Friday, January 25, 2008

Nini, Where Are You?

It's been more than two weeks that 5 year-old Sharlinie Mohd Nashar has been missing.

Much has been done in efforts to find her. Still, there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.
But let's not lose hope. I know we're still holding on...

I hope too that the police will not give up.

I'd like to suggest - as is being done under AMBER Alert and the proposed NURIN Alert -- that the police (IGP, OCPD or some high-ranking officer) get some air-time and "engage" Nini's abductors.

Not, ad-hoc responses to the Press. But, arrange for a programme to really "talk" to the abductors, tell them to not harm Nini and to let her go because the whole country is on the look-out for Nini and them.
In other words, issue them a warning.

Put the fear of (not just the police) but the people in them!

This tactic seems to have been effective in the United States when AMBER Alert is activated in the event that a child goes missing.

The community can do its part every effectively by knowing their own neighbourhood and neighbours. In some instances - though this is not the done thing here -- residents help in the search for a missing child by going door-to-door.

Most often, residents willingly open their doors.

This could be unlawful but for the sake of a missing child, most people cooperate with their residents' associations.

I think if every neighbourhood's Rukun Tetangga or residents' association initiate this -- check every house including vacant houses --we'll get somewhere.

If no one is home, leave a note to the absent occupant, or return to that house to make a check.

I'm sure there's a way of going around this.

And this is not a lot to ask from the community, let me assure you.

We have to help find Nini before it is too late!


Unknown said...

Dearest Kak Ena...

I agree with you. There should be more things that we can do. "Talking" to the abductors is a good idea, Kak. Maybe air the press conference and let the media like radio to broadcast the message to the abductors to not harm the little kid.

It is troubling to have this thought that the criminal is outplaying us. Don't tell me the criminals are smarter than the police...

I agree with Tembam too. maybe giving out Linie's photo with different poses, hair cut even with her head bald as well as different clothes might help us found her and eventually, err hopefully nab the petpetrator(s).

I'm counting the days too, like you and many others. Day by day, I feel so hopeless...

Rockybru said...

you are right. compare these two articles, the first on Nini and the second on an anti-inflation rally to take place at KLCC tomorrow.
see how "defensive" the IGP is when he speaks of Nini.

Eg. " Asked on the possibility of Sharlinie being taken out of the country via sea route, Musa said the police force would not be able to station its men at every location due to the country's long coastline."

My immediate thought was - who's asking him to put his men at every location of the country's "long" coastline? Why is the IGP telling the perpetrators out there that the police are having a tough time and are under pressure?

Now please compare with how threatening the police are when it comes to dealing with peaceful protesters:

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 24 (Bernama) -- Police have issued warning against the proposed illegal assembly in front of the Kuala Lumpur City Centre by a non-governmental organisation (NGO) on Saturday.

Dang Wangi police chief ACP Zulkarnain Abdul Rahman said police had yet to receive an application for a permit to hold the assembly.

"The Inspector-General of Police had received a faxed note from a group calling itself the Coalition Against Inflation (Protes) on its plan to hold the assembly.

"They are not applying for a permit for which they have to fill up certain forms," he told reporters after witnessing the handing-over of duty of the Kuala Lumpur police chief here today. The note was also sent to media organisations.

Zulkarnain said police considered the assembly illegal and would take action against its participants under Section 27 (8) of the Police Act 1967.

He said police would close roads leading to KLCC and Jalan Ampang, and mobilised its officers and men to safeguard security of the area on Saturday.

The IGP should come out and warn Ninie's abductors that the cops are not going to spare them if they harm Nini. Forget the peaceful protesters, man, catch the real beasts out there!

Sorry for taking up so much space but I think I should reproduce the entire IGP's latest remarks on Nini here:

LUMUT, Jan 24 (Bernama) -- Police are stepping up intelligence work, focusing on Selangor, to find missing five-year-old Sharlinie Mohd Nashar.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said the move was made after the house-to-house search conducted with the cooperation of other agencies failed to locate the girl.

"With better intelligence operation and reliable information from the public, God willing, we will be able to locate Sharlinie's whereabouts," he told reporters after visiting the RM53 million new Manjung police district headquarters here today.

He said police and Sharlinie's family had been swarmed with false information from pranksters and other irresponsible individuals.

"We received a lot of information but they are mostly pranks. The family has suffered enough with Sharlinie missing, but these irresponsible people are making them even more miserable," he lamented.

Musa who believes that Sharlinie is still in Selangor, said that efforts were being intensified to find the girl.

He said he had asked all district police and police station chiefs to take the necessary action when they received information on Sharlinie from the public.

"Our operation to find Sharlinie has been extended to the border checkpoints where checks on vehicles entering and leaving the country are being intensified."

Asked on the possibility of Sharlinie being taken out of the country via sea route, Musa said the police force would not be able to station its men at every location due to the country's long coastline.

Musa said it was not wrong for Sharlinie's family to ask for anyone's help to find her, referring to the 50 bomoh who recently performed a ritual to locate the girl but the police could not use the information from the bomoh.

Sharlinie went missing from a playground near her home in Taman Medan, Petaling Jaya on Jan 9.


Rockybru said...

Here's another one, Ena. This time the IGP issued a "stern warning" because he's discovered, to his horror, that a handful --- a HANDFUL -- of police officers are still doing side business. I mean, this should be an internal thing, police with police, you know, no need to talk to the press even.

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 24 (Bernama) -- Inspector- General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan has issued a stern warning to members of the force regardless of rank that they should not carry out any business activity.

Police personnel who ignored the directive would be failing in their duty to serve the community, he said at a function to hand over duties to the newly appointed directors of the various departments under the Royal Malaysia Police.

"If you want to be a policeman, then you have to be a real policeman, don't do side business," he said.

In addition, he said police personnel must also refrain from being involved in activities that could destroy their career such as indulging in corrupt practices and abusing their power for self-gain.

"We must realise that the community place a high expectation on the police force to provide them a peaceful environment.

"If the crime rate rises, drug trafficking and addiction are becoming more rampant, then we have failed in our duty to society," he said.

At a press conference later, Musa said the warning was being made because there were still a handful of police personnel who were carrying out business.


Junaidi Asmara said...

i copied ur words and post it in mine. hope u don mind. moga2 Nini selamat.

Anonymous said...

isnt he the same IGP who gave us the false hope about nurin? no, under his command, crime rates have risen non-stop for the past few years. worst, his greatest achievement is to work together with AG and ACA to have a underworld kingpin released from his restricted residence. asked RPK whether this info is false or true coz he will be able to give you all an insight of this case.