Monday, July 28, 2008

Who Do You Think....

...should be the next PM?

Don't mind my asking. I know, I know....this is such a loaded and leading question. I can already hear your choices. Or the lack of..

I know many of you are in a dilemma. You might have decided on a choice earlier, and right up to the March 8 general election of who'd be the best candidate to succeed Pak Lah. Rather, the "right" person to lead the country.

Of course we are aware that his deputy, Najib Abdul Razak, is his chosen successor. And that the choice of PM is neither yours nor mine (to make), but the one thousand-something Umno division heads and their coteries.

But, you feel that if you had your way, you'd want so-and-so to be Pak Lah's successor. Right?

No harm in that.

With hell's that's been going on and several unpleasant and unsavoury developments taking place, you're now stumped. Dazed.

You think this country deserves better.

Maybe you're right. And maybe you're so wrong.

This has been and is undoubtedly a hot topic which has got that much hotter.

So many are convinced that we are in deep sh....., I mean trouble.

And you are thinking -- "Look at our country. Who can get us out of this mess. Our economy is affected. Foreigners are laughing at us?"

Don't our political leaders love the country, you ask.

Yeah. Forget the side shows. Those are only a distraction. The real story is about power. About the premiership.

When I posted in Facebook some weeks ago that I was thinking of emigrating, concerned friends asked me what was really going on in my mind.

I had to admit that it was just an expression of frustration. Just my way of making a statement. I do not wish to emigrate. Of course not.

Really, even if I had billions of Ringgit/dollars/Francs stashed away somewhere, I'd not want to go away. I'd not leave this country. I'd definitely stick around.

( the first place, me having those billions could never happen!)

Someone smsed me this: "How I wish there is someone out there who can take us to some place better."

Such a naive thought, you may remark. But this was not from a naive person.

I am not a card carrying member of any political party. I do have, er...soft spot for some leaders from both sides of the divide.

Which means, I have no vested interest in my preference for an individual or individuals.

Anyway, try listing down all the eligible candidates thus far and see which one (if any) can make us proud.


Anonymous said...

i dont know who to say the right and eligible candidate(s) for the position Prime Minister.i just make the best use of our current prime minister :).heee.

Anonymous said...

The answer is quite simple, though from a practical point it may not be so:

Raja Nazrin.

Anonymous said...

nobody. that's my biggest dilemma.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind Ku Li as the next PM to put things in order, before a dynamic guy takes over. As founder of Petronas and the brain behind the PSC, Malayia will do well under his stewardship. It puzzles me endlessly why he was not considered just before the catastrophic changing of guard. I like when you talk politics.

Anonymous said...

4 possible next PM would most possibly be:

1-DS Najib tun Razak
2-Tengku Razaeligh
3-Muhyiddin Yassin
4-DS Dr. Rais Yatim

In my personal opinion, I think I would go for muhyiddin yassin. I could see that he is the best among the others for the current situation.

Anonymous said...

Simple, the 'nirvana' candidate to be PM today would be Lim Guan Eng but an impossibility.

So, the 'optimum' would have to suffice, for that , look no further than DSAI.

Anonymous said...

Kak Ena,

I have been posted this question a few months back. Just like you I am no card carring member of any political party. What I would like to share with you is the characteristics of the leader or khalifah that I want to lead Malaysia tercinta.

I want a leader who diplays my icon which is our Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Fist and foremost Amanah - Trustworthy. Secondly Fatanah - Wise. Third Sadiq - True and Fourth Tabligh - Speaks or Deliver with Action. BTW our prophet has been acknowledge as the greatest leader of all times even by the Western world. Can't actually remember which article I read this which was quite a few years back.

Now is that too much to ask? We are so busy trying to put Syariah compliant in our food, our financial system etc etc. Can't we ask for the same standards from our leaders? Syariah standard is not man made standards and therefore it is the highest form of standard which even beats the so called western standard.

Given the current crop of leaders we have....hmmmm dont't think any of them qualify. Especially quite a bunch of them has been displaying characteristics of munafiq. If we benchmark our CEOs to such high standards in the corporate world as to global standard. Shouldn't we be having the same benchmarking for our leaders?

Maybe I am crazy to want so much. Well, why not? Why should we compromise? That is the only we can move forward and raise our stature in the eyes of the world not only as a nation but also as a race of bangsa Malaysia.

What do you think?

Keturunan Jebat

Anonymous said...

Sorry Nuraina to disappoint you. If you are asking anyone from the present ruling government, I would have to say none.

For the opposition, I have yet to see a real one qualify but if need to chose without any racial argument, I would select YB Lim Guan Eng.


Anonymous said...

(stcin) : r-a-h-m-a-N(NAZRIN) = PM
IN JUNE 2010 !!

WY said...

The obvious:

Badawi (why change)
Mahathir (again?)
Anwar Ibrahim
Tengku Razaleigh Tengku Hamzah

The not-so-obvious:
Lim Guan Eng
Fong Po Kuan
Farish A. Noor
Malik Imtiaz Sarwar
Marina Mahathir?

Anonymous said...

Kak Ena,

in addition to my earlier comment... I want a leader who is not only a statesman, a tactician, an economist/business leader, spiritual leader all rolled in one package....

Mimpi disiang hari lah nampaknya...

Keturunan Jebat

Nostradamus said...

17. The next PM of Malaysia will follow R.A.H.M.A.N theory? (Fact).
17. PM Malaysia yang berikutnya akan mengikuti teori R.A.H.M.A.N? (Fakta).

Quatrain 17

In the month of summer games
When leaders are chosen and thrown away
Man starts to think again
Power, Gold and Glory to gain

Problems to glory are but hindrances
To be solve is such a simple game
Sleeping partner is to be cast away
Expendable are those as such before

Anonymous said...

The Watcher,
Raja Nazrin?isnt he supposedly the royalty of Perak?.

i'm not sure who's the right candidate for our next pm.Pak Lah is ok what for's just the people that work under him and the people that takes advantage of his openess that makes that fella look bad.

mahathir again for pm?.nope.we've been under his leadership for more than 20 years.give another person his/her chancer?.his son or daugther?might as well still mahathir gonna overshadow their decision-making.

so,dont wanna choose anybody la.just wait and see.hihi.

Bentoh said...


I remember I prayed (Buddhist-Taist way) to the god before leaving my home to vote in March 8... About 1pm if I'm not wrong...

I told my god(s), for not to turn their back against the Malaysians... I as a believe, told them to help my country that I don't want to leave (even if I can) and the country that I love so much (even if I wasn't fairly treated)...

Maybe now I got to pray for a Nabi kind of people... who can raise above the political partisan...

Oh well... I see a lot of hopes in the younger reps... Maybe... just maybe if all the old chaps from both sides could suddenly vanish... That would be a lot better...

My "feasible" take is... Ku Li...

Anonymous said...

I would choose Mr. Lim Guan Eng as the next PM if i had the power to.

He has shown that he has the will and no corruption in his line of duty.

He has shown that he is one that deserves the respect from all walks of life in Penang.

if you ask me to choose those from barisan, i would say none actually impressed me that much although i would also recommend Ong ka ting.

Anonymous said...

hi Cik Ena,

biased and pretentious as it may sound, i think my father would have made a terrific Prime Minister :] muahahaaa!

he was a skilled administrator, prudent by nature, a great orator and most importantly, he was just and principled. and he had the right wife: an intelligent, highly skilled self-made woman who speaks well and who’s got brilliant taste in neckties and baju Melayu sampin :] tee hee hee …

unfortunately, there’s not much space for leaders like him in Malaysia. Jaafar Abdul Manap had no patrons, no cronies, no titles and worse still, no money [he spent it all on his children’s education and overpaid his income tax]. in fact, i think he feared money. maybe he saw what money did to some of his contemporaries.

anyway, my own take is that Malaysia is too morally bankrupt for people like him. and i also wanted to nominate my mother, Azizah Dahlan, up here but Malaysia isn’t ready for a woman either.

Anonymous said...

what this country needs is a Chinese Prime Minister

Anonymous said...

Strange that you posed this question just after I had some discussions with friends last week - the "wish PM" was unanimously LIM GUAN ENG!

Anonymous said...

Definitely not Najib or Khairy J, the SIL!!!

We need someone with sound knowledge and wisdom, and that's very lacking in our politicians! If we want what's best for Malaysia, we should open the job search to include all qualified persons, but alas, our constitution says it can only be a Malay-Muslim. Hmmm..., I would like to include RPK in the choice, but he's not an MP. So that leaves us with a very short list from UMNO at the moment. OK, my choice, Rafidah Aziz.

Yes, Rafidah Aziz. She's definitely more sound than those goons in the cabinet at the moment, she's Malay-Muslim, so she qualifies.


Anonymous said...

Hai Kak,

When i posted a poll in my blog for who's gonna be next PM? .. the majority answer is DSAI eventhough my heart still hoping for Ku Li. For me he is 'mangsa keadaan' just like Hang Nadim who was killed for his brilliant idea in saving Singapore from Todak.

Anyway, YB Lim Guan Eng not yet tested with public administration and eventhought his decision/judgement so far quite popular, he is not the one we could trust/gamble yet for the duty of CEO of Malaysia.

and dont forget Nik Aziz is the one we always underestimate... 18 years without problem in Kelantan and wihout financial support (orang lain mampuih tak boleh buat).. he also got charisma. Maybe you can say i'm biased in this but the truth is there were never his remarks went to public without manipulation by media. So the non bumi always felt threaten if they just see or hear from the mainstream media. poor them

lastly if susah-susah sangat.. why not we all go for REPUBLIC OF MALAYSIA.

Anonymous said...

aina, I love to choose you to be pm lah !

Anonymous said...

Haha, you've opened up a pandora;s box. The Chinese elite would of course choose Lim Guan Eng or Ong Ka Ting - hmmm wonder why people who wants to create a Malaysian Malaysia suddenly use terms like "Wish we will have a Chinese Prime Minister." All these chauvinistic statements only goes to show that Malaysian Malaysia will always be a figment of imagination. You ask the Malays and we will choose a Malay, ask the Chinese and they will choose a Chinese, ask the Sarawakians and they will choose one of them, you ask Indians and they will want ermmm....Samy Vellu? Anyway, as long as the constitution states that only a Malay (followed by definition) can hold the position of Prime Minister, anything else is moot. So who do we choose: Here is my list:
Husam Musa (No I'm Not a PAS supporter)
Ungku Aziz (make him a Senator and elect him as Prime Minister)
Syed Mokhtar al Bukhary (I think he can turn Malaysian economy around)
Tun Daim (I heard he is the actually the one manupulating everything that is currently going on so let him just be the PM and get it over with)
Or maybe we could have a reality programme like the Apprentice or AF - we call it PF (Parliamentary Fantasia) - choose a bunch of wannabees and we sms who we want out or in. Wouldn't you guys love to see Pak Lah and Anwar and Najib on stage or in the house getting in on? Hahaha..I would. And as for the RAHMAN - the N can mean anyone in the current cabinet because N stands for either Nitwit or Nincompoop.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nuraina,

1. AAB - too sleepy and slow to act
2. Tun M - it's good idea but I don't think so.
3. Najib - let's see the outcome of the Mongolian case.
4. Ku Li - he may have his past records but maybe a bit too late.
5. DSAI - he may be popular now but too ambitious. Need caution.
6. Nik Aziz - No lipsticks and high heels?

For Bangsa Malaysia, I would choose between Raja Nazrin and Lim Guan Eng

Unfiltered-Madness said...


as long is for the benefit og our country

Anonymous said...

Lim Kit Siang or Lim Guan Eng. Definitely.

xonar said...

good question...but unfortunately i don't have a good answer because there's none today.
Malaysia is lucky to have natural resources and hard working people. but no leadership to managed these wealth.
thats the result we see today.

Malaysia was born because then we have a true leadership,Tunku Abdul Rahman or Bapa Malaysia,sadly he was not respected as one.
therefore,he couldn't produce more leaders.

those who took over the helm are not leaders thats why they produce more followers instead of leaders.

Malaysia needs a leader like Bapa Malaysia to steer us from this turbulence,if we can can one.

Anonymous said...

I just don't want Anwar Ibrahim to be the next PM.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

If the system allow Malaysian to vote for a PM.
My first choice will be Karpal Singh.
Second choice Lim Guan Eng.
Third choice Anwar.

But then, our country is a racist country.This means Karpal and Lim cant be the PM.

malaysianlover said...


Anonymous said...

I love to choose NURAINA A SAMAD !

Anonymous said...

I kind of like that Bung fellow from Kinabatangan. Provided he put on a monkey suit all the time. We all could do with a good laugh. The whole world can laugh with us too.

GobloKing said...

Since we are fantasizing I will throw my lot in with
Raja Nazrin

If you are asking for my nightmare it will have to be
Current PM

After the last episode with DSAI, I am leaning that way but NOT a happy choice either

BUT if it is his wife?? Now that's a Thought!

My key criteria for selecting a suitable leader would be
Courage & Strength
Heart to do right for all Msians & Msia

Those criteria alone disqualifies almost 90% of BN right now!

Anonymous said...

Raja Nazrin


Anonymous said...

no...NO malaysia chinese except senior LEE !

Anonymous said...

Its not racist you idiot!!!
read the perlembagaan persekutuan will you????