Monday, January 21, 2008

"Fairytale Kampung" Wedding for Ning Baizura and Englishman

Whatever that is, you may wonder.

Exactly what it says -- "fairytale kampung wedding". Just let your imagination go wild, although I think it needs little imagination.

This fairytale kampung wedding will be an informal affair, according to her.

Yes, our very own Diva Ning Baizura is to wed her fiancé Omar Sharif Christopher Layton Dalton.

According to the Star, she wants her wedding to be a "fun event". It will incorporate the Malaysian concept of gotong royong.

Ning is 32 and her fiance is 33.

The Star spoke to them when they were at a fitting for Omar at Lord’s tailor in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

Here's the rest of the story by Rubin Khoo:

To create the atmosphere, Ning and Omar have used the concept of village life for the decor of the wedding, which will include the construction of a wooden house for the bersanding ceremony, set to take place at the Matrade Exhibition and Convention Centre on Feb 2.

The ceremonies are planned on different days to ensure that there will be a build-up to the bersanding. The celebrations will begin on Jan 29 with the berinai, and the akad nikah and a private reception will then take place on Jan 31.

For the bersanding, the couple will wear three outfits. The first will be the traditional outfit of the state of Pahang, designed by Riezman & Ruzaini. Next, Ning will wear the Java Ceribon outfit - because of her Javanese heritage - created by Jovian Mandangie, and finally, she will wear a colourful gown designed by Michael Ong while Omar will complement her with a suit by Lord’s.

“I didn’t want to wear white because it is so clichĂ©,” she said.

The artiste will, however, not be taking time off from her career as her English album is planned for a March release.

Ning met Omar, a 33-year-old gas and consulting manager from England, in September 2006. The couple were engaged in July last year.

Since their engagement, he has been adjusting to the fact he was marrying one of the nation’s biggest celebrities.

“I accept it and go with the flow.”


Well, I wish the couple all the best and hope that their wedding will really turn out as they had planned it to be.

And...aaah... Ning has Javanese in her blood..


Rockybru said...

Ning got java coffee in her? No wonder she wanted to take on, what, 4 men (or was it 5) at one time when she was a little younger and a little opener.

But I do like Ning. She's not too mengada-ada for a celeb (she doesn't just chat with the men, she wows the ladies too; now, that's good PR) and takes good care of her mom. And she sang Happy Birthday to me once.

May she live happily ever after, even though the odds are against it. I mean, how many celebrities get married and live happily ever after?

Anonymous said...

...which will include the construction of a wooden house

Oh dear, I wish Ning and Omar all the best.But I do hope the set will not look like one of those horrible fake-y setup that RTM has for their Hari Raya morning specials.

zaitgha said...

i wish her well though i am not her fan...

Faten Rafie said...

at least she doesn't pretend to be purer than fresh snow like most other celebrities who insist on wearing white when they have no business doing so!

All the best to my favorite Malaysian singer. May you have a lasting & fulfilling marriage.

Anonymous said...

Her manager, Vern has a blog. Very entertaining with all these local celebrities' events.

He has detailed out what's going to happen at her wedding, even the preparatory arrangement to the in-laws what and how to dress for the ceremonies. Cute posting.

Anonymous said...

Kak Ena,

The guests kena duduk bawah, habis tu kasut nak buat macamana ye? Takkan nak bersila dengan kasut for the guys. Takut terkena pinggan pulak kaki tu... Imagine Rocky dok makan bersila dengan kasut2 dia...

Kena buka and pegang sendiri or ada tempat simpan kasut? Nanti ada lak yang pergi kasut sepuluh ringgit @ tiruan, balik pakai original branded shoes.

Anyway, I suddenly feel the itch to eat lauk kenduri kampung.... Sedapnya!!!! My young cousin got married before raya haji in Perlis. Didn't get to enjoy the food sebab sibuk organising "Nasi Pengantin" (Ning punya lauk Istana, if I am not wrong). After siap bagi pengantin makan, I pergi merayap ke sempadan and had to come back to KL on that night itself. Menyesal lak tak balun betul2 nasi kenduri. Ada gulai asam pedas kepala ikan (style utara). My eldest tried for the first time and fell in love with it. Too bad I don't know how to cook it and I told him, he can get my eldest sister to cook it for him. Senang hidup I, whatever my children suka makan - ada chef tolong masakkan. Kesian my sister, dah le kena masak - expenses always on her... He! He! He!

Anonymous said...

i believe it's cirebon not ceribon. cirebon's a place in java. hello nuraina! glad to know it's not ALWAYS a man's world *wink* was told bout jovian mandangie and wanted to look him up..