Tuesday, May 18, 2010

5 Ways to Ensure Mediocrity in Your Organization

Here's something to while away your time....


Wake UP! said...

Criticism is bad. Praise is good. People respond to praise better than to criticism.

Race based politics exists

Anonymous said...

So true!


1) Make the clueless nephew or niece of the CEO the department head.

2) Chairman or Director comes in at 9 AM, barks commands, demands results and then dissapears at 10 AM.

3) Expect staff to multitask. Why hire 10 people when 1 person will do. That way, top management can get the other 9 people's salary.

4) Deny responsibility at all costs. Use terms like "I'll pass you to the person in charge" or "Technical Difficulty".

5) Ensure that there's a budget for "Entertainment". Call it CSR. Budget goes to deserving girls in need for cars, condos and credit cards.