Saturday, January 12, 2008

PM Flies to Spain To Attend A Forum

It's his first overseas trip this year. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi arrives in Madrid tomorrow to attend the two-day annual First Alliance of Civilisations (AoC) forum.

The forum, hosted by the Spanish Government, begins from Tuesday (January 15). It seeks to find ways to bridge the growing divide betweebn nations and cultures worldwide to establish new partnerhsips to promote global understanding.

Click here for the Bernama story, "PM Kicks Off 2008 With Madrid Visit, First Overseas Trip".


Rockybru said...

I have one word for this Spain posting, Ena:


holytounge said...

.....happy holiday and do enjoy the bull ball soup.........

Old Fart said...

What is this Prime Minister going to these kinds of forums for when even a junior minister from little Singapore would not bother attending? He likes the red carpet to much I suppose.

Is this a disease or what that is prevalent in the cabinet. Samy Velu recently returned from attending a forum for the indian diaspora in India which was mainly attended by businessmen representing the the business community within their territory. it was not a forum for politicians supposedly politically representing Indians of their country of abode!


Bailey said...

there are a lot of things happening here, how dare he attend the forum.