Thursday, May 20, 2010

Malaysia In The Top Ten

Prime Minister Najib Razak tweeted this morning: "Very pleased that M'sia is now among the top 10 of IMD Competitiveness rankings. I'm assured that we are on the right track for growth".

Here's why Najib's mighty pleased:

Malaysia has taken the 10th spot on the Switzerland-based IMD's World Competitive Yearbook for 2010, a result that will make it more attractive to foreign investors

Malaysia has broken into the top 10 list of the world's most competitive countries, a result that will make it more attractive to foreign investors and proof that the government's transformation efforts are bearing fruit. - Business Times.

Go Malaysia!


The Penquin said...

Congratulations Malaysia ! Indeed a very good piece of news. However, as a lay man I really hope that all these fantastic growth will translate into increased income for the common people and not something that only result in the rich getting richer.

Wake UP! said...

Congratulations to Datuk Seri Najib for leading Malaysia in the right direction.

Relinquishing the special rights of the Malay

Anonymous said...

Salam Puan Nuraina,

A very comforting and encouraging news.Hopefully,this will bring benefit and economic gain soon to the rakyat.Until then, this so called good news does not mean very much to the common people.Especially so now when the cost of consumer goods is not stable and at times rising.Right now sugar is not available or difficult to buy in some capitals, such as Kuantan and Kota Bharu.This sort of things,if keep on happening will negate the so called good news and may cause the rakyat to loose confidence in the Goverment.

Askar Tua