Friday, February 01, 2008

Pssst, Did You Know.....

that Tiara Jacquelina is a blogger?

I didn't. I found it quite by accident when I clicked on a visitor Ms Hart of Hart-To-Heart blog, and found TJ's A Day in The Life of Tiara on her blogroll.

She's Tiara of the Puteri Gunung Ledang fame. Naturally. Just in case you don't have an inkling, this is Tiara.

At least I think that it is her blog and she is the one operating it, and not an assistant or some avid or rabid fan masquerading as her and using photographs of her....
It does seem to be operated by a very busy person because it is not updated regularly. So, knowing that Tiara does run a very busy schedule, I can (safely) assume that it is her own blog.

Anyway, if it is really Tiara J, some people would know her as the wife of Senator Effendi Norwawi who is also Minister in the Prime Minister's Department.
She started blogging on Sept 29 last year and even ran a poll "what makes you want to go to the theatre".

Let's hope she'll continue to blog actively like film-maker Yasmin Ahmad and actor Afdlin Shauki.


Anonymous said...

Many artiste now have their own website,blogs,myspace etc...But don't expect them to operate these on their own. Especially Tiara. Surely she is too busy spending the millions of her filtyh rich Minister hubby.

Rockybru said...

An Minister's wife a blogger? That's good. I hope wives of the other ministers will follow this great example, even if they didn't like the way Tiara dresses up. All members of Wanita Umno must be told:

If you wanna look as good as Tiara, you gotta blog!

Heh. You know I seriously think some of them will fall for that.



I suppose there are well-known or popular personalities who'd pay people to operate their websites. I know a politician did that.

Yasmin and Afdlin are among those not too busy to pen their own stories in their own blogs.
I don't think they'd want to have their names on stuff written by other people.

And I do believe it is Tiara's own blog and she does blog.
I can't say if it sounds like her because I have not had the occasion to have chit chats with her.
If she was paying someone to do that, then that person must be lazy because her last posting was Jan 4.

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Kak Teh said...

Ena, I know a minister's wife who blogs beautiful stories - nothing political, nothing to do with being a politician's wife, but beautiful writing. And yes, she writes it herself.



Yep.Tiara Jacquelina -- Minister's wife and blogger!

The next time Zam whacks bloggers, I'm going to remind him that there's Tiara!

Yeah...seriously, we may just find a surge in the number of women bloggers (from wanita umno) semua dapat ilham daripada Tiara.


Kak Teh (Ah),

i'm doing a process by figure out who that minister's wife is..


ms hart said...

Dear Kak Ena,

Ehem, thanks for mentioning my name here! Aiya, make me shy-shy cat y'know..he he..Hmm..that's Tiara herself, Kak Ena. I am a fan who became a friend to her, all because of her humbleness. In fact at first I was so unsure if it was really her who emailed me as a response to one email I sent to a newspaper a couple of years back! Tak sangka! But she insists that she is 'just' Tiara Jacquelina! So!! hmm...O yes, this IS a small world, and even smaller, courtesy of blogland!! I'm an old friend of Raden G, and I have just discovered Elviza whom I have had a meeting with many years back, and o yes, Kak Pi was my ever-so-funny school head girl!! thanks again Kak Ena, and you have a great weekend!

Pak Zawi said...

Thanks for the expose. This is one opportunity that I can keep in touch with peoples actively involved in theater.
Will try to contact Kak Teh to find out the other blogsite owned by a minister's wife who blogs beautiful stories.

BaitiBadarudin said...

TJ's not JUST a minister's wife. She's an artiste and a businesswoman too; so it makes sense to have a blog to create buzz for her events and activities. Wonder if other ministers' wives blog on the sly, esp Ku Nan's?

Anonymous said...

Thogh there are many coincidences which cld lead us to the artist, but I dont think this blogger is TJ ....this lady is residing in malacca, she has 3 children,2 girls n one boy.
TJ is residing in Kota Kemuning and has 2 children, one girl ( Hani Muhsin's) and a boy (Effendi's)
Ada gambar family dia pon,



Ms Hart is NOT TJ. She made that clear. But the blog "A Day In The Life of Tiara Jacquelina" is, I believe, Tiara's and operated by her.

Please click on the link in my posting under Tiara's name as well as her blog.