Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Chua Soi Lek - What Happens Now?

MCA leaders meet today to discuss the position of Dr Chua Soi Lek who is a party vice-president. He is also Health Minister.
Dr Chua is the man in the Batu Pahat sex video. He admitted so. And the woman in
question is his personal friend.
He has apologised to everyone -- his wife and family, the Prime Minister, his colleagues in the party and Cabinet, his supporters and, of course, Malaysians.
His wife, Wong Sek Hin, in a statement, said that the family "has accepted his regret and apology".
I'm not sure if that means she has forgiven him.
Dr Chua, who is also Johor MCA chairman said yesterday that he had met with MCA president Ong Ka Ting and the PM who is Umno president and Barisan Nasional chairman.
Dr Chua said that he will not resign from his positions in the party and government.
The MCA convenes an emergency presidential meeting today to discuss this very important matter.
So, we'll see later what the outcome is.
Will the party ask for his resignation because his careless act has tarnished the party and the government he represents?
You know, being rumoured to be having an affair is quite different from being caught in the act for all and sundry to see, even if it was not you who recorded the sex act.

Or will the party forgive, and forget. Let bygones be bygones. After all, his wife and family has accepted his apology and regret.

More importantly, what action will the PM take? Remove Chua from the Cabinet, or retain him?
Is he taking the cue from the MCA?

Chua's sexual escapades aside, I'd like to say that if I were him, I'd want to know who was/were behind the video-taping of the sex romp in the Batu Pahat hotel?
I'd also take the hotel to task. I'd want to know if the hotel is part of the whole scheme or if its employees were involved.
I smell a rat. I know he does too.

Well...what a beginning to a new year!
This is the first time a Cabinet Minister in Malaysia has ever appeared or been caught in a sex video.

And oh, before I forget -- Happy 61st Birthday, Dr Chua!


Anonymous said...

Dr. Chua is supposed to bring honour and dignity to the office he serves. Though what he did was personal, he has brought disgrace and shame to the office he serves and for that I think he should step down. As for his wife, I have not heard her blaming the left or the right groups for the conspiracy to bring down her husband (like Hillary Clinton did). So please leave her out of this controversy.

Da Real Deal said...

Nuraina, Happy New Year.

I’m a tax-paying citizen of reasonable intelligence. If I’m expecting politicians serving me to be 100% morally pure and at the same time very able in the office as a public servant, then I’m asking to be screwed more visciously than the woman Chua Soi Lek made love to in the hotel room.
As a rakyat, I’m looking for a person in office who can uplift the welfare, economy and everything else that effects my pocket and safety of the nation. What he does in his private time and outside the govt buildings, he will have to answer to his family and God, not I.

If I want an Imam, I’ll go to the Masjid; Preist, I’ll head for the church; Monks and Samys,I’ll head for the temples. I don’t look for them in politicians. I’m afraid I caught one on the Mimbar giving out a sermon in Anwar Ibrahim before who turned out to be a power abusive and corrupt leader.

I also know of one ex-Member of Parliament who was an honourable religious teacher turned politician. He had 100% attendance in Parliament but I never heard him debate. Instead I was told he even slept while in Parliament and in official functions in his Division. (this even before Pak Lah took office, so the PM didn’t have pioneer status on this).

Bottomline. If I need to repair my shoes, I see a cobbler. If I need a haircut, I see a barber, and if I need to pray behind an Imam, I’ll go to the Masjid. If I need a politician, I won’t look for one who can repair shoes, cut hair and be religious while formulating and implementing govt policies.

Get him to divorce his wife and make her rich, but don’t ask him to resign unless his ministry’s policies suck.

Don’t expect political leaders to be religious. Heck! Even clerics are knowned ass-jockeys, and they’re supposed to serve God!!!

Expect politicians to be politicians, nothing more. If you do, you will be less disappointed and in some cases you will even be satisfied.

Just be grateful that your sex with your husband (if you’re married) in a hotel room isn’t posted on youtube. We shouldn’t worry about a Minister having consensual sex in a supposedly private room on an unofficial visit. What we should worry about is that if a Minister’s privacy can be violated by a hotel operator during visit Malaysia Year, what guarantee is there that the rakyat’s privacy is protected everytime we walk into a hotelroom?

I'm not saying what he did was right Nuraina, but the quality in leadership in our country is seriously lacking! Can we afford to lose a good minister with good health reforms just because of his private tryst with his mistress?

I'm sure you are aware that our Parliament is filled with monkeys today. Would you want an underqualified person to replace Dr Chua just because his moral values are in tact? DO we want a public servant that creates policies that benefit us economically or one that satisfies our righteousness at the expense of our financial well-being?

Today, in real Malaysia, there is no way you can have both.

.. said...

happy 61st birthday? not bad, still got DVD ala paris hilton :), what a way to get famous :(