Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Malaysian Volunteers Seized By Israeli Forces Are Safe

...and sound. In good spirits too, according to Malaysian ambassador to Jordan Abdul Malek Abdul Aziz .

He had accompanied them to Jordan after their release.

The 12 Malaysian volunteers were on board the Mavi Marmara that was attacked by Israel while sailing to Gaza on Monday.

They were then detained by Israeli authorities.

Read THIS too.

Meanwhile, the Rachel Corrie is now the sole ship on the international freedom flotilla moving towards Gaza.

On board are 6 Malaysians -- lawyer Matthias Chang, Parit MP Nizar Zakaria, activist Faizal Azumu, TV3 journalist Halim Mohamed, TV3 crew member Jufri Junid and Shamsul Akmar Musa Kamal -- and 5 Irish nationals including former UN assistant secretary-general Denis Halliday who is also an advisory panel member of Perdana Global peace Organisation and Nobel Prize laureate Mairead Maguire.

They are reported to be safe, so far.

Here is a statement from them:

"The Malaysian and Irish peace and humanitarian activists aboard share their deepest grief and sense of loss with the loved ones of those killed and injured in the illegal action undertaken by Israel on Monday 31st May 2010 in the international waters of the Mediterranean.

In the names of our friends, we are more determined than ever to continue into Gaza with our humanitarian cargo and our support for the blockaded and suffering people of Gaza.

We expect Israel to respond to the international condemnation of its violence by not impeding by any means the safe passage of the Rachel Corrie.

We appeal to the international community and United Nations to continue to demand Israel our safe passage into Gaza."

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Anonymous said...

Is the end near?

Are we in the final days before World War III or The Armageddon War? This war will see the coming of Dajal, The Antichrist and the two saviours, The Mahdi and Nabi Isa.

Are political, financial, economic, moral and weather turmoil a sign that we are nearing the end of days?

Wake UP! said...

Praise to Allah for that piece of good news.

Anonymous said...

pls refer to Margeemar's info for the truth !!

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Nuraina,
My Mama's asking if Shamsul Akmar's back at NST now. Glad to hear them safe. The Press community here is also upset. purrr....meow!

Anonymous said...

It's a test of power. A test of who has the might over whom.

Anonymous said...

Hi kekawan!

Need some volunteers to rid Klang Valley of gangsters from Old Klang Road areas that kacau the PJ area. Then, these same people offer 'security'.

Are there any Malaysian volunteers up for the task on our very shores?

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Aunty Ena,

Saje nak say hello. Hope all's good for you?

kita anak melayu said...

GEMPAR !!Kakak Teresa kok masuk Islam???

baca di SINI



did you say for the "truth"?

i read other sources. margeemar posted pictures of weapons said to have been used by the passengers on the mavi marmara. and why would you think this is the truth?

i'd sooner believe our malaysian brother who was on the ship when israeli troops attacked.

the passengers were not armed.