Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Relocation Of Tanjong Pagar -- So, What's The Problem?

Finally. A decision on Tanjong Pagar. It looks like a good deal.

Did someone just accuse Malaysia of ceding the land to Singapore? You gotta be kidding me? Or have I missed something somewhere?
Wonders never cease.
When our former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad stood his ground on outstanding issues with Singapore, his detractors and attackers, accused him of being arrogant, inflexible, unneighbourly, and not doing the country any good.
Now that it is time we all move on and move ahead, with this decision made between the leaders of the countries -- the government is being accused of kneeling before Singapore. Kow-towing to Singapore.
I say, don't simply accuse like that-lah. Give credit where and when credit is due.
But if you think the decision sucks, say why. Argue intelligently-lah.

Read Sharif Haron's article HERE.

At least he is asking the right questions.


Anonymous said...

This is national interest lah.... why do it as though the country belong to their fathers...simple!!!
Why go to that island and suddenly make the decision.... as though the rakyat are all stupid.
So that is the problem!!! Kalau nak buat suka hati buat lah.... kalau benda tu sendiri punya!!!

Karen Lee said...

The land belongs to the government. The people should have a say in decision like this. This should be debated in the parliament and all details should be publicly available. Changing the ownership of a land from a government owned to privately owned (GLC) is so typical BN way of getting rich in the process.

Sovereign issues like this should not be treated like 'I scratch your back, you scratch mine'. This speaks of weak leadership. The government is weak!

Donplaypuks® said...

As much as I am NOT a Najib supporter, I think he has done well in laying to rest a problem that Singapore-hating Mahathir refused to negotiate and settle, thus souring good relations with S'pore for many years.

After all, the sale of land will be at market rates supported by professional valuations. If correct, the 60% due to M'sia will work out at about RM 120 billion, and more will accrue in the form of development profits!!

More than that, Najib has also negotiated with S'pore to reduce toll charges at the 2nd link, and hopefully more traffic will be dispersed there and there will be no need for stupid billion $ cost inflated crooked bridges or a 3rd bridge (and more effing toll)!!

But, the devil is in the details and hopefully the fine print will not come to haunt us like AAB and that Limbang deal!!

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

BCTan266 said...

Dr M fought tooth and nail not to give in, now Najib just agrees. Like a bolt out of the blue too. I think this is what a lot of us find puzzling. If you know more, pray tell. Enlighten us.

Anonymous said...

The agreement is so dodgy exchanging KTMB land with a casino area in marina bay and then a company is formed with 60% malaysia and 40% singapore's temasik to manage this land. Now you tell me honestly, 100% malaysian owned land is now exchanged with another land in which we only have 60% ownership (40% reduction) is just another case of selling the land and our sovereignty to singapore govt in a very subtle way and I am sure the only people to profit from this entire episode were none others than you know who.



anon@9:23AM: don't be emotional.

Karen: i disagree.you're making sweeping and very generalised statements.

BCTan: I know as much as you do. But I know the Msia-Spore issue very well. I know that the land is not being given to Singapore just like that. They're going to develop it. I'm not saying this becos I wsa born in Singapore but I think this deal has got to work.

Mattt: Itdoes not look dodgy to me. Not at the moment. But let's see how this work out. If it does not then, we should all whack Najib and Hsien loong.

najib manaukau said...

It is long enough and both Malaysia and Singapore are not getting any benefit from such a deal.
In fact shenanigan Mahathir did it because he was not getting 'benefit' out of it just like everything he did. Singapore is well known not to offer any such personal 'benefit; and as a result he withheld any development out of it.
Especially so when it could make him look like a moron when Singapore can make good use from the land. The shenanigan Mahathir wanted to get Singapore to 'squat' so that he will look taller and also his bank accounts will grow
bigger. Simple as that !
Time to move on, too many cooks will spoil the soup and don't politicise the issue. I may not agree on many things of what the P.M. has done but I salute him just this time for a change. Give credit where credit is due !

kiddokit said...

How is it that Karen Lee is making sweeping & generalized statements, Nuraina? Plus commenter matt added on later pretty much what Karen had highlighted.

You on the other hand, Nuraina, are making simple statements saying it's a good deal when clearly this deal has raised querying eyebrows.

Just because Najib resolved a long-outstanding issue that Mahathir himself wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole doesn't make it a good deal.

patriot jawa johor said...

Read the statement issued by Johor MB Ghani Othman last night and you will understand that najib did not kow tow to the singaporeans. The press failed to highlight on the Monday the fact that the station need to be moved by next year from tanjong pagar as stipulated by the point of agreement signed 20 years ago. Ghani made it clear that we could be forced to move it without getting anything if Najib did not sign the settlement. That the deal agreed by Singapore was actually a departure from the republic's usual kiasu style. It baffled me that it took Ghani to be the one who issued the clarification.

Anonymous said...

You are correct Nur.I think Najib made a good deal and the right decision. TDM is irrelevent lah...sampai tua oredi.

Anonymous said...

our country wants to replace the causeway with a bridge in our OWN land also we cannot do because of objections from Singapore. Now our land in singapore was exchanged for what land we still don't know. is this the proper way of negotiation? Why cant our country negotiate first before agreeing to move KTMB land? why cant our dear Pm discuss with his cabinet members or the Parliament first before coming to a conclusion? Our dear PM is acting as if the whole of malaysia belongs to him. i sincerely hoe our dear PM can get Singapore "consent" (whether need or not i dont know) to build a bridge to replace our causeway. Actually why we cant do it? Strange.


Anonymous said...

I'm not at all against the recent deals. But how come the silence on the causeway bridge.Or did I miss anything?
Anyone please tell me.