Saturday, March 29, 2008

All's Well That Ends Well.....

Kijal assemblyman Ahmad Said will be sworn-in as the new Menteri Besar of Terengganu before its Regent, Tengku Muhammad Ismail Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin, at Istana Maziah in Kuala Terengganu at 9am tomorrow.

Bernama quoted Comptroller of the Terengganu Royal Household Mohd Yasim Awang as saying that the ceremony would only involve the menteri besar’s post.

Mohd Yasim also said that all the assemblymen (including from Pas) and heads of government departments had been invited to attend the ceremony.

Ahmad, 51, was to have been sworn in on March 23 but he only received a letter of appointment from the State Regency Advisory Council.

Dispute and controversy surrounded the appointment of the Terengganu Menteri Besar because Jerteh assemblyman Idris Jusoh was re-appointed to the post by Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi while Ahmad was the Terengganu Sultan's choice.

The dispute over the appointment heightened with Abdullah declaring that Ahmad's appointment was "unconstitutional" and 22 state assemblymen threatening to resign if Ahmad was sworn in as MB.

The PM brought himself to be pitted against the Sultan who is the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

Ahmad was also threatened with disciplinary action for "disobeying the party leadership" in accepting the appointment from the Sultan.

Abdullah had also sought an audience with Sultan Mizan. They met but their meeting was hushed-up and went unreported.

And before we knew it, everything was "kow-tim". Ahmad Said, the "unconstitutionally appointed" MB is Menteri Besar, after all.

Meanwhile, it was reported (by the Star) that some 25,000 people gathered outside the Sultan Mahmod airport this morning, and on the road leading to the airport, to welcome the Sultan.

Here's the report:

He arrived at the airport at about 10am. He was greeted with shouts of “Daulat Tuanku” (long live the king) and some among the crowd donned yellow attire and tied ribbons of the same colour on their vehicles in support of the King.

Tuanku Mizan waved to his subjects while making his way from the airport to Istana Maziah with the Regent of Terengganu.

The huge crowd also caused a bottleneck at the city's major bridge leading to the city centre which was choked with vehicles heading towards the palace.

Among those who gathered to greet the King were the 22 assemblymen who were earlier embroiled in the Terengganu Mentri Besar crisis.

State Umno Liaison committee secretary Datuk Rosol Wahid when met said all 22 Barisan assemblymen will be present at the swearing-in ceremony at Istana Maziah, on Sunday.

“We respect our Ruler and will be at the palace tomorrow,” he said.

Former Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh was not present at the airport and it is learnt that the Jertih assemblyman's home in Kampung Tok Has, Besut, was swarming with thousands of supporters who had been camped there since Friday.

An aide said Idris is still resting at his home and will not make any comments for now.

All's well that ends well?

You think the 22 assemblymen will say sorry?


Anonymous said...

ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL .... does that also mean that the ACA investigation on an ex senior terengganu exco alleged corruption case to be closed ??

Starbug said...

Those 22 rascals should be taught a lesson for their treason. Idris should not be forgetten as well, as he should be solely be answerable to all the mismanaged 'black gold' funds.
The show will definately get more interesting by the day.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

It's not over until it's finally over
We are still watching the scenario in transition
With some nagging doubts over our heads hover
When there are still some matters danglng with tradition

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 300308
Sun. 30th March 2008.

Fadhil said...

Puan Nuraina,

I don't think the 22 assemblymen will say sorry. Instead, I think they'll say that they were forced to sign the letter supporting Idris...

And will Rais Yatim be saying anything too? Someone has suggested that we send a sack of `nangka masak' to his house...

Anonymous said...

I think the ACA case will continue BUT for sure no one guilty.

The New MB is now very much possible to open more cases especially on the disbursement of "wang ehsan".

Mari kita lihat "wayang UMNO"

Anonymous said...

Wang Eh what? think all those helicopter rides and champaign are cheap ah...

Anonymous said...

Just open a can of wriggly dirty worms... Idris and his 22 merry man.

Strip all those jokers Dato Ship or whatever titles given and then Charge them for TREASON.

Teach these jokers a lesson that they will never forger for the next 5 generation.

Send them all to NATIONAL SERVICE of Senior Citizen for the duration of 6 months. At least Rosmah will benefit from this.


Wak Segen said...

While Idris can built another replica. A replica of the DUN Trengganu building in his house compound.He can also renovate one of his rooms to be exactly like the MBs office.
Then he can spend the rest of his life pretending to be MB.

hehhhe.. jangan mareh...

malaysianminx said...

it just gets more interesting by the minute...!

Anonymous said...

The gutless 22 will do whatever is expedient and is instructed by UMNO central. Self preservation is a key trait of politicians of every creed and color.Do we really care what they will say?

Roslina said...

Nuraina - your description of All's Well that Ends Well is very appropriate. Did you know that that particular Shakespeare play was difficult to classify? Some deemed it to be a comedy whilst some insisted it to be a tragedy. Isn't it similar to the position that the we see the government is in now? The hero, Bertram's feelings for Helena switched drastically from hatred to love in the finale - much like the 22 ADUNs. Stay well - I enjoy reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

Honestly and actually, I dont think the 22 will say sorry, I really believed that they will resign, how stupid of me...why did pak lah agreed, afraid of being asked the full accounts of the billions he squandered?

Anonymous said...

Fadhil,we should not be sending 'nangka masak' to Rais Yatim.Instead we should send him 'nangka busuk' and drop it on his head so that the next time he will think first before he says anything stupid! To quote favourite sentence by late Rambo of Jangan Ketawa show,"Bolo punya orang!"...that's what Rais is.

Muizzudin said...

salam kunjungan

Sam Tam said...

Since when has UMNO members (especially senior members) know how to sincerely, unequivocally apologize for anything??

The 22 will already have learnt from their seniors - no forthright, from the heart apology can be expected from them.

Anonymous said...

Very disappointed could not find any pix in NST. Reflection of NST's misdirection?

Anonymous said...

Ena, I think Ahmad Said can forgive all the 22 but he will never forget what they have done to him.
I don't think the issue will be swept under the carpet. The are a lot of issues are not answered. People in Tengganu will not forget and forgive.

Reza Zainal said...

I am a fan of your blog. I have written to our Minister of Information regarding your good and excellent work and published it in my own blog. Hope you can read it.


artchan said...

Thye will not say sorry..they will blame AAB for misinforming and misleading them, they will even bl;ame their mothers..then they will swear allegiance to the palace..all becos they are spineless hypocritical pigs who cannot forego the glamour of YB..even if eats into their conscience. How can someone with this flip flop behaviour espouse the needs of the rakyat in the DUN if they cannot even stand up to their own decisions. yes..the mother of all "flip flops' also must not go unpunished for challenging the Palace.

Yes the born again Minister Rais...treacherous you are. You would have done well to solve the issue...but you add fire. Are you doing that to bodek AAB for giving a Minister's post. if that is the will also sell your mother if need be?

Hi&Lo said...


Just an aside, your blog will hit a million mark very soon. It has become my hobby to check on your blog's growth rate. The 1st thing I do upon opening my internet is to check your site meter.

Yesterday at 1345 hours, it's reading was 529,258. Today at 1410 hours it stood at 540,497 which is approx 11,239 hits within 24 hour.

Anonymous said...


May I add Bro Fadhil: Nangka Masak inherited from his previous Ministry. Being very close to AAB, he could have shouted more productive messages to avert the present political crises. Someone said his name was left out from the nomination list, but a private visit brought his name back in the final list. Patut eh citola apo salah eh momando montori kito tu dari awal tok supayo takdo la gawat ni haaaa! Apo yang kito nak ponting an ni haaa! Bangso ko poghut kito?


Anonymous said...

Dr. Rais's blunder is that he likes to sound dominant not at the right time. After being NS MB for one term and later called for Federal duty, he chose Mat Isa to take over the post, instead of Dr Rashdan Baba's brother (who is also a lawyer like him and of course may lawan tauke) because he thought that Mat Isa being an ex-teacher would listen to his instructions better than a lawyer. The result is that although NS is very close to Klang Valley, but we see its development 20 years behind time. Apo nak kato, montori gilo kuaso!


Anonymous said...

Lets not forget beside Ideris and the 22, the Pemuda, Puteri and Wanita UMNO of Terengganu all also voiced out their non support for Tuanku's choice. I would not let this group off the hook easily for their kurang ajar-ness to Tuanku. What surprises me is the Ketua2 Pemuda Puteri and Wanita didnt say anything.What sobs...

I hope MT UMNO will do the right thing and properly discipline this group kaw kaw.

Raja Hanim