Friday, May 21, 2010

The Other Domestic Goddess Is In Town

Well, well, well...waddya know. Martha Stewart's in town.

Yesterday (Thursday May 20) , she had an engagement with thePrime Minister's wife, Rosmah Mansor.

The celebrity lifestyle guru said she'd be tweeting about her visit here.

Yep. She's been tweeting about it with twitpics too.

Her last tweet was her meeting with the Queen:

"I am signing the Queen's guest book in the summer palace while the Queen looks on" (with a twitpic).

A while before that, she tweeted:
"My niece, Sophie, singing at the formal tea party given in our honor by her Majesty the Queen of Malaysia" (with a twitpic).

Ms Stewart tweeted about the amazing view from her Ritz Carlton room, Malaysia's eating culture (and the customary Malaysian greeting of "have you eaten?", Melaka, Brickfields, "muddy river mouth", songket -- and this and that.


Anonymous said...

i want nigela!! not dis one!!

yes..hmmmm...mmmmm... the cooking is waaahhhhh....fantastic!!

-food dude-

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Nuraina,
Huh? Summer Palace? Kat mana tu? Don't tell me we now have Winter, Autumn and Spring palaces too? purrr....meow!

Donplaypuks® said...

Yes, cloyingly sickening isn't it?

How some will suck up the every same Americans they brand as satan!!

Btw, who is the 1st lady in M'sia - the Permaisuri Agung or Rosemajib?

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

I think donplaypuck is 'cloyingly sickening'. He seems to be a desperately frustrated failure in life. His mission seems only to belittle people with small minute irrelevant comment. He can't see Malaysia succeeding.

Ellese A

zulkifli said...

There are two first ladies in Malaysia, of which one is the Perasan First Lady, the other is her Royal Highness First Lady.

Unknown said...


"The OTHER Domestic Goddess"?

You mean other than Rosmah?

Anonymous said...

Nigela -the one who puts tons of butter in everything, raids the fridge at nite, flirts with the camera hoping nobody will notice the girdle she has on all the time, trying not to show what her cooking does to her :)

Anonymous said...

2 hours prior to touchdown at Reagan International, Washington DC, Malaysia's entourage on a state visit to the US met for a protocol meeting onboard Perdana 1 (RMAF's VVIP jet, Perdana 1 when flying the PM, DiRaja 1 when flying his majesty our King)) as it flew towards the US capital.

It was briefed that as soon as the plane was aligned with the ceremonial red carpet, and engines cut, the door will be opened. Ceremonial battery of the US marines will fire a 25 (ususally 21, but Malaysia boleh, kasi 4 extra) gun salute and the Prime minister of Malaysia will step out, walk down the steps and meet President Obama and the First Lady.

And so Perdana 1 touched down smoothly and like clockwork was aligned with the red carpet. Engines cut, 25 gun salute, doors opened, and down the steps comes TFL (the fat lady) first!

During postmortem, when it was pointed out that the PM of Bolehland was to walk out first, TFL agreed that she was right. " I AM THE PM what.."

Itu la dia cerita nya...

BTW, if there is to be a 1st lady for Malaysia. I want her majesty the Queen to carry that title.

Anonymous said... wonder now the perasan 1st lady always in the front page of nuraina paper attending public program coz she got martha as her adviser. maybe martha also one of apco product

Anonymous said...

Wonder whether Marthas Stewart visit includes a tour of Rosmah kitchen which Lee Kuan Yew had the honour.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:48 PM
BTW, if there is to be a 1st lady for Malaysia. I want her majesty the Queen to carry that title.

Afterall we all know that Rosmah is the second lady for Najib and not the first lady for Najib.