Tuesday, May 18, 2010

They (Allegedly) Buried The Baby...alive

It just gets worse and worse. Where do we start fixing the problem? I hope we do not get hardened by these sad stories, and dismiss them as "one of those things". That will be a tragedy.


Anonymous said...

too many cases. far too many. it is alarming.
what is the root cause of this?
the relevant authorities must really seriously sit down and study the problem.
it is never too late.
and before it is too late!

wak segen said...

..while the alim ulamaks are busy politicking here and there...


Anonymous said...

When are we going to get serious about sex education - its risks, problems, prevention etc? See the horny young ones are at it whether ma and pa like it or not. Times have changed and so the need for a different approach. The old drag them out of the caves and whack them is not working anymore. Hack even religion is not helping anymore. Educate the young ones so they cam make better decisions.

Anonymous said...

Either you

1. Marry them off early (which can result them to procreate like rabbits and don't know what to do with the kids later on)
2. You teach them sex education, protection and abstinence.

Apa yang susah sangat ni?

Seems like killing a living being is an attractive options to the Malay Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Time to teach a different approach in life. Time for 'kesedaran'.

The three man races should learn something:

1) Race 1. Don't be too accomodating. Nanti people pijak your kepala. Don't be too complacent. Be a bit assertive.

2) Race 2. Don't be too greedy. Others may not like it. You have to remember that you can't have only economics guarding your back.

3) Race 3. You have to learn to live with others. Life is not a dramatic gangstar movie. Life is about working and respecting people.