Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sweet Sweet..

...but let's hope the cake did not go to waste.
I hope everyone had their cake and ate it!

Never did like the longest, tallest and biggest this and that unless it is for a very very good and worthwhile cause (benefits the people it's intended for) and is not a waste of anything -- time, money, manpower and the object itself.

You know what I'm saying?

But this English College. Good school.


Anonymous said...

hi there,

i don't like either all the guiness book of records stuff -- longest roti canai, blah blah blah...especially when it's done just to break a record...like what record? especially when it's so meaningless, save for the fact that everyone gets together to do this one job.
maybe i am so cynical...

as long as no one's hurt, right?

anyway, like you, i hope everyone got to have the cake and eat it.


Stupid as Stupid gets said...

Chasing after all these stoopid records just shows how stUUUPEEEEDD stupid can be stupid.

Why not try sailing round the world single-handed or whatever.

Anonymous said...

They should build the world's biggest mirror. Then they can proudly stare back at their reflection.