Monday, January 21, 2008

Looking For Nini -- Police Check 10,000 premises

If the police continue to do this -- going door-to-door to look for Nini who has been missing since January 9 -- I have no doubt that they will find a lead or 2...or Nini.

I have to believe that she is alive -- somewhere. I pray that she is safe and sound. Like the rest of you, I am also always on the look-out. Who knows....

Meanwhile, according to the NST, police have visited more than 10,000 houses and buildings in the (PJ) district since 5 year-old Sharlinie Mohd Nashar (Nini) was abducted.

They have drawn up a list of possible hide-outs of her abductors.

Read the story here .



a reader from Bangkok who is working with Mattel (that makes Barbie dolls)
has been following Nini's disappearance.He hopes that she is found soon.
He commented (but asked that I do not publish it) to say that when she is found, Mattel is more than happy to present her with a Barbie doll.

He prays for her safe return.

Rockybru said...

I hope the cops don't give up hope. As long as they don't, I won't give up hope on them.

Anonymous said...

This is really a heartening bit of news. Great effort PDRM!

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,

For sure it will be more than 1 Barbie Doll. But first thing first, we really need to find her ASAP and I am with Rocky Bru and pray that the authorities will do their utmost and deliver Nini safe and sound to her family. And to celebrate the occasion, we will be there with the Barbie Dolls.