Thursday, January 03, 2008

"People Were Suspicious of Me": Chua

Chua Soi Lek who resigned from his government and party posts after admitting that he was the guy in a sex DVD, believes that he was done in by his political foes.
He was Health Minister, MCA vice-president and Labis Member of Parliament.
Chua believes that "a lot" of people became suspicious of what they saw as his over-the-top commitment to his ministerial duties.
He told an unscheduled media conference at the Health Ministry where he was packing up his personal belongings, that his "biggest mistake ever since coming to KL is to fulfil my duties as the Health Minister and as MCA vice-president".
He said his visits to health facilites, including hospitals across the country and meeting with MCA grassroots members gave rise to speculations that he had a political agenda, making him a target for people to bring him down politically.
Chua believes that "a lot of people" were very suspicious of his movements, "accusing" him of being ambitious.
This also gave rise to speculations in the Press that he was mounting a challenge against the MCA top leadership.

"The press helped to kill me, to be the truth is that the pen is mightier than the sword," he said.

Who are his political foes?
"People who are suspicious of me are the people who will gain from being suspicious of me.

He said the video-taping of his tryst in the hotel room with his "personal friend" was not due to business rivalry because he is not a businessman.

"It has nothing to do with business because I am not involved in has nothing to do with money because nobody has asked me for the rest I leave it to the people.

"Who are my enemies, I really don't know. But I am a politician and politicians will have enemies and supporters, this nobody can deny.

"But as I have already said I am not going to pursue this (taping and circulation of the DVD) because it will never end. I don't even know who did it.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Dr Chua should sue the hotel for a million bucks and channel the money to charity. a guy in yellow wheelchair wouldnt mind accepting half of the amount.

Zainal A. Kasim said...

So now, it's everybody else fault? The press, the media, the political enemies, etc. etc....

Anonymous said...

A conspiracy theorist told me that if fast-food ads come back on our tv screens, then we will know that the fast food companies had a hand in the downfall of CSL.

we will jsut have to wait and see, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

why can't he see it in a simple explaination? he is a minister, a person in the public eyes, a leader and what he did is morally wrong.

maybe those who did that just want to tell people or him that what he did is very wrong for a person in his position. as simple as that

IBU said...

Sounds like a hint of "musuh dalam selimut" jer? Errr... the other selimut I mean. hikss!! :D

Anonymous said...

The dark secret is he was just doing something we are all innately born with. If you take away the morality issue, he is apparently not a bad minister who took his duties seriously. He must have really shaken the status quo to be done in along these lines. Anyway, as usual the real culprit will never be caught.

Anonymous said...

In the name of Heman Rights (no typo error), every man is entitiled to...:
have a close friend whom u can have sex with... a head housekeeper u can 'geli-geli' with before anoouncing yr marriage to her...a top aide's wife u can stain matresses with..a party assistant u can bring in to yr room to help u take yr 'buasir' madication...
So ppl wats the big fuss daa.. and guys..continue to fight for yr rights... yeah..

jangan mareh...hehehee

Anonymous said...

anon 8.55 am

interesting and different angle. nothing surprises me, anymore. the only surprise is that the perpetrator is caught and sent out into the open to dry. in this country, the suspicion is that you can literally get away with murder if you have the money. if not, how can one explain the authorities keep on bungling in high profile cases; not one mind you.

Anonymous said...

Though spouses cheating on each other is not uncommon.
When it comes to public figures,then all kinds of standards will be used, at basic,from a moral stand in general.
One cant say it is unfair as public figures are after all supposedly symbols of hope for the public.
Once this hope is tarnished then its better if a new hope is put in place in the interest of the people.
The nation's interest is afterall far more important than a public figure.
Marcus Welby MD.

Hi&Lo said...

Trust is like a bank account. Our actions are either a credit or debit. It takes only one big withdrawal to offset whatever savings we have built up over the years. Little things add up, or conversely.

Is Soi Lek expecting people to have blind trust on him after he has bankrupted himself morally without remorse?

Even trusting with our eyes open, there's no guarantee that we cannot get conned.

Can anyone here tell us what Soi Lek had done as Health Minister that is noteworthy in terms of healthcare delivery for the Malaysian public?

Hi&Lo said...

The root word of integrity is integer which means whole. A number less than whole is a fraction or decimal. If we fail to live up to our belief or values, then we are violating our own wholeness, an assault of conscience.

A Voice said...

One conspiracy theory says it got something to do with a foreign hospital.

Hmmm ... other than parkway, is there any other Singaporean hospital interested to come over?



thanks for posting a comment. But I'm afraid I cannot publish it because, you have actually "named" the person you believed fixed Chua.
It was your suspicion -- speculation - but you have identified him.

however, melvin, I'd like to thank you for that.
perhaps, you'd like to post another comment minus the references to you-know-who.

Rockybru said...

So who did CSL in? If I were Ong Ka Ting,and I had nothing to do with the whole thing, I'd be very interested to know. I'd use my party resources to investigate. If it was politically-motivated, I'd want to know who's stabbed CSL. The same person could pose a threat to me and to my seat of power! I'd be afraid. Was it Kong Choy? Was it Tee Kiat? Who?

What I still cant get over with is CSL's insistence that he wasn't interested in going after whoever filmed 100 most-private minutes of his life.

I'd have come after them, hingga ke lubang cacing.

Unknown said...

Hasn't he in his rounds talked about morality or he only spoke on health issues?

The fact of the matter is that, he ia a public figure, an icon and that public figures and icons don't have private lives, end of story. If you can't handle that then you have no right being there.

The fact is that as a respected leader, a public figure and an icon he cheated on his wife and let his children down. Yes, he said that his wife and children forgave him. Did he have that guarantee in mind when he goes screwing around? When he was doing it he knew it was adultery and morally and religiously wrong. It is just not good enough to shout at corrupt leaders, immoral leaders are morally corrupt and therefore corrupt. You can't have your cake and eat it.

Anonymous said...

Dr Kerp
Instead of suing the hotel, we should set-up a fund to reimburse the person who took the shots for all the expenses and trouble. Maybe also recommend him to get a medal or something.

Why the double standard? We are protecting and commending the person and who recorded V.K Lingam having a 'PRIVATE' conversation but on the other hand condemning the person who recorded the 'PRIVATE' action of CSL.

Sophie said...

poor chua soi lek.

anyway, i enjoy reading your blog and here's something for your reading pleasure about a different film-maker:

Eric Khoo up close and impersonal