Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Martha On Malaysia

Celebrity lifestyle guru Martha Stewart, who is in Malaysia at the invitation of Tourism Malaysia has done her first blog posting on Malaysia in her blog, The Martha Blog . She has also uploaded some pictures as well.

Most people who have been following her tweet would have been alerted about her posting.
"My first blog from Malaysia - please have a look", she tweeted early this morning.

She said she's touring this "extraordinary country and experience the fascinating culture and the delicious cuisine" with her niece, Sophie Herbert and my good friend, Memrie Lewis.

"We've been very, very busy meeting outstanding and gracious people, exploring amazing sites in and around Kuala Lumpur, and also see the incredible wildlife in the rainforest of Borneo."

If you've been following her tweet, you'd know that she's been to so many places in the peninsular and Sabah. You can feel her excitement in those few words in her tweets. She also uploaded twitpics.

Picture above of Ms Stewart and the Yang diPermaisuri Agong -- is from her blog.


Anonymous said...

With all dues respect to all, Permaisuri agong is the rightful Malaysia first lady, not some aspiring politician wife if you get my drift.

Besides, she is much much more prettier ,gracious and respectful than the wannabe one.


Old Fart said...

Martha just does not come gallivanting around with crew and all. Who is covering her cost? Whats the PR angle here? An upliftment in someone's status maybe in New York? Hey, I don't know if her show is even aired by I am wondering!!

Anonymous said...

An american felon.....only in UMNOLAND can she be a celebrity VIP

Anonymous said...

Anoy 7.09pm

she paid her dues.

Anonymous said...

Rawang school gangsterism. Teachers are powerless to control 14 and 15 year old gangsters who are accused of robbery and rape.

What is Malaysia's solution?

Simple. Just like the so called 'security' at residential areas, they may just have 'security' at schools and have parents pay for it.

What a money-making scheme!

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, mintak maaf terdahulu,that turban is so outta place la. Who's the fashion advisor/consultant?