Thursday, March 13, 2008

DAP Apologises.....

Perak DAP leaders have defied the directive by the party's central executive committee to boycott the swearing-in of PAS' Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin as Menteri Besar.

State DAP secretary Nga Kor Ming said the party's elected representatives will be attending the ceremony scheduled at 4pm at Istana Iskandariah in Kuala Kangsar.

Read the Star story here.

Meanwhile, party advisor Lim Kit Siang has apologised for his statement yesterday that the party's CEC was protesting the appointment of Perak PAS liaison secretary Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin as Menteri Besar.

Lim said his three-paragraph statement at 7 last night that the DAP CEC emergency meeting on March 9 had not given approval for a PAS Menteri Besar to head a Perak coalition state government was not made out of disrespect to the Perak Regent whom he had always held in the highest regard.

"I apologise for any offence caused," he said in a statement today.

He said the statement issued yesterday was made based on the DAP's position at the time.

"There have been further discussions and developments on the matter in the hours after the statement.

"Announcements of the latest position will be made," he added.

Last night, Lim, who is MP for Ipoh Timur said that the party was shocked over the decision.

He said the party's central executive committee had given approval for the formation of a Perak coalition government headed by DAP or PKR but not by PAS.

As a result of this decision, Lim instructed all its 18 state assemblymen to boycott the swearing-in ceremony today.


ayang said...

Apologize or not, that's the true color of DAP. That's the FACT. What they are trying to do now is to camouflage themself, just to gain Malay support, to win votes, because they knew without the malay support they will not win that comfortably.

Call me racist, but DAP is the Father of all Racist!

Anonymous said...

Just a matter of time the DAP(? PKR) will ask:-
1. Why shouldnt an elected non- Malay/Muslim representative be the MB?
2. Why shouldnt an elected non- Malay/Muslim representative be the PM? (Now that we already appointed Deputy non-Malay/Muslim Deputy CM/MB, when will be the appointment of a non-Malay Deputy PM?
3. This is Bangsa Malaysia, all races have equal claims to its history, culture,language, traditions and power.

Anonymous said...

The damage is already done..leaving stains in our heart

Zainal A. Kasim said...


Shall we now celebrate because he has apologized? I agree with ayang that "DAP is the father of all racist".

Orang Melayu segeralah sedar dan kembali bersatu.

ARK III said...

ayang said...

"Call me racist, but DAP is the Father of all Racist!"

Correction. I believe that honour goes to your beloved UMNO.

Yes, DAP is wrong and they had apologised since. Could you expect the same from UMNO?

Barisan Rakyat to the rescue!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with u ayang..that's the true colour of this so called Malaysian Malaysia DAP...bloody racist and anti-islam.

Lain kali kalau cakap Melayu racist, tengok batang hidung sendiri kat cermin...

mansor jamal said...

How can you say he racist. He supported the notion for a Malay MB, not a PAS MB. Please learn how to read before your outburst!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cakap bahasa malaysia pun tunggang terbalik. mcam mana tu....

warrior2 said...

I can understand the position of DAP. They won the most number of seats and yet couldnt be the MB. They have no problem with the no 2 in the Q but then No 3 got the post. It is a matter of principle which must be upheld and precedent cannot be entertained because it will be dangerous in the future.Thats thier position I believe of which I can totally relate to.

Now with regards to anon 1.31pm, I am also begining to think why not? If malay voters in Perak voted for DAP which resulted in 18 of them won thier seat, they should bloody well understand that they are responsible for the possibility that we may have a DAP chap (it could be chinese, malay or indian but most likely a chinese) becoming the MB. This could happen in any state.

Dont anyone of these voters dare to say that "oh no our votes of confidence on the DAP does not extend to them becoming the MB"

AT the national level, if malay voters chose DAP and they got many parliament seats , why not a DAP (chinese or Indian) PM? If you need to change the law/consti, why not?.

These are questions that malay voters need to ponder. You have voted and now you must accept the various consequences which may arise

Anonymous said...

I refer to what ayang said.

Cool it bro. You've got it wrong.

Uncle Lim is not against the Malays. If he was, then he would not want PKR to take that coveted post of MB too. He just didn't want it to go to PAS, due to ideological diffferences. If you say DAP is the father of all racists, then do you mean all the members of DAP are racist? It won't register, bro. Let us not generalize. Please do to others what you would like others do to you.

Of course, you don't have to vote DAP in future. But whom do you rather vote? PKR? PAS? UMNO? Maybe, it is better to go back to the days of UMNO-rule where this kind of conflict would never ever happen.


Anonymous said...

Who is a racist?

A racist is someone who denies someone his rights. Racism and poverty are the worst forms of violence against human beings.

Just ask yourself: Who has been practising and perpetuating racial politics in Malaysia over the last 50 years?

It's certainly not the DAP.

Let's get past the stage where we see all Umnoputra problems as national problems, Malay problems as religious problems, Chinese problems as racial problems, Indians problems as no problem, and the problems of Others as "what problem?"

DontTrustPoliticans said...

And now, after DAP, PKR wants to boycott the Perak EXCO allocation.


Suruh rakyat bersatu.
Kamu semua bercakar

Anonymous said...

Before 1999 I voted for BN
1999 for BA...lost
2004 for BA...lost
2008 for BA/BR...TSUNAMI!!

Suddenly Kit Siang and team showed their true colour!

Maybe...safer with the BN next time!!

Anonymous said...

come on..u people got to be joking:) i have never seen a country with such screwed political system. If the party wins the majority seats, shouldn't they hold the highest post?

It's like winning the 100m olympics gold medal but the gold medal is given to the runner ridiculous and absurd. If the people didn't want DAP to hold the highest post then why did the people vote for DAP in the first place? Vote for PAS,BN or PKR then.
This ridiculous situation only happen in ridiculous country because they have ridiculous "people".

Anonymous said...

Ayang I think you are all wrong! DAP didn't reject malay as Perak MB. They wanted a malay muslim frm PKR. Mind your words. Do not ever involve racial in all this problem.
Look at what happen now. Even PKR is not happy with the nomination of PAS as MB.
Read malaysiakini.

And stop being racist. UMNO is the father of Racist I shall say and guess everyone agree with me.

By Idris.

jhazkitaro said...

As a conclusion, Lim Kit Siang n his party has shown their true colours. 'Malaysian Malaysia' my ass. What they actually want is 'Malaysia for Chinese' like what happened to Singapore. We shud be aware about this n dont do the same mistake like we did by 'pangkah'ing DAP. I rather pangkah BN in the next GE eventhough I'm pro-pembangkang.. enuff said

Anonymous said...

After reading all those "contributions" from readers in the various blogs, one can come to the conclusion that Malaysia is in a hopleless situation. They can't get over this race thing. They like to call others racist when in fact they are not much different. They can fight until the cow comes home, and your competitors are marching ahead with full steam into globalization. Just look at your little neighour. They are way way ahead of you in many respects. You can go on fighting for racial supremacy and in the end devour one another and what is left are the crumbs to fight for.

What a bunch of losers! Have you heard about the story of two bears fighting over a piece of meat? In the end, they were all coned by the wily fox, who ate all the meat.

Wake up from you deep slumber and work together instead of tearing each other apart. Many have lost their souls in their pursuit of power.

I doubt all these will ever happen in Bolehland. They are too entrenched in this race thing. Somehow they don't treat each other as a human being. Unmentionable names have been thrown at those they perceived, whether rightly or wrongly, as racists. God will hold you accountable for your utterings,
if ever you considered yourself as God fearing.


stupidmalaysia said...

If you read Raja Petra's analysis. It seems PAS jumped the gun before the Regent announced his consent.
So that move by PAS, put everyone on a defensive.
The 2 parties had to quickly make a statement. Also, as tony pua has mentioned, MB holds immense powers in the state, so starting off on a strong footing is crucial.

Let's see how it plays out. 50 years of BN racial conditioning is a hard paradigm to break overnight.

Anonymous said...

I think some of the malays here have jumped into conclusion too quickly. Yes i agree LKS is wrong this time but how can that be considered racist? he is only against a PAS member being the MB. If you call that racist then aren't the malays the kings with preferential treatment given to them in this country? besides, UMNO has been making all sorts of hurtful statements to the chinese and indians as they wish.

And, as far as i know singapore is a fair country. even my indian friends say that. In singapore u compete with everyone else, hard working people will mostly succeed, whereas the lazy will be cast aside. this is not directed only at malays but everyone. So who's fault is it?

People, please think deeply before you speak...

warrior2 said...

hmm, Singapore, fair country, hmmmm -- lets count how many malay and indian ministers, how many in the top civil service bracket, top position in the defence force, in ...................................................

two-face said...

anon 5.56

In 1999 GE, UMNO won more seats than Gerakan but who got the CM post? UMNO made way although the pressure by the Penang Malays was tremendous.

That is wisdom, cooperation and stability!

Going by your logic, BN should be the CM because they have the biggest number of seats in the Perak state assembly. The BR coalition is technically and legally not a party. DAP and PAS can't even work together without PKR as a bridge. DAP as a matter of party policy cannot and will not cooperate with PAS.

You tell me now, in that context, who are ridiculous?

Anak Malaysia said...

How is Lim Kit Siang a racist or an anti-Muslim when he was happy and agreed with the nomination of a Malay-Muslim PKR candidate?

So mereka yang tuduh dia tu racist tu boleh tolong explain tak fakta yang di atas ni?

Tolonglah pikir bebaik skit ya, jangan ikut perasaan saja.

Anonymous said...

Minta maaf dengan Sultan zaman sekarang ni melalui blog ya?


Anonymous said...

I'm really surprised that LKS made the remark especially when Barisan Rakyat has just started something. However, let's not forget that each party started on a different ground and ideology. If you said that LKS is a racist, i remembered vividly that there was once a case in Melaka where LKS and his son helped this underage malay girl who was forced into intercourse with the MB at that time. Correct me if i'm wrong, because of taking that action, Lim Guan Eng was detained under ISA as well.

Btw, if you look at the 2008 election, you will realise that there was no time to mingle around between the barisan rakyat parties as everyone was surprised that the Parlimen was dissolved the next day by PM although he gave assurance it would not.

Anyway, if you ask a non-malay, they will say that umno is a racist party (remember the keris wielding with chinese blood bathe on it) ask a malay, and they will say that DAP is a racist party although the party has indians. Hmm, if that's the case, umno, mic and mca are all racist party since they all fight for their own kind.

What i'm trying to say is, everyone is trying to adjust themselves, and the press is not too kind especially they are focusing on finding Barisan Rakyat mistakes. However, on the issue of the Terengganu's MB, no one said that it's racist and although the issue happened some time back on Malaysiakini and Malaysia today. The mainstream press only publish the news these couple of days.

Lastly, if only we start respecting other views, we can start respecting ourselves. In my humble opinion, give every alternative party a chance, stop calling them racist for once (it really helps)... remember, 'Rome was not build in a day'... and i believe in one bangsa... 'Bangsa Malaysia'