh...why did Keadilan field Nurul Izzah in Lembah Pantai!)

I know Shahrizat is hardworking and she "turun padang" regularly to look into the problems of her constituents. She is a good wakil rakyat and one of the better Cabinet Ministers. She is.

Nurul Izzah? I've known her since she was a toddler when her parents used to visit Bapak on the first day of Eid.
She is not tested but I'd give her a chance because I think she deserves to be given that chance.

So you see why I am so happy I'm not voting in Lembah Pantai.

I know Shahrizat is the incumbent and strong in Lembah Pantai, backed by the party machinery.
I also know that she is not taking any chances and regards Nurul Izzah to be a pretty formidable opponent.

I think that Nurul Izzah will get a lot of sympathy and protest votes. much easier in my Bukit Gasing constituency.


fenway said...

Indeed. I too used to be a voter in Lembah Pantai and had always voted for Shahrizat. She is okay. Even during the 1999 election, I voted for her even though there was alot of resentments then due to Anwar scandal.

But now I have moved to first voting under this constituency. When I saw PKR's contender ~ Hee Loy Sian pamplet posted on my car windscreen, I am shocked and very disapointed. Is this who I am going to vote as an alternative for my disappointments with the mighty corrupt BN??????

And the potential ADUN contender PKR under Taman Medan? Who the hell is she? Nothing is known about her till now.

HujanRintik said...

what say you if you were to vote at p36, kt - where nenek maimum (local) is contesting against a bn rep (local) and a pas rep (don't know from where)

KerinchiGuy said...

You lucky lady, you! Not having to make a choice.

Me? Here on the'other side of the hill' ( with UOA development happening along Jln Kerinchi, soon to be called Bangsar South ) I am faced with a dilemma. SZT may have been tardy at times in her responses to women's issues in Parliament and she could have been more pro-active sometimes, but overall, her report card is commendable. And the NCWO is quite happy with her.

But then there is the SYT that is Nurul Izzah. And we have been exhorted to deny BN their two-thirds majority. So is it SZT or SYT?

Decisions! Decisions!
Well, we all have to make tough choices in life.

Zulkipli said...

Shahrizat failed. She can't preach to us that she visits the constituency. Why was she elected in the first place? To go and dance in Bangsar on end or what? Visiting the people is her duty and not a favour. Do you know Lembah Pentai has the largest number of Malay poor blind men and women sitting near mosques, shops and LRT points to beg people? It is a disgrace to the community. A Malaysiakini letter titled: “Shahrizat, why are some Malays still begging? highlighted that unfortunate reality today. Read it here:

On development issue, it doesn’t take the money of any MP for an area to be built or developed. People pay taxes and they must be served. Her language is the kind of samseng threats, much like that of Samy Vellu who is threatening the Indians that if they don’t support BN, they will pay the price. This samseng mentality will betray this nation. It says a lot about the cronyism of UMNO and Barisanputras. It means if you don’t pussyfoot UMNO, then woe unto you. No wonder we are failing as the world moves to a higher ground. Moreover, Shahrizat sold the dignity of Islam and Muslim women when she supported the passing of the Islamic Family Law (Federal Territories) (Amendment) Bill 2005 which undermined the status of Muslim women and the family institution. Most women and Muslim women NGOs protested including herself who by then said: “The uproar over this issue is symptomatic of the real problems affecting Muslim women in the country. Let this be a lesson to all concerned to not trivialize issues involving the rights of women.” (Dec 23, 2005)
She then went on to say that her ministry had earlier objected to almost all the clauses of the Bill, which discriminated against women (Dec 25, 2005). She later went on to vote to support the bill. Why? “They are free to debate and speak their minds, but when it comes to a vote they have to follow the party line, said Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Nazri Aziz, (BBC, Dec 22, 2005). No wonder Khairy told on his nomination day: “The role of a backbencher is one that not only supports the government but also questions certain government policies and ministers if they feel the policies and legislation is questionable as far as the people’s welfare is concerned. Of course at the end of the day, party discipline must trump any other consideration and when it comes to a vote there must be a whip on discipline and you must fall in.” It reminds me of the comedy court “election video.”


This fear mentality is what UMNO has perfected; a heartrending mentality of planting defeatist culture in the Malays in particular and other races in general so that people don’t ask critical and provoking questions, so that people don’t look at the other side and compare. That’s why MCA is employing UMNO tactics on the Chinese. “Remember May 13”, goes their campaign. “You will pay the price” says Samy Vellu. “You have no choice, no alternative, no option apart from UMNO”, repeats Khairy. Well, some of us want to pass the fear mentality’s threshold. We want to try. “Don’t gamble”, says Badawi. My dear, we gambled when we chose you. What’s more to gamble about? Nothing! “UMNO is completely paralyzed”, says Dr. Mahatir. And knowing that the Khairies, Nazris and the Hishamis will take over later, Tun says “they are a disaster.” In this case, we would move to a higher ground before the deluge. A good man builds dykes before the rainy season, says a Somali proverb. We pray for the best and Allah’s guidance for He knows the best.

My report card: Shahrizat didn’t do wonders for anyone, and neither did she spend her personal fortune to help the blind and the poor Malay men and women of Lembah Pentai. Those who did like Zaid Ibarhim and spent their personal wealth to help the less fortunate were axed because they were not good in pussyfooting. Those who were retained who are good “men” and “women” who clap for the “tunnel” and “bocor” culture thus besmirching the image of the community and Islam.

mekyam said...

To those having a hard time deciding who to vote, here's a suggestion:

The most important thing is to decide what is more important to you:
1) to deny UMNO/BN a 2/3 majority, or
2) to vote for a good candidate, regardless of political affliation.

If you opt for #1, you don't really have a problem. Unless you're in YB (Yang Butch) Azalina's constituency, all you need do is pangkah anyone (or anything) BUT the BN candidate.

If you choose #2, then you have to do a bit of homework lah. You'll need to check the track records of all the candidates to make a calculated choice.

You have one week left. If you don't want to lose sleep, just go for #1. There you go, easy-speasy!

Anonymous said...

My family and I are voting for Shahrizat in Lembah Pantai.

As long time residents here, we know that a good performer like Shahrizat cannot be let go.

It's more practical and business like to vote for what is proven and can be used. In this fast moving environment, we have to select the best working choice. There is no room for taking chances and wait for another 5years if we're disappointed.

Those people who instigate to vote on party line is very inconsiderate of the people who vote in particular constituency.

I've nothing against your fresh idealism, Nurul Izzah. But my Warren Buffett logic tells me otherwise.