Monday, January 21, 2008

To Debug Or Not To Debug...

People's fear of being watched by spying or prying eyes is real after the DVD sex scandal of former Health Minister and MCA leader went public recently.

Convince them all you want that no hotel would allow their guests' privacy to be violated by compromising security, they're still wary.

In case you didn't know, this is a very hi-tech world we live in. Anything can happen. Sometimes, anything goes. And if you don't already know, some not-so-strange things have happened before our very eyes.

That's why debugging equipment or battery-operated spy camera detectors have seen brisk sales.
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It's not just hotels. It's anywhere and everywhere. Meeting rooms, houses and apartments, offices -- people are really paranoid.

According to Bernama, some 1,520 units of a spy camera detector, called Shieldbug, has been sold in the past one week.
Shieldbug weighs only 25 grammes and about the size of a car remote control.

Nada Sepakat Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd is the sole distributor of the gizmo.
Its chief operating officer Al Hardy Fakharuddin said the comapny stared marketing Shieldbuf last month but after Chua's scandal hit te headlines, sales went up. Like really really up.

Al Hardy said Shieldbug is compact, easy to use and effectively scans for hidden wireless pin-hole spy cameras.
It is an Australian product manufactured under licence in China and currently retails at RM277 per unit.

Now, before you rush to buy one, consider what counter-espionage expert Akhbar Satar has to say.

He told the Star, in an interview recently, that it's
always best to get the professionals to sweep the room or building for you.

“Those detectors are like cheap toys and there is no guarantee they will work,” said the former Negri Sembilan Anti-Corruption Agency director who is a certified fraud examiner as well as a forensic polygraph examiner.

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It would be interesting to list down major retailers of CCTV equipment in Malaysia and their ownership. And how about holders of the APs if related.

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