Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Date With LiteFM...

Well, that's the truth.
I was invited to have breakfast with LiteFM at "Tongkah Bean" coffee house of the Impiana Hotel, KLCC at 10am today.
I'm not sure who will be there -- could be Simon or Caroline or both as I was invited by them when I called to give my views on an issue they raised on their breakfast show one morning early last month.

I'm taking my friend, Mia, as I am allowed to bring one person. My daughter Shaira and Mia's daughter, Liyana will also tag along and have breakfast at the same coffee house but will not be sitting with us.

My son, Adel, who has taken a temporary job at Lavand (a shop selling baklava) in Megamall, Midvalley will be taking a ride.

So, gotta go.....

Mia, Shaira, Liyana and I arrived at the hotel about 9.45am and made our way to the coffee house.
LiteFM had five tables for its "winners" -- listeners who tuned in and took part in something or other.
Met fellow listeners Nesen and his nephew, as well as Nesa, her husband and kids. Also met old friend Adi (also of LiteFM) and her mum, Emilia (a former RTM TV broadcaster).
Adi used to work with my sister's company, Media Strategy (which I have taken over) when it first started in 1990/91. She had just finished high school. It was a temporary job for her.
I remember her lovely voice everytime she took calls. She'd say :"Media Strategy, Good Morning/Afternoon".
So, it was not surprising to any of us when she became a DJ with Time Highway Radio later.

Of course, we got to meet Simon D'Cruz, LiteFM very popular DJ.

Wondering where he was, I turned around when I heard a familiar voice. It was his, and it was as though someone had turned the radio on.
We said "hi" and introduced ourselves.
He looked very casual in a white collared t-shirt, dark trousers (not sure if they were jeans) and wearing a white cap.
But Caroline was not there as she was on leave.

Breakfast was excellent. The company was good and fun.
Simon was great. Got some "goodies" from LiteFM.

Now, I must mention here that I laud LiteFM's part in helping in the search for 5 year-old Nini (Sharlinie Mohd Nashar).

If you click on its website,, Nini's picture will flash, with some details about her. It is the same one that Celcom is flashing to its subscribers.

Kudos LiteFM and Celcom.


Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,

I was just about to coax you to write about the breakfast .... good and timely update.

I am equally impressed with the part LiteFM plays in publicising Nini's case. It's good to see so many people and organisations making a concerted effort to find the little girl. I am very sure Nurin Alert has galvanised widespread public awareness and support in this instance. Let's hope Nini is found safe and sound.

Rockybru said...

Good for the guys and gals at Litefm. What's the frequency, ah, I wanna tune in to them.

I think your link to their website not working.


Anonymous said...

Ena, finally saw yr email and have just responded to it.

Thank you for taking time to tanya khabar in spite of your busy sched.

That was great getting the Nurin Alert going. For those of us who feel so impotent just trawling for news, it's good to know at least now there is a mechanism for concerted effort in place.

Praying hard that Nurin Alert will help return Nini to her parents.