Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hope Is All We Have....

I know Sharlinie is still out there. I pray she is still alive. I quiver thinking about her condition now, the state she is in now, if she is still alive.
It's been more than three weeks since she went missing.

I wonder -- Does she still remember her name?
Does she remember anything, anyone anymore?

I read about another child who was almost abducted in Bandar Baru Puchong at 9pm on January 21. I am utterly dismayed.
Read it here.
Two women witnessed the incident in which a 12 year-old was in a "tug-of-war" with a man who was intent on bundling her 5 year-old sister into a waiting black-coloured van.
The older girl was playing with another sibling, 7, along the walkway outside a restaurant where they had earlier been dining with their parents.
Their parents were still inside when all this was happening.
The man appeared and attempted to lure the 5 year-old with a sweet. Her 12 year-old sister saw this and pulled the little girl away.
The two women came to the rescue just as the man was about to push the older girl into the car. They must have given the man a scare because he vamoosed in the getaway van.

The girls only told their parents about their "ordeal" and rescue when they reached home.
They also said they saw a terrified little boy sitting on the floor of the van.

Of course, I have tons of questions like -- why didn't the women restrain the man or scream for help? Or why didn't they take the girls back into the restaurant to their parents? Didn't the entire scenario hit a nerve somewhere? You know -- Nurin, Nini, black van, man attempting to abduct the kids......

A police report has been lodged by the girls' parents. I hope they can locate the two women who can certainly help in investigations.

I do hope the two women were quick enough to have got the van's registration number and other details including the man's appearance.

Lucky girls!

The next child the next time though may not be that lucky...

Meanwhile, the Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar has urged Taman Medan residents to alert the police if they know of anyone who suddenly moved out of the area about the time Nini went missing.

Read the rest of the Star Online story here.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen pics of Ninie with her neck straight? (it's weird having to look at her pic with her neck leaning on one side). A hamba Allah took the time and using graphics, visualize how she'd look like with neck straight, longer hair, bald and in tudung. It gives us something to look out for when we see/come across little girls her age. It could actually help. Check out the pics on

Lee said...

Hi Nuraina, I bucked up some courage to drop by...again, ha ha.
Kesian read your this posting. I hope they find her soon.
This morning on our radio news, we heard news that made us feel really upset and very sad,
1/ A father taking his two very young daughters, one 4 years old, one 10 months, and both not bundled up in warm clothing somewhere,...he was found half frozen, totally intoxicated. He only managed to inform the cops about his daughters 8 hours later. Both daughters found..they had frozen to death, the temp? -45'c!!
2/ Yesterday, a man left a babygirl, 10 months old at a staircase in a mall. Temp? -10'c! She was shivering and crying. The cops now looking for the man.
3/ A mother took her young daughter to see a doctor, leaving another two very young daughters in her cold car for an hour. They were trembling and shivering. Temp? -12'c!
Nuraina, it is sad to read of such incidents. Being kidnapped, left to freeze to death....a babygirl left on some steps in a mall. Leaving young kids in cold cars?
I always wonder why there are such people around? Must be really sick!
By the way? You mentioned "Lily"? Who she? No la, you meaning my present cherita or episodes of Irene?
By the way Nuraina, your mentioned you not photogenic?
Nuraina, my hobby is portrait photography, I make women, mostly ahemm, matured ones, friends wives mostly..beautiful and alluring with my camera.
And Nuraina, you have really beautiful features, honest! High cheekbones. A photographer's dream too, no need a $5000 camera, and you'll still come out looking good.
Allow me to say, you have the kind of looks, if hold a bouquet of 12 roses infront of a mirror, you will see 13. Ahemm.
You have a nice evening, Nuraina. Lee.

Rockybru said...

Yes, hope is all we have Ena. Prayers and hope.

They say God works in mysterious ways. Our police, if they work, do so in even more mysterious ways.
Again - and I have witnessed this so many times - the only police presence I saw on the road yesterday (on my way from home in Puchong to Kelana Jaya) was a police car stopping a couple on a bike. The couple looked like Indonesians.

The only other time the cops make you very aware of their muscles is when they are outriding some VVIPs.
Some of them died doing that - the outriders, I mean, not the VVIPs. Amazing.

Ninie was supposed to celebrate her 5th birthday two days ago. Good old Malay Mail had a story on that that I read late yesterday. My own little girl celebrates her fifth later this month. The missing girl shares the same horoscope with my little (and your own Adel and my son, too). My heart goes out to her parents.

It was at least good to read of one senior cop telling the people to be "suspcious" of their neighbour. Which means, he wants us to look in on our neighbours and help police make sure that they aren't the people holding Ninie captive. Should have sent out such a message earlier and in greater frequency.


myheartbleeds: thank you for visiting and the link.
take care.

U.Lee: hello, brave man.
yes. it is so awful to know that these things happened.
sometimes i think some people should be forbidden from havign kids. but then, who are we to make premature judgment about people.

Oh, yes..Irene.. i'm sorry. i dont why i thought it was Lily....
oh dear oh dear.... i must sound as tho I was fishing for compliments. truth be told, i am really not photogenic. not that i look better in person.
I have to admit that the photo I am displaying is probably the most decent one of me. and let me not mislead or fool anyone here. it is not the latest one of me. heheheh..

but, thank you, sir for -- what i take -- as a compliment.

.. said...

Reading nurin's blog, soemone suggested that the child in the van could even be Ninie? The black van could even be the same white van used for Nurin? So, it could be a moving cage for the poor Ninie, if this is the case, no house to house effort can ever rescue Ninie and honestly, how many houses the Police can search before we actually find this poor child.

With more kidnapping attempts, should the Police put a FULL ALERT on all mainstream media so every single person in the country is aware of this? or are they just worried of the bad publicity as election fever is round the fever? How many child need to be kidnapped or killed before they go into full swing? The attempted kidnap had very little press coverage and I doubt if many knew about it. In Tembam's blog, there was talk about using sniffer dogs and I dont know if we have them or if the Police are using them? and they need to use the dogs (if there is) immediately and definitely not days later. Ninie is everywhere, she stares at us all the time and not a day goes by without anyone of us seeing her. It's only hope and prayers that we are left with now and I really really pray that she is returned safely to her parent urgently. It's so sad that she is still missing, and there are still attempted kidnapping and for sure, it will not be the last.