Thursday, May 27, 2010

Selangor Civil Servants And their Other Homes...

Can civil servants own more than one home? Can they own low-cost homes?

They can -- if they can prove that their other homes were purchased well within their means.

In Selangor, civil servants who own low-cost housing units in the state will be called up for questioning.

Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said if they were found to be ineligible to own the units and there are elements of abuse, severe action will be taken against them.

"These irresponsible civil servants will also be made to surrender the units so that they can be resold to deserving people," he said in a statement in Shah Alam early today (Thursday).

Khalid said the state executive council at its meeting today (Thursday) also decided to review cases of awarding of low-cost units in the state to as far back as 2004 to find out in more detail if such units had been offered for sale according to procedures.

He said that the state's Housing and Real Estate Board in future would closely monitor the awarding of low-cost housing units to stamp out any form of abuse and prevent a repeat of civil servants above the income bracket to qualify to purchase the units from getting them, as had been the case previously.

He added that the state government would be very firm in ensuring that low-cost housing units would only be sold to eligible buyers. - (source:Bernama)


Old Fart said...

Makes you want to puke isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Dont just do it in Selangor, make it nationwide. First on the list would have to be DBKL, some own more than one unit and they drive posh cars!!
Happy Vesak day to ur followers