Monday, May 10, 2010

Way To Go, Izzah!

I'm glad Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar responded swiftly to my posting (and Rocky's) on the defacement of the word Pantai.

Here's what she said in a posting on her blog:

"To those who alerted me on Pantai Tower’s defacement, –Rocky Bru & Noraina Samad, thank you!! We’re on it, down with Vandalism!

Keep on the look out, guys

Izzah – out-"

My friend, Arnaz alerted me that the signboard is now back to being "Pantai Towers".
So this morning (Monday, May 10), on my way to work, I checked it out. Yep. YB Izzah must've got it fixed.
See for yourself.

Picture taken 8:45am. All the management had to do was paint over the dash over the letter I. And they needed a wakil rakyat to tell them that.


Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Nuraina,
Yeay! Way to go! Over here, the govt has introduced a new law where these "artists" would have to wash/repair/rub off whatever graffiti they did. Costs a lot of money to hire contractors to do it otherwise. purrr...meow!

Rockybru said...

Some people must be very disappointed, judging by their comments in my blog and yours.

Congrats Ena!

And good for you, YB Nurul Izzah.

p.s. Suka berkelah di pantai

Anonymous said...

Kat Malaysia Timur ada Kampung Nonok.

Just imagine coming to KL and people ask you where you're from. Oh, I'm from Kampung Nonok!

amoker said...

Ehmm.. why can't u or Rocky tell the management about it?



the management that never saw anything wrong in the word?

the management that was so blind to the vandalism?

Naaah...easier to blog about it. faster results. as you can see.



yeay yeay yeay!

here, in this beautiful country of ours, we just blog about it. and let our MP do the rest. :-)



some people are just full of hate, venom, and all manner of negativity that they don't see anything good anyone they dislike, is doing.

I say, F... them.

actually, i am so amused by their know their minds are so numb becos they can't see anything beyond what they want to see.

unlike me and me and me... i see bad in people and also good...

no sirreee, i aint blind. hahahaa.

seriously.., it takes all sorts in this world-lah. the good, the bad and the ugly.

thanks for posting about it.

And, credit to Nurul Izzah for her swift action.



ya, ya... i'm aware of that.

Old Fart said...

Pantai Towers...that is a private concern...and anything untoward, considering it is within KL should be DBKL's domain to attend to. Now, what and why has this got to do with Izzah for heaven's sake? Isn't her job scope, as I understand it, supposed to be in Parliament? Why did she even bother to respond to this? Just because it is located within her constituency? Does she not know that her constituents voted her to carry out her job in Parliament and not this silly Pantat Towers?

Anonymous said...

This case is closed. Now lets look at another seriuos valdalism problem. Its happenning in every town, every state regardless which party is ruling and under which council's authority. But nothing seems to be stopping it.
The posting of illegal stickers.
Its all over. Dirtying buildings walls,obstructing roadsigns,defacing signboards,under bridges,on structural supports,visual pollution of public areas. SIMB BANK, ANBANK, MABANK, PUBIC BANK,you name it, they are everywhere.
Just one question. Are all the authortities just helpless in stoppping this scrouge? Or they are closing one eye?

Saya Mahu Tolong.

IES Agencies said...

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Old fart,

Oh come on, Old Fart...

Nurul Izzah did not have to "go down" and have that fixed. But she did, and good for her.

You may think it is too small or irrelevant to her. I'm glad she does not think as you do.

Of course, this is not something she'll take to parliament.
She is not my wakil rakyat, but, good for the residents around there, that their wakil rakyat did something about that offensive signboard.

Takes very little, actually for someone like Nurul Izzah to set things right. Nothing too small for Izzah to look into.

Frankly, I'm not surprised if she doesn't tour this upscale Pantai area. It is probably the least problematic in her constituency except traffic congestion during rush hours, excessive contruction, crazy parking problems etc...some things are beyond her control.

I'm glad she knows what being a wakil rakyat is all about.

Kudos to her!

Anonymous said...

Old Fart,

Don't be a plonker! Loose the closed mind mentality esp when it comes to profanities (job scope or not for this to happen in your backyard). I don't get it ..buat salah tak buat salah!!!

Bravo to Nur Izzah!


Bru99 said...

Salam Nuraina

Cor blimey !Nuraina, you could swear like a trooper so to speak
.... hee hee! You suprised me.

Anonymous said...

ala..apa nak di hairan kan kat malaysia timur ada kg nonok. kat johor ada parit ponorogo..kt selangor ada batang berjuntai etc



Sometimes, I surprise myself...

Wake UP! said...

Right. People are full of hate.

Me too. I am filled with hate towards racists.

chinese racist are not good actors

Anonymous said...

When are you going to blog about
the Ah Long stickers?

Seriously it was kinda childish of you & your side kick Rocky..

Izzah responded with a tight slap!



anon@4:42PM (Iman),

Seriously, you must be very very unhappy. (I say this all the time to commenters like you. I'm tempted to say that you must be stupid, but I won't.)