Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Feedback On NKEA

Some 900 industry players, movers and shakers of the Malaysian economy are attending a workshop at the MAS auditorium in Kelana Jaya to give their feedback on the NKEA (National Key Economic Activities).

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin opened the workshop at about 3pm. He asked the participants to "help identify the NKEAs that are critical in driving" the government's reform initiatives.

He said together with the PM and him, the Cabinet will discuss and incorporate their "valuable feedback for national consensus".

Immediately after the opening, Idris Jala -- otherwise known as Menteri KPI - explained the concept of NKEA to the participants and opened the floor (to answer a few questions).

The workshop ends at 7pm.

Participants were a diverse group -- from big names in the government and the corporate sector -- Ramon Navaratnam, Munir Majid and Azman Mokhtar -- to SME businessmen. Tricia Yeoh of the Selangor MB's office was also there - (Hi Tricia!).

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