Friday, May 14, 2010

Radio's Still Hot...

Radio continues to attract a large audience in Peninsular Malaysia, with 15.5 million or nine in 10 people aged 10 years and above tuning in every week - SINAR emerged as the top channel -- Nielsen.

As for me -- I listen to the radio when I'm in my car, when I'm jogging and when I'm in my bedroom (the radio is on all the time), especially when I'm tucking in at night, ready to go to sleep.

Viva la radio! (online, internet, cyberspace etc -- notwithstanding)

Ok. So I'm old school.


Anonymous said...

As Kryill,K.E. & S.Y. would say every morning: I follow...

Sinar fan

Anonymous said...

Dear Sis,
Dulu I amat suka dengar radio, tetapi kebelakangan ini I mula benci mdendekati diri dengan radio bukan apa, benci dengar telatah DJ-DJ yang merapu dan syor sendiri.
Sorry to say, mentality /IQ of our DJs is so low. They need to do a lot of home works / research and most importantly STOP memperbodohakan diri sendiri dan juga pendengar.

Radio Malaya

sesat said...

I have my earphones attached to my little radio on my daily commute to work while others have theirs connected to their iPods.

I too, am old school.

Unknown said...

..old school or not, where would we be without the ole radio..? lullabies me to bed, it wakes me up, keeps me company on journeys and perks me up when I am down..even when on the net, I am on the radio..and history would be different without it..