Monday, May 31, 2010

Israeli Troops Kill 16 People Onboard Freedom Flotilla

The number is 16 though some say, it is 11. For now. But as I am writing this, things are not well near the Gaza coast where a flotilla of 6 ships carrying aid for the Palestinian territory of Gaza, are approaching.

These people - unarmed civilians -were killed when security forces boarded the boats today.

"At about 4:30 am, Israeli commandos dropped from helicopter onto deck of Turkish ship, immediately opened fire on unarmed civilians," a post on the group's Twitter page said.

Meanwhile, two Malaysians are onboard the ship attacked by Israeli commandoes.

Watch TV and read online for updates!


najib manaukau said...

Why was shenanigan Mahathiror someone from his family not on board ?

Unknown said...

praying hard that, Allah will help us......


Anonymous said...

Salam, umat2 Islam elok buat solat hajat untok mereka. Semoga Allah beri perlindong yang mereka perlukan. Amiin.

Unknown said...

The Israel government and Israelis has just proven to the world how and what kind of human are they!.

If you are searching for human soul in Israel then better be prepared for you would not find any.

Shame on you Israelis for this attack on a humanitarian mission ship.!

Anonymous said...

Is the 'Battle of Magedo' around the corner? Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Unarmed civilians?
more like peace militants armed with metal pipes

jebat said...


We pray may Allah save them

But beside praying we must do something ...
(for instance boycot Singapore / America )

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

To Anon 6:40 AM

Civilians with metal pipes are called 'militants'.

Outright invasion of a country with apache helicopters, abraham tanks and soldiers armed with m-16s is called 'democratic liberation'.

Is all a matter of perspective and media representation.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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