Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shahrir's Slam Dunk

"It's hysterically ridiculous to pretend that the KTM track, its station and other plots are Malaysian territory when they are actually land leased from Singapore purely for the purposes of the rail service run by KTM Bhd" - SHAHRIR SAMAD

The former Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister said the historic bilateral deal Malaysia inked with Singapore on Tuesday to jointly develop KTM's Tanjong Pagar rail station, will create a situation favouring KTM and Malaysians as a whole.

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Old Fart said...

When it is a 999 year lease, it is often always called freehold! In New Zealand they call it Fee Simple or something like that. Now, what nonsense is Sharir talking about? It all simply means we just don't have to do anything till that 999 year term expires. And I reckon we still have over 900 years more to go. Maybe he, being the UMNO man that he is and that everything also bolih mentality, does not feel so secure about the house that he is himself living in. And by extension the KTM land in Singapore. Of course Sharir must be aware that like in Malaysia Singpaore too would have its Land Acquisition Act and they can act. Trouble is the PAP guys don't actually have the UMNO mentality that is needed to make such things happen.

Non-partisan said...

I hope the the legal experts can come up with the interpretation on the issue highlighted by this ex-minister.

But to my understanding as long as the lease has not expired,it is still part and parcel of Malaysia's territory notwithstanding the encumbrances pertaining to its physical development as expressed in whatever agreement between the two countries. Malaysia can still exercise her sovereign right on the land.

Hence, I'm sceptical as to whether our political chieftains have taken a wise decision advantageous to Malaysia as regards the future of KTMB land.

Be very wary of Singapore's political agenda and her strategic manoeuvres.