Monday, January 14, 2008

A Very Bad Morning....

I must apologise to the young lady at counter 7 of the third floor (bahagian pekerja asing) of the Immigration Department at Pusat Bandar Damansara.
This morning, I snapped at her. Which is something I had never done to any counter clerks at the immigration department, only because I had never faced any rude ones.
And this young lady was not rude. In fact, she knew her job. Perhaps better than her immediate superiors.
It was just that she was beginning to assume that typical government counter clerk's "I don't have time to deal with your problem" tone on me when handling my "transaction" today.

This episode today had to do with my application for a work permit for my new maid.
You see, everything was in order. Or so I thought.
Let me also say that this morning was my third visit to the foreign workers' division of the Immigration Department since my maid arrived here last month.
And certainly, will not be the last.

I have been unlucky to have been referred -- twice during separate occasions --to two low-ranked immigration officers who were incapable of making decision on the status of my maid's work permit application.
And these officers, sadly, happened to be female.
To me, they might as well have remained counter clerks.
During both (separate) occasions, these officers were not able to assess my application on a "case-by-case" basis.
The first time was in 2003. When an officer I was referred to, could not resolve my simple predicament, I was faced with a "road block". Any decision she could have taken to enable me to proceed with my application would not have broken any law in the country.
Still, she was not able to make decisions beyond the cut-and-dry slip-ups. Anything beyond that was incomprehensible to her.
So I had to resort to asking my immigration department contact to help me which is something I was always hesitant about doing.
My contact was a little surprised that I was faced with a road block so he willingly helped.
(Still, to this day I think it was so unnecessary that I had to resort to asking for help from an "orang dalam")

The second "encounter" with another low-ranked female officer (she was a supervisor, actually), was on Dec 31, 2007 when I was going to have my maid's work permit stamped. That, of course, did not happen.
That became my predicament and explains my 4 exhaustive visits to the Indonesian Embassy to have my maid's passport extended.
That in itself was a problem because I had to explain to the Indonesian Embassy officer why my maid's still valid (it expired November 2008) passport had to be extended in order for her to get her permit (which expires December 2008) issued and stamped in her passsport.

Apparently, the immigration department will not issue an 11-month work permit (instead of the normal 12-month validity) for first-time work permits such as in my maid's case when the expiry date of her permit would have exceeded the expiry date of her passport.
For first-time maids, their work permits will be effective from the day of their arrival in this country.
In my maid's case, she arrived her on Dec 3, 2007.

And apparently, the Indonesian Embassy does not extend the expiry date of valid passports.
My maid was instead, on January 11, issued a spanking new passport which expires in 2010.

I have never relied on any third party to deal with this. All these years, I have been doing it myself. And this has been since they first started legalising illegal immigrants in 1991.
So, this is familiar ground to me.
And I thought for immigration officers too.

When my maid got her new passport, I was pleased but was a bit sceptical about the Malaysian immigration side.
I sensed that the immigration department would still find something amiss because her old passport, under which everything was applied with regards to her employment, was now invalid as it had been cancelled.

I knew somehow that something was not right but I could not pin point what it was.
Would I have to re-apply for her permit all over again?

I was at the third floor of the department in Pusat Bandar Damansara at 7.45am today. I immediately took a number (4003).
At 8 sharp, the counter opened. The first number was 4001.

In less than 10 minutes, I was called. So far so good, I thought.

I told the young lady what I was there for, handed my maid's old and new passports. She looked and flipped through the passports, and asked again what my application was for.
I explained. She finally understood but said that she could not issue the permit because my maid's medical report was under the old passport so I had to go to Fomema....
I told her that her medical report was made when her old passport was still valid so, couldn't they....
That was when she began to assume that, er...unpleasant tone. And that was when I snapped and told her that all this should have been told to me that day on Dec 31 2007 when I was asked to make that RM100 special passs to extend her one-month temporary visit pass, that day when I could not obtain her work permit and was asked to extend the validity of her passport.
You know, so that I could have got the Fomema thing settled before coming to the immigration department.

Sensing my exasperation, she said very gently that I should see "the pegawai" inside because, really, there was nothing she could do. I suppose that was the only other option.

Aah..the same "pegawai" I was referred to that very same day too. The one whose instruction his female subordinate quashed and threw out without any hesitation. And that explained why I had to have my maid's passport renewed.
Nevertheless, I went into the waiting room. I was ready for a fight.
But he was not in.
I took a seat and while waiting for him I called Fomema and someone told me to just have an amendment made so that the number of my maid's new passport would replace the old one.
She asked me to bring my maid's new passport as well as copies of the first and last page of the passport. And in three hours, I could go to the immigration department and get the work permit issued.

Fomema was just at the end of th building so I decided to have that settled.

I've come to the conclusion, that there was really nothing that "pegawai" could do, anyway.

If I had to have that Fomema medical clearance attached to her valid passport done, then I'd do it.

At Fomema, it took me less than 10 minutes to have my maid's Fomema report amended to include her new passport number.

I'm sorry, folks, to have to lay all this on you. But you know-lah. I thought the Immigration Department practises ISO standards. So, it should have procedures in place to deal with "special" or the non-run-of-the-mill cases.
Its officers should be adept in dealing with "glitches" faced by members of the public. They should be effective and capable of making decisions on indvidual cases.

Oh well....laying all this on you guys has been cathartic.
That's what blogs are for, right?

So, until my next visit to the immigration's wishing your day has been good!
And I once again apologise to that young lady whose day, I hope, has not been spoilt.


zorro said...

Ena, since you made reference to ISO. I have extensive knowledge on ISO being a practitioner and consultant on this. ISO became the flavour of the decade around the late 80 and thruout the 90s. When an organisation is ISO certified it declares that it has Quality Management Practices. It was the private sector that went for it or their products would not be accepted in Europe. It is a good certification program, but later organisations who claimed expertise on this began to introduce a lot of "short cuts" (you get an inkling of my inference?). In the early days SIRIM was the only body recognized as accredited assessor and to be ISO compliant was like winning a lottery. I remembering registering a company at the ROC on a Monday morning. I was told to return the following Monday. I did but was told after a long wait that they had mislaid my application. And ISO key component is documentation.,,,and they could lose it just after a week. That is government agencies' ISO for you.A big dog and pony show where you plaster your premises with Mission and Vision Statements and Quality Policies. Mere cosmetics to hoodwink that it is a quality management organisation. Sheessssh.Sorry you had to go thru all that....and ona Monday morning. HUGS.

gram.kong said...

Yours, probably one of the many thousands similar stories concerning our civil service.

Our civil servants, no matter how low ranking he or she is, have this 'I am mightier than thou' complex.Some are downright 'biadab'and with abominable bad attitude.

I agree with you, the ISO, whoever issued them to some of the government and quasi-government agencies, needed their head to be examined.I have personal experience with such department that proudly displayed their ISO cert at the entrance.It's a piece of paper that deserves to be flush down the toilet.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Faced with petty officialdom, excessive red tape and bureaucratic rigidity, I believe even a saint is liable to chuck a fit.

I hope there will be less red tape for you to untangle next time you visit the Immigration Department.

zaitgha said...


We were lucky so far when dealing with the immigration office when we had our maids...but my day was not so good today either....a bit long story though....still have another few more hours for today hope things will get better....

take care .....

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

she deserved it!

ok so nothing she could do about it but thats not a reason to be rude to anyone. she must have done this for the umpteenth times before and was never told off prior to your visit today, so she must have thought it was ok to be rude. sad to say this is typical a behaviour of most 'gomen' officers manning the counter.

so YES, this morning's episode should serve as a wake-up call for her. in yerr face, counter lady!

Anonymous said...


You are completely justified, dear!

The new Malaysian style of customer service (what I know of it, both in the private and public sectors I dare say), while often deceptively tersangat mesra, seem to think being mesra alone can make up for sheer incompetence and stupidity.

Boy, have they a long way to go from being ISO!

Personally I can do without all that cloying mesra as long as these folks know how to use some common sense and how to make quick decisions when taking care of problems not mentioned in their SOP, assuming they even have one.

Kalau tidak, baik pakai robot!

Anonymous said...

oh ena,

ini tak ada sangkut paut dgn bad morning, tapi here's another irreverent malaysian blogger u have to visit if you want cheering up:

she's a riot, ena!

i'm sure auntie goblok is not an unfamiliar name to some of us who avidly read blog comments.

like uncle zorro, she also pulls no punches. but being fem, auntie gb pinches and pulls too while tutting at herself for doing such thankless tasks. hahaha! i love her to bits.



doesn't it make us all wonder how many are really bona fide ISO companies and agencies?

thanks for visiting.


hantu laut,

the thing is, the immigration counter services have improved by leaps and bounds.
it's just that the officers who are there to deal with cases on which the counter clerks cannot decide, are not doing it.

twice I was faced with this situation. both times, it was crucial to my application progressing and needed the officer's green light.
they were too afraid or incapable of thinking beyond the routine.



i went to the immigration dept again today -- same time. got the same number and the same young lady.

she was gracious this morning as I was.
Urusan selesai tak sampai 5 minit.
then, she sweetly told me that i could come again to apply for the I-Kad.
I asked for details. She readily responded.
I said thank you and she said "you're welcome adn have a nice day".
And I said "you too..."

The counter clerks are fine.

I'm surprised (again) by the supervisors and small-time officers there.
well not all of them, I'm sure.
But, as I have said, I was unlucky to have been "handled" by very inept and deficient oficers.

They could not tell me what I should do or bring with me after I had got my maid's passport renew3ed.
they could not even see the possibility that my maid's passport would not be extended but renewed. and therefore, what would happen under that circumstance.

they have been dealing with hundreds, possibly thousands of cases involving foreign workers/maids, and they cannot provide me with complete info on what to do etc??

oh well... i am just so thankful that i've got all that immigrstion processes settled.

thanks for visiting.


lucky you....
actually, i had no problem in the past except once (as i had related).
and it was not because i was no eligible. i needed to show a document (not my income tax statement) which would not have made any differnce to my application.

anyway, i got through that.

i hope your day turned out ok after all.

thanks for visiting... take care.


couldnt agree with you more.
some of these agencies are sure far off ftom being ISO but, strangely, they are already.

thanks for highlighting gobloking...

yah-lah, she is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

It's all well and good when we are on the other side.
That poor clerk most probably frustrated for not able to assist you, perhaps not through her own fault.
Imagine the frustration and stress day in day out at the receiving end to make a living.Fair play to her for wishing you a good day.
Anyway, at least you got that out of your system.
Take care.