Friday, January 11, 2008

Seen This Man? There Was a Woman Too...

This is the photo-fit of the suspect who abducted 5 year-old Nini (Sharlinie Mohd Nashar).

If you see him, please call RakanCop at 03-21159999 or call her parents: Suraya Ahmad at 016-2709096 or Mohd Nashar at 016-2583450.

I'm just hoping that people don't make crank calls. As you know, not everyone is good and thoughtul and considerate and kind....

A commenter drew my attention to a report in the Star and pointed out that this man may not figure in the abduction. Still...I think we cannot rule out anything.

According to the Star,
Nini's 8 year-old sister, Sharliena said that a woman had taken Nini and led her to a black car.
Sharliena, who was with Nini when she went missing at 11am on Wednesday, told the press how she saw a woman bribing “Nini” with sweets.

The rest of the story:
After much persuasion by the press prior to the press conference, she described the woman as having shoulder-length hair and wearing “high heels.”
Dia bagi Nini gula-gula. Dia suruh Nini masuk kereta kat tepi jalan (She gave Nini sweets and asked her to enter the car by the roadside).
Nini jerit sikit. Dia tarik Nini masuk kereta hitam. (Nini screamed a bit. She pulled Nini into the black car),” she said.
Asked if she knew who the woman was, she replied, “Tak kenal (Don't know).”


Old Fart said...

But the most potent information so far of the possible culprit in Sharlinie's case, according to her own 8 year old sister, is that it wasa woman who took her into a black car.

as for this information I only came across this in the papers today.

The police should put out ASAP all the informatin about this abduction the moment they get it.

It is also important to prompt people to recall instances when they saw all these facts come together. A woman (Malay/Chinese/Indian or whatever should be stated), a black car (preferably the make or close to it), a Malay child of 5 years and approximate height, hair length and clothes she wore.

More often it is the combination of all these acts coming together that might get one to attach its relevance to this abduction case. Of course there will be a lot of wrong calls. But at least it gets people to be looking out for the combined facts coming together to prompt them. Piecemeal information like this one where we are supposed to be looking for this photofit of this guy who is suspected to be involved in the Nurin case may not be relevant at this point. Not that he should not be identified and caught. But he does not feature, based on information available so far, in this abduction.

Malaysian Unplug said...


Thanks for the update on this developing story.

A sticky-posting on the police suspect has been put on Malaysians Unplug Uncensored page until the resolution of the case.

Malaysian Unplug

Typhoon Sue said...

i pray that they catch the culprit soon and that Nini will be found safe and unharmed.


BaitiBadarudin said...

Good job of providing updates on the case.
Just pray that another child will not fall prey to sick paedophiles.

Makcik Runner said...

she could be his accomplice who knows. they have to change the MO in order to distract the police/public. it is always wise to note that criminals with dangerous intent like this always 2-3 steps further than the police. if memory serves me right, nurin's perpetrator(s) consist of a woman too

Anonymous said...

Saya seorang bapa kepada dua Puteri yang amat saya sayangi, memohon kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia marilah kita semua berdoa agar Sharlinie dikembalikan kepada kedua orang tua segera, Semoga jangan diapa²kan anak kecil itu, Anak yang kecil itulah adalah keindahan Anugerah Tuhan Kepada Kita. Saya juga merayu kepada pihak Polis Agar mengambil berat mengenai perkara ini, Jangan dibiarkan kisah Adik Nurin berulang dan merobek hati kita semua, Jangan hanya sibuk nak mendakwa Ibu Bapa tapi cuba renungkan kembali adakah kita telah menjalankan tanggungjawab kita dengan sepenuhnya bagi memberikan satu persekitaran yang selamat untuk Anak kita....Semoga Allah bersama dengan Linie.....InsyaAllah...