Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Say, Stop This Blame Game-Lah

I know, we all would like to blame Umno for many things. Even the bad weather.

But, come on-lah.

You can't lay this one on Umno. No, no, not the MCA. And not the opposition, either.
You have yourselves to be blamed.

At least, Mugilan has come clean on this.


Anonymous said...

Normal for Malaysian bah... semua orang salah diri sendiri semua betul!!!
Typical Malaysian-no brainer!!!

Anonymous said...

If UMNO is involved in trying to get rid of Samy Vellu, 99.999% of Malaysians will be very grateful to UMNO. UMNO should have helped to kick out Samy Vellu 30 years ago.

At last after 30 years, UMNO finally came to it senses that this Samy Vellu bas..rd did caused untold misery to so many Malaysians.

If UMNO is not involved, I plead to UMNO to help get rid of this Samy Vellu bas..rd idiot.


anon:9:27PM: i disagree totally. not normal for malaysia. and not typical malaysian-no brainer.

anon@11:30PM:if anyone shld get rid of Samy, it is MIC members. Surely, the MIC does not need Umno's or anyone's help.

Itu pun tak boleh bereskan, how, daah?

najib manaukau said...

This Samy must have the skin of a crocodile !

Anonymous said...


UMNO and PM had claimed that despite being Malay based, they will help all. In this case, 99.999% of Malaysia population will agree that had Samy Vellu been gotten rid of 30 years ago, Malaysia would be a much better place. To me it is not about MIC leadership, it's about getting rid of a person who if allowed to continue to influence policies and head hundred of thousand of members, will cause further damages to Malaysia, not only the Indian community.

While BN will be better off with Samy gone and Pakatan will probably lose out on points to argue, it is for betterment of all Malaysians that this Samy guy completely disappear from Earth.

syedmikhail said...

i agree with you, nuraina. vel pari blames umno but those people his daddy sacked want umno to help. real wayang.

mic screwed up with Maika and taking care of their lot. samy vellu blamed dr mahathir, the BN and Umno.

pusing pusing pusing...