Friday, July 04, 2008

Nothing Personal (Against Najib) : Anwar

"There is nothing personal here, I want to reiterate. I know some people are trying to portray it as a personal battle. I have evidence, I submit, evidence against Najib or even Abdullah or whoever.
"We are here. We are talking about the country and the credibility of the institutions of the country and the state of the economy, the way it is managed or mismanaged in this country. "These are the fundamental issues. It is not about Najib or Anwar or Altantuya or whoever."
-- Parti Keadilan Rakyat adviser and de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim replying to a question at the Press conference yesterday after private investigator Balasubramaniam Perumal made public his statutory declaration.

PKR vice-president Sivarasa Rasiah who was also at the Press conference, responded to question on whether he was concerned that Balasubramaniam's SD could lead to a mistrial of the ongoing trial.

Sivarasa said:

"That's the obvious. The omission of evidence from the proceedings will certainly lead to a mistrial. So it is timely that Mr Bala has come forward with this and it will allow the prosecution to do something about it because we haven't reached the half-time point of trial. They're just about to make submissions whether there is a case to answer. I hope the prosecution takes this into account and do what is supposed to be done."

Blogger Hard-T has (more-or-less) of what transpired at the Press conference. Read it HERE.


Ed Chew said...

The country is in a total mess. It's about time we need to "clean" it.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, nothing personal.

And there is no way, the Police will investigate Najib.

There was a very good ex-DIGP in the PDRM [looks fierce but very fair-minded and professional] ended in the Prison job.

And there was also a great 1st Director of BPR who later became a Judge.

Not to forget sitting at the helm of the Judiciary, a brilliant Lord President who passed Judgement against UMNO and I believe against a MB too and now a Sultan.

Also, an Auditor General with impeccable integerity. A Bank Governor who wouldn't greet own sister in Lift afraid of compromise.

I suspect, the good old British traditions have taught these people to individuals of high integerity and principles.

That reminds me, Anwar had two good British Headmasters and the first excellent Malay Headmaster.

They must have taught Anwar to fight like for principles liek the British do.

Malaysian Malaysia said...

Too late as Prosecution has closed its case.You cannot adduce new evidences at this stage.

If what private investigator P Balasubramaniam 'declared as facts in question', I don't think the Prosecution team is interested to apply to call further evidences.

Look like a mis-trial and a DNATA or A&D without defence called.

LazerJuan said...

Damn!!! This Butt Wars is definitely giving Lucas a run for his money... Prequel, sequel, expanded universe...soon merchandising, TV specials...etc. Can't wait for the DVD Editor's Cut version.

`May The FORCED be IN You'.....yikes!!!

Growing number of characters:
Luke Buttcrawler
Princess Leia Orgasma
RU1-of them-2
Anuskin Buttcrawler
Hung So Low
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Yo dah..masuk?
......and the list goes on

For me, my interest will wane after mid August..EPL Yahoooo!!!

Anonymous said...

Tsk housework has suffered ...all because I had to read the papers and blogs so darn early for all these " stories". Never been juicier !!!

Somebody compile this into a book so I can read it at leisure ?

Anonymous said...

PI Bala's statutory declaration has to be TRUE. Why?
If you were going to lie in your statement, you would be vague with your details so it would be impossible/hard to verify. But this guy has mentioned specific events and occasions like "diamond exhibition in Spore", lunch in Paris, SMS from Najib to Razak which was shown not only to Bala but also to Razak's lawyer.... All this can be verified through proper investigation. Here are some helpful questions our investigators can pursue. E.g. was there even a diamond exhibition during the period stated by Bala? What was Najib's schedule like then? Did he fly to S'pore? Was he there on official business or on his own capacity? Was Razak there too?
Talk to the exhibition organizers. Were there photos taken? Can we take a look at some of these? Ha Ha!

Anonymous said...

Really? Oo..nothing personal ek.. But maybe just for diversion? Your case is not settled yet, why at this point of time bring this all up?

praba ganesan said...

Well, the statutory declaration has been withdrawn according to the Malaysiakini report, what are we to think now?

Someone got to Mr Bala with a nice fat retirement cheque?

Anonymous said...

Latest kak!

Bala retracts parts of his SD!! the juicy ones!


1. Death threat and goes in to hiding in Turkish embassy?

2. Walked out from hiding and stated he may contest in Sanglang ADUN seat (maybe he wants to become PM of Perlis?)

3. And still no MP crossing over....

4. Made a police report of a ten year old case? With the ex IGP already charged and convicted.

5. Made a Press conference on Bala SD and Bala later retract in less than 24 hrs.

On the other hand, all we have is just a police report from a 23 yo. THAT'S ALL...


Anonymous said...

that means we cannot trust Bala. ini macam main2. dia punya SD tak boleh pakai. dia ni diupah oleh Anwar