Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why The Government Is taking This Very Unpopular Decision...

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Idris Jala admits that cutting subsidies is a very unpopular decision. But it has to be done to save money -- RM103 billion in five years.

And this is to reduce the nation's deficit and debt, he said today.

We don't want a time bomb in our hands, Idris warned.

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Wake UP! said...

Just do it if it's for the good of the country in the long run.

Jesus Christ is not the same as Allah.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight, and this is coming from a layman's understanding.

Datuk Seri Idris Jala said Malaysia will be bankrupt by 2019 if it does not cut subsidies and rein in borrowings. Doing this will involve INCREASE in electricity tariffs, INCREASE in toll rates, INCREASE in outpatient treatment fee, INCREASE in school fees, etc. etc.


1. Where does that leave the average and poor people?

2. Is subsidy the sole reason for the so-called impending bankruptcy in 2019?

Come on, do the government expect an average person (warga mas & pensioner) like me to believe that the country's malaise is caused by subsidies, when it is being ripped apart by scandals (the latest being Sime Darby's huge losses) and corruption (you know what I mean)?

Time bomb, my foot! The government better get its house in order first before laying the blame on subsidies.

Old Fart said...

I suppose after UMNO has had its share of the pie there is little left for the rest of us. So, sure, subsidies have to be reduced! Somehow, when Najib played Santa Claus at both the Hulu Selangor and Sibu buy elections one would have thought we are all so flushed with money. After all he was standing on a BN platform and happily offering the people's or the taxpayers' money! And some say that he was standing there as the PM!!

I know what it is all about said...

Kak Ina

Blog about it la bukan just talking the obvious.

Most of the time, Government "official" announcement is mere excuse hiding a bigger reason.

One reason I see is the biggest beneficiary is IPP and Airlines.

No more subsidiy to make IPPs taukeh kaya macam babi.

Anonymous said...

They bikin all the screwing up and now make the rakyat terseksa, just like that.
They need to use their brain better than that rather than make the people terseksa. Is buying the military helicopter announced recently and other military hardware not the cause of all the economics disaster in this country? contoh nya la kak! so this Jala fella should look at everything before making the unpopular decision which a UPSR student can make that kind of decision. That kind of decision, we don't need him-itu otak beku dan idle!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, some have to tighten their belts so that others can loosen theirs.

Anonymous said...

Ya. keep more reserves to buy more FROGS !!!

Pain in the As...

Anonymous said...

hurray, good news malaysia is going to be bankrupt the sooner the better.let malaysia fail once for all the hard way.

Anonymous said...

I thought we have plenty of cash..

3 million , not enough ? ok how about 5 million ?

Dont worry money is not an issue ,
hahaha.. afterall these money come from you ma.



you know, we will feel the effects. good or bad. the government can come forth with all the rationale and justification but in the final analysis, if the rakyat are made to suffer, then it is not just an unpopular move, but a very very bad move.
if the effects are negligible and in the long-term, we the rakyat, gain. then, well and good.

whatever it is, we'll just have to wait and see. and then, we will know what to do, won't we?

Anonymous said...

Those who have migrated will be laughing away..
You see , I am so clever you know , I know this thing will happen one day.

Ai ya, if I know you are so clever I will follow you. Ia lah they say this country is one of the best in the world , no disaster , many natural resources ,money friendly and samo got oil u know, wah makan tak habis .

One thing they forget to tell me more about the people at the top..that's the greatest mistake I make loh.

But my another clever friend say dont wolly so much lah.The end of the world is in 2012 before we get bankcrupt.Like this not fair to me ma. That is the time of my EFF matured date ma. Not yet enjoy must go oreidy..

Wa caya sama lu.

Rakyat susah said...

Nuraina, tell the corrupt power abusing UMNO/BN to clean up its own house first. How can we support subsidy cut and tightening our belt when Najis go round the country saying "3 million not enough? How about 3 million then?" throwing away our money to benefit himself/UMNO/BN.

Stop all the corrupt practices first then ask us to tighten our belt.

Donplaypuks® said...

The Govt is really going arse about face on tackling this "subsidy" situation.

Of the much touted $74 billion "suidies", $48 billion is for education, health and welfare, much of it for the poor and is part of still much needed affirmative action. What other reason is there for a Govt to exist if they can't even provide this bare minimum from the taxes and revenues they collect?

Why is there no mention in Rosemajib/Jala's proposal about cutting back the huge fat layer in our Civil Service and Glc's or re-negotiating the AP, toll highway, IPP, Water and Telco cosy auto price increase one-sided croney contracts?

This is what they should be tackling now because the opportunity cost in lost revenue here alone is more than $20 billion a year!!

Instead, the cost of UMNO/BN's (and let there be no doubt they are the primary cause of our national debt ballooning to a record $362 billion) corruption, profligacy and mismanagement is being passed back to the Rakyat!! How cunning and clever of Roseemajib!!

Rosemajib/Jala's proposals are a recipe for national disaster and will send us not only hurtling towards bankruptcy, but also to 4th world status i.e. below that of Somalia and Bangladesh!!

This Govt should resign en masse today and call for fresh elections instead of engaging in RM77 million APCO spindoctoring, scaremongering and outright lies to the Rakyat!!

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Donplaypuks® said...

And $8 billion light tanks contract to DRB so we can go with the UN forces to monitor the "situation" in Afghanistan - we can start with ditching this for good!!

madashell said...

If Malaysians don't wake up and throw out these clowns, we only have ourselves to blame. No matter what excuse is given, the fact is that OUR money has been monkeyed around blithely, with no fear of repercussion.

Anonymous said...

Pity there is no analysis nor explanation by the honorable and learned Idris Jala on how we got into this dire mess in the first place.
We were amongst the biggest producer of tin, rubber, palm oil, pepper, timber and have been a nett exporter of fossil fuels.

Anonymous said...

Nuraina not need to wait and see anymore.. we have seen enough. Just vote the damm Govt out now !


Anonymous said...

That's what happens when you don't plan.

Anonymous said...

Initially, I thought it was a bad idea but after looking at the presentation. I believe this change is necessary. Contrary to popular belief, the poor are not ignored. If you look at the subsidy presentation which can be downloaded at PEMANDU's website (